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Are Technology Stocks Worth It?


Within the technology industry, there are many enormous corporations that the general public is aware of, as well as tiny enterprises whose operations are mostly behind the scenes. Other large firms, as well as several start-ups and billion-dollar household names are located here, too.

Technology-based products or services may be included under the wide definition of the category. From PCs to software, websites to TVs, anything can be done with these things. Hardware is the actual device such as a computer, smartphone, or television. In order for computers to do what we want, they need software.

What Are Technology Stocks?

Technology stocks provide several options for investors. In fact, the sector's returns in 2017 were the greatest for all the market sectors in all years. Despite these excellent returns, however, technology has not been risk-free. Because of the swiftness of technological development, one-time leaders are at risk of falling behind, or perhaps going out of business. Another option is to invest in new firms that are just getting started. However, these firms may thereafter swiftly fall off the map.

There are a number of different technologies on the market, and the latest of these includes the emerging field of artificial intelligence (AI), along with the rest of the aforementioned elements: smartphones, bitcoin protocol, self-driving technologies, the SaaS movement, the Internet of Things (IoT), and streaming media services. This space is brimming with possibility but also carries some danger.

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What Are The Top Technology Stocks Right Now?

CDK Global Inc.

CDK Global Inc. is a technology company that serves the automobile, heavy truck, leisure, and heavy equipment sectors. Auto dealers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) benefit from the company's assistance in streamlining and optimizing their everyday operations. And over 30,000 retail customer locations are served by CDK Global.

Intel Corporation

Intel develops and produces computer components and peripherals such as CPUs, graphics cards, server products, ram, and storage. Its solutions are built for a variety of existing and upcoming computer technologies, including 5G networks, cloud services, and artificial intelligence. Intel has a worldwide workforce of over 110,600 employees. 5 On May 3, the company announced a $3.5 billion investment to expand its manufacturing operations in New Mexico, with an emphasis on sophisticated semiconductor packaging technology. Construction is scheduled to begin in late 2021.

Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics Inc. is an electrical component and computer product wholesaler that services over 180,000 technology manufacturers and service providers. It employs almost 20,000 people worldwide. The net income of the company attributable to equity holders more than doubled year over year (YOY) in Q1 2021, owing to robust sales growth of 31.4 percent, fuelled by excellent performance in Asia-Pacific.

Synnex Corp.

Synnex offers technology companies with IT supply chain services such as distribution, logistics, and integration. Synnex distributes approximately 30,000 technology goods from more than 20,000 distributors and retail customers across the globe.

HP Inc.

HP Inc., a worldwide supplier of technology services, applications, and products, such as desktops and laptops, workstations, commercial point-of-sale systems, screens, and printers, is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Individual consumers, small and large organizations, and government clients are all served by HP. The corporation has 27,000 patents and is active in 170 countries worldwide. On May 25, HP's board of directors announced a $0.1938 per share common stock dividend, payable on July 7 to stockholders as of June 9.

Why Are Technology Stocks Appealing To Investors?

A woman with numbers and colorful background looking like codes
A woman with numbers and colorful background looking like codes

Technology stocks continue to appeal to investors for some reasons, including a wide range of technology that exists and could make the world evolve on a great scale. The following are the kinds of technology that keep investors interested in this stock:

Creative Thought (AI)

Computers are used in tasks where a human brain might be used. a procedure that mimics the structure and function of the human brain and trains computers to do the same (creating a computer model inspired by the structure and function of the human brain that can teach computers how to do the same). While Alexa may be the most well-known AI, IBM's Watson has also gained media attention because of this.

High-Tech Smartphones

Samsung and Apple are dominant in this space, but they aren't the only games in town. Other companies are selling components, operating systems, apps, and smartphones, too. A smartphone is a catch-all term for smartphones that are capable of running applications, programs, and other computing tasks.


There is more to blockchain than just being used as the new tech behind digital currencies. Most cryptocurrencies are attached to a distributed, digital ledger called the blockchain that records all transactions without the use of a financial middleman. This therefore means that it is a translucent and immutable log of all exchanges that are not bank-mediated.

Autonomous Vehicle Technologies

There are a number of prominent technological leaders, like Alphabet affiliate Waymo, Tesla, and almost all of the major automobile manufacturers, who are hard at work on developing self-driving vehicles. Most jurisdictions do not allow driverless vehicles now, but some driver assistance is currently available and it is expected that self-driving cars and trucks will be widely deployed in the not-too-distant future.

Computers And Software

The companies making all the different kinds of laptops, computers, and tablets, as well as the software running them, are listed here. Other well-known brands like Apple and companies like Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) also help make the computer chips and processing units that power the machines.

The Internet

Companies like Google, Microsoft's Bing, and MSN, along with companies like Yelp that only offer digital products are a good analogy for firms like Alphabet's Google, Microsoft's Bing, and MSN, as well as Twitter, and Verizon's Yahoo. Most of these companies get at least some of their money from advertising, although some rely on paid subscriptions and others engage in other methods of monetization.

We Are Moving Into The Internet Of Things (Iot)

The Iot is a giant network of interconnected devices and the cloud. This internet-accessible network allows devices across the globe to communicate with each other. Everything from simple thermostats that allow you to control the heat in your house to intricate medical equipment that is capable of ordering its own repairs falls under the umbrella of "smart home automation Let's say Netflix was only an entertainment business. You could still claim that it is a technological firm since it has constructed its own infrastructure. We design and build the platform as well as provide the content for it. A typical technology sector stock like Roku (NASDAQ: ROKU) may also be thought of as a member of the next group since it produces products. More and more customers are cutting the cord with cable as they want to get their TV content in a streaming format.

Manufacturers Of Device-Based Products

Device brands that include Roku, GoPro, and Fitbit are technologically driven. They are often also involved in developing the software that enables them to operate and provides additional features.

The Cloud

The cloud is a network of storage which allows any device with an internet connection to access data and services. Cloud computing gives businesses and individuals the ability to access resources that are not present on the devices they use. The cloud giants include Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft.

Internet Security

Security is becoming a growing industry, especially because of the fact that much of our personal data is stored in the cloud, on our phones, and even in the processors in our credit cards. Cybersecurity is about ensuring that only the individuals who are intended to view the information have access to it.

Designers/Electronic Component Makers

For some device and component manufacturers, the goal isn't to produce finished products; it's to supply the components that go into the devices. Because Intel manufactures the semiconductors and CPUs that power computers, the company is a great example of this concept.This section comprises technology device manufacturers as well as manufacturers of memory, displays, and other tech-related products.


So, should you invest in technology stocks? If you believe that after years, the world will evolve on a large scale because of technology, then it's worth considering putting your money into technology. You just need to find the right company to believe in. Whether it's computers, smartphones, or AI, you have a great number of options in the stock market. Conclusion - Should you invest in technology stocks?

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