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Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Cocktail Arcade Machine


Retro arcade games transport us back to our youth. Many of us grew up playing Galaga and Pac-Man, and they still bring back memories. If you're anything like that, you'll agree that an arcade cocktail table machine is one of the best investments you can make in your game room.

In this post, we'll look at buying tips for the best cocktail arcade machine.

Tips For Purchasing The Best Cocktail Arcade Machine

Awesome Arcades Classic Cocktail Arcade playing a 412 game board

Needless to say, a cocktail arcade machine is a significant investment. Any high-quality machine will cost you thousands of dollars. When you invest that much money, you want to ensure that you purchase something that is a perfect fit for you. Several factors to consider when shopping for the best cocktail arcade table include the following:

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Which Games Are Included In The Bundle?

Personally, we have a small number of games that we adore. Some of us enjoy trying new games, but if we have classics like Pacman and Galaga on hand, we're pretty set. With that in mind, we'd likely be fine with purchasing a cocktail arcade table that included at least those games.

On the other hand, if you enjoy a variety of games or the adventure of discovering new ones, it is probably more cost-effective to purchase a table that comes pre-loaded with a large number of games. As demonstrated by our list of the best cocktail arcade tables, there are quite a few options available that feature over 1,000 games.

Overall Level Of Quality

You do not want to purchase a low-quality knock-off cocktail arcade table. The issue is that a knockoff is still likely to cost close to $1,000. If you're going to spend that much money, it's best to spend a few hundred dollars more and get something that will last a long time.


Similarly, you must purchase a cocktail arcade table that comes with a warranty. A minimum of three years is generally recommended. These tables are substantial in weight and comprise a variety of materials, hardware, and software.

Regardless of the quality of the construction, things will inevitably go wrong. In that case, you absolutely need a manufacturer's warranty. In any case, a warranty is frequently indicative of a competent, trustworthy manufacturer. We've noticed that those who provide warranties consistently produce higher-quality products than those who do not.

What Will Be The Function Of The Cocktail Arcade Table?

Is this going to be a home cocktail arcade table or a pub/restaurant table? You may have a certain vibe in mind for either – and you should think about which table will look the best aesthetically.

If you require a table for commercial use, ensure that the arcade is commercial grade and has the option of coin or credit card operation so that you can monetize it!


A cocktail table arcade machine does not come cheap – they are typically quite expensive. However, you're likely to get countless hours of entertainment from your arcade cocktail table, and it can be an excellent aesthetic and vibe addition to your game room. If you enjoy arcade games, this could be an excellent purchase!

I hope you found this list of cocktail arcade table reviews useful!

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