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Best Graphene Stocks to Invest In


More and more people are investing in graphene stocks now. If you are in the stock market right now, electric vehicles, healthcare, and technology are not just stocks worth considering. Graphene stocks are also on top of the good industries to invest in right now.

Want to know why? Let’s talk about Graphene stocks in this blog and where you can put your money.

What Are Graphene Stocks?

Graphene is a rapidly developing market with promising future prospects. Graphene research and development is gaining increasing interest, and people are becoming more knowledgeable about the potential uses of this substance in a variety of industries.

This suggests that investing in graphene – or, more precisely, stocks of companies involved in the graphene industry – can become more commonplace as more uses for the material become apparent and commercially viable.

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Graphene As A Substance

In chemistry, graphene is a structurally distinct type of carbon known as an allotrope.

This ensures graphene, like diamonds, graphite, and even life on Earth, is carbon-based.

Graphene is made up of carbon atoms that shape a layer of 'chicken wire' in a hexagonal arrangement, analogous to a honeycomb. Each carbon atom in graphene is bound to three other carbon atoms.

As a consequence, graphene is an extremely efficient heat and energy conductor, is almost translucent due to its slimness, consumes almost all wavelengths of light, and is stronger than steel. Because of its various properties, graphene can be used in a wide range of applications, many of which are currently being investigated by companies in the graphene industry.

Why Are Investors Considering Graphene?

Some investors are certain that, like the bronze and iron era, graphene will have its own epoch. The options are limitless, and the effect over people’s lifetimes (decades or centuries) would be enormous. That said, some investors are always in the sponge era, picking up everything they can about technology and pondering which industries it can have the greatest effect on.

Let’s consider the case of automation. Obviously, robotics and businesses that produce robots would be affected by automation. However, since it would have an effect on basic activities, businesses like McDonald's stand to prosper handsomely while still being willing to afford the latest technologies. Consider not just the graphene makers, but also the businesses who stand to gain from the incorporation of graphene into their products. What if you could get concrete that lasts a lot longer? Graphene-based security mechanisms that can detect break-in and entry points? Companies that specialize in graphene-based paints to power electronics? There are a lot of possibilities with graphene.

Graphene Companies To Invest In

There aren't many publicly listed graphene firms right now, but the graphene stocks we have here are worth considering. Refer to these stocks in no particular order.

First Graphene Limited

FGR (First Graphene Limited) is a leading manufacturer of high-performance graphene materials. The firm brags regarding its solid manufacturing platform and annual graphene processing capability of 100 tonnes.

Graphene NanoChem

Graphene NanoChem or GRPHG, is a nanotechnology commercialization firm that develops, produces, and distributes a variety of nano-enhanced products. This ranges from additives to high-performance products with enhanced properties.

The group mostly works in the oil and gas industry.


Versarien (VRS) is an applied engineering materials company that provides a variety of engineering products to its customers, including graphene. 2-DTech Limited, Cambridge Graphene Limited, AAC Cyroma, and Versarien Graphene Inc. are among the group's graphene subsidiaries. These businesses specialize in various aspects of graphene construction and production.

Haydale Graphene Industries

Haydale Graphene Industries or HAYD is a graphene and nanomaterials corporation with clients in the aerospace, automobile, medical, energy, and printing industries. The corporation aims to contribute to the production and sale of graphene-based technologies that will revolutionize these industries.

Applied Graphene Materials

For more than a decade, Applied Graphene Materials (AGM) have been utilizing the potential of graphene. The business claims to be a global pioneer in the design and implementation of graphene nanoplatelet emulsions for coatings, composites, and usable materials customers.


Nokia is one of the high-tech firms that have recently made headlines for filing graphene patent applications. Nokia seems to be bringing its patent expertise to good use as well. "Nokia Technologies built a proof-of-concept flexible printed graphene circuit, showing continuing progress overcoming many of the technical difficulties relating to the realistic implementation of the ultra-thin, clear, flexible material," Nokia said in a 2015 6-K filing. Graphene news also appears on Nokia-related blogs from time to time, but no real goods based on the technology have been released to date.


Aixtron, headquartered in Germany, has much more to talk about regarding graphene. It wrote in a recent 6-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission: "One of AIXTRON's main areas of [research] is the creation of processes and systems technologies for the deposition of optically active 2D semiconductor materials including... graphene… AIXTRON's Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Phase Deposition ('PECVD') technique is used to deposit diverse Carbon Nanostructures (Carbon Nanotubes, Nanowires, and Graphene)."

Graphene In The Next Years

The graphene industry is projected to expand rapidly in the 2020s, with a total market value of about $9 million in 2012, expected to rise to about $1.09 billion by 2027. This rise has piqued the attention of traders and investors, who really are looking to profit from the graphene sector's potential opportunities and innovations, much of which will hopefully be created by the companies mentioned here.

So, Is Graphene Worth It?

Investing in graphene may have potential at some time in the future. But as some companies note, graphene's potential will not be fulfilled anytime soon. It lies far off in the medium term, or even the long term.

Given the dearth of companies discussing graphene these days, we fear the right question to ask is not "How can I invest in graphene technologies?" or "Who are the best graphene companies to invest in?" The better question is whether, at this early date, you should even be trying to invest in graphene at all. And it seems to us that the answer to that question is: "No."

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