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Beat Inflation With These Part-Time Jobs


Are you tired of having to slice and dice every paycheck just to keep up with inflation and soaring fuel prices? Many feel the sting of the financial crisis and aren't sure what to do. Fortunately, there are several effective solutions that can help any working person fight all the current economic illnesses. For most, the answer is finding a part-time job that doesn't require extra commuting time and can be done from the comfort of a computer chair.

What are the best at-home part-time positions for adults who already have full-time careers and don't always feel full of energy at the end of the workday? In addition to taking on the challenge of serving as an online customer service agent, there are plenty of other options that pay well, allow for very flexible schedules, and won't tax the body or brain too much in the process. Consider the following paths to part-time income and at least some relief from the recent bout of record setting inflation.

Writing and Editing

There are two ways to enter the field of writing and editing. One is as an independent agent with your own website or blog. The downside of this approach is that you must find clients, which can take months. The faster path to profit is to join one of the dozen or so platforms and offer your services through their sites. There's no wasted time looking for customers or setting prices because the major platforms deal with those two chores. Expect to spend at least one month before earning a steady income and be ready to write on a wide variety of subjects. Summer and fall are the busiest seasons and are the ideal time to get started.

Online Trading

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/best-inflation-with-these-part-time-jobs/ by Alberto Thompson on 2022-10-03T13:51:47.795Z

Online trading is an increasingly popular choice for earning a steady side income in today's volatile, inflationary environment. However, traders can enhance their chances of success by working with a reliable brokerage firm, utilizing a high-quality platform, and acquiring as much knowledge of the markets as possible. The first step is to decide on the markets you want to operate in. For beginners, forex, CFDs (contracts for difference), and stocks are common choices. Next, it's imperative to do research in order to choose among the best online trading platforms and top brokers. Keep in mind that some companies cater to newcomers with low or no-commission trades, low initial account balances, and extensive educational resources. Expect about a one-month learning period before taking part in live trading.

Remote Tutoring and Teaching

Former teachers are ideal candidates for computer-based instructor positions, but others can get hired and thrive in the career field. It helps if you already have a specialty subject, a college degree, or a year or more of experience as an in-person or online teacher. Expect to use all the digital tools to communicate and instruct, including sophisticated video and audio connections and apps. Some companies will ask you to record entire lessons so they can use them whenever necessary. As of late 2022, there is exceptionally high demand for anyone who can teach science, math, or English. Tutoring does not involve as much structure and usually focuses on one-on-one instruction. It's much easier for part-time workers to build a flexible schedule as tutors because most sessions are one hour or shorter. Be ready to undergo a background investigation and verify your education in order to get hired.

Virtual Assistants

This employment category has been growing rapidly and received a big boost from the COVID pandemic lockdowns. More executives and managers are hiring VAs to take care of hundreds of online tasks from their homes. A routine day might have you answering incoming calls, setting up appointments, doing data entry, managing calendar entries, and more. The best candidates are those who know how to multi-task and can deal with all levels of organizing. Ask about pay before accepting a position because per-hour rates are wildly variable and depend on the employer and the kind of things you'll be doing.

Customer Service Agents

Wages are above average for workers who can commit to at least 10 evening hours per week, have clear phone voices, and know how to resolve routine consumer questions. Companies usually include a two-week training period for new hires, but they pay for the time. A large part of the responsibility is assisting buyers who want to locate products they need, have a problem with a past order, or need to adjust a previous order. One catch in that most shifts are in four-hour segments, so it's hard to work just one or two hours at a time.

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