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Ashwagandha: The Secret Cognitive Enhancer


An effective therapeutic perennial herb originating in South Asia is Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), also commonly called Indian ginseng, poison gooseberry, or winter cherry.

Ashwagandha promotes healing in numerous ways, from the topical healing properties found in its berries and leaves, to its role in promoting energy, strength, and the stress response of the body found in the tubers and roots, thanks to the many chemical compounds inside the plant, including multiple alkaloids, withanolides, and sitoindosides.

Though relatively new to us in the West, Ashwagandha has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for centuries and is a staple therapy.

Mega Multitasker

We love the flexibility and strength of ashwagandha to have a positive influence on so many different issues and to use it widely in our practice.

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Several studies have shown that, by enhancing cognitive comprehension and function, ashwagandha can benefit hugely individuals with neurological disorders, included compulsive and depressive disorders, including ataxia (inability to control muscle movements).

And it has also been shown to control blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels, improve muscle strength and mass, minimize pain, and help increase immune function when used at higher therapeutic doses (1–5 g daily).

There's also research that supports the role of ashwagandha, both for women and for men, in improving reproductive health Improvements in female sexual function, particularly sexual interest, arousal, lubrication, and orgasm, have been documented by women.

In males, numerous studies support the ability of ashwagandha in those diagnosed with infertility to increase endogenous testosterone and boost serum biochemistry levels, sperm count, and kidney function.

Adaptogens are a group of herbs that help the body's ability to cope with stressors (whether chemical, emotional or physical) by improving its adaptive response.

Our bodies are overwhelmed with stressors every day, exhaustion, anxiety, deadlines, social and physical stresses, exposure to toxins, and traumatic events, and we also need aid to sustain such stress responses that are continuously firing. This could mean better sleep and a decline in the amount of glucose and cravings for sugar and salt.


For young children, Ashwagandha is not recommended and is not deemed safe for pregnancy.


It can also be used as part of a stress formulation, typically administered as a pill, capsule, tea, tincture, or powder.

Like a single flower, Ashwagandha shines. Although therapeutic dosing can vary, in most cases, 500-600 mg, one to two times daily, is a massive help.

As with any new supplements, please contact your healthcare provider to make sure they are right for you and your individual needs.

What People Across The World Says

I'm A Very Stressful Individual And Stress Takes Its Toll On Me.


I read about ashwagandha here 9 months ago and how it's good for stress, anxiety, even testosterone.

I'm a very stressful individual and stress takes its toll on me.

I took ashwagandha ksm66 for a month or 25 days from the Jarrow formula for about 60 capsules. It works fine guys, and give me a break. But at the time, I noticed my throat getting inflamed and I know it's a thyroid issue. I become a zombie, empty of feelings and emotions, and also mentally. I disliked that I crave my old days very much and ironically, where I'm stressed and anxious lol.

I noticed my facial hair, which was decent or usually thick and quickly growing, becoming clearly thin and extremely slower after I stopped for some days. For a few days, I took ashwagandha, and my hair returned as it was thick and fast-growing. Then I stopped taking this supplement again because it was unbearable to feel like a zombie. Now don't get me wrong It's not my hair that's my only problem (it's a sign of something wrong) I'm mostly demotivated by the biggest problem like O losing my motivation. Now don't get me, wrong guys, thanks to Reddit, I know about dopamine, nofap, and these things, but I feel and literally feel that my motivation didn't come back to my baseline pre-ashwagandha. Like a bodybuilder who, due to steroid cycles, testo will never return to the baseline. My brain and body are not like before (I can't concentrate because inside my brain there is a cloud-like thing, I can't feel motivated not because of depression or mental health, but because I feel that I lack the motivational functioning stuff. I'm screwed up.

Man, it was magic like that. When I took it, my hair regrew in no time, really thick and fast. But as soon as I saw my hair thinning after quitting the supplement, I took it. If you ask me why I suspect it will regrow, I will answer you because my hair starts thinning as soon as I left ashwagandha, and days passed without growing and it was freaky obvious does my stupid thyroid shrink like shrink tests when bodybuilder takes steroid!! No clue here

Answer 1:

It sounds all too familiar with your story; you have a problem. A change that works for a while is implemented; then a new problem occurs, and you are lost and frustrated because you have returned to the baseline plus a new issue.

I can tell you, by the way, you write, that you have lost some hope and I extend my greatest compassion. I would suggest that you increase your attempt to increase your movement (long-term light exercise), meditation, and write a diary of the difficult emotions you experience. The truth is that the journey will be difficult no matter what path you take, and if you do not set up a clear plan that balances self-care with action and risk, you will not move forward. Many individuals will criticize you for taking the wrong action or taking too much self-care, and you must have your mind made up in advance so that you are not affected by these individuals. When you have done too much self-care or too much action, you know in your heart.

I would also consider a short-term antidepressant medication such as lexapro, which helps me a lot with body dysmorphic disorder sensations (such as hair loss, but it's for skin problems for me). These symptoms, such as hair loss and skin problems, are nothing to worry about on their own, but they cause people a lot of anxiety.

In my experience, few things are as helpful as going for long walks while listening to a podcast, combined with antidepressants and therapy/coaching, to get through dark times. This will help you set up a baseline so that you can stop regretting and not knowing how to move forward or feeling guilty.

Answer 2:

For about 2-3 years now, I have been using Ashwagandha. I have tried many brands but eventually settled on taking natural root powder and no extracts.

Why I stop writing a comment is that one of the worst things I've ever taken is definitely KSM66. I know precisely what kind of zombie state you're talking about and I totally killed my libido over the months. I took a break and went back to the natural ashwagandha, and again everything became normal (yet better).

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