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How Anna Beth Goodman goes Beyond “The Wife” Labels


Some celebrities were only brought to the spotlight because of their husband’s fame in the industry. But Anna Beth Goodman is different from the rest. Despite being known mainly because she is the wife of the prominent actor, John Goodman, she did not depend on this title. Anna made a name for herself in the production of some movies, and she established businesses prior to and during her marriage to John. Her husband is one of the highest-earning actors in Hollywood. But despite the blinding lights of the acting industry, John and Anna maintained their affection for each other, after all these years. They also appear low-key in the media to avoid the crazy, wild, and tiring lifestyle in Hollywood.

Early Life And Career Of Anna Beth Goodman

Anna Beth was born Anna Beth Hartzog. She is an American, born in Bogalusa, Louisiana. As of 2020, she is 51 years old and was born in 1969. Anna Beth attended Bogalusa High School. After graduating high school in the year 1986, she proceeded to take Fine Arts at the University of New Orleans. Anna Beth did not give much information about her biological parents, siblings, and early childhood.

Anna Beth Goodman
Anna Beth Goodman

She decided to venture into businesses after finishing her studies. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career as a clothing manufacturer. In 1997, she returned to her hometown, Louisiana, to start her children’s clothing store in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Ann Beth was one determined woman to establish a business of her own. She assessed the possible feasibility of her desired business venture carefully. She thought that New Orleans lacks clothing stores that are recognized for their European touch. So, this is the angle she pursued in creating the store, now called the Pippen Lane.

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Her store currently houses toys, shoes, linens, gifts, strollers, books, and many more. It is located on the famous Magazine Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 2011, Anna Beth purchased the brand Lylian Heirloom, which was a French clothing brand. This brand has always been a part of Pippen Lane. Anna Beth included this brand in their inventory way before she bought it.

This particular brand is dear to Anna’s heart, as it consists of handmade embroidery that is just aesthetically pleasing. This brand has already been running for 100 years, and it has become one of the most anticipated items in Anna’s Pippen Lane. Afterward, Anna developed her own signature label for her store, and it was called Layette. This label specially features various kinds of clothing for newborns and kids. She takes pride in this new label as it elevated her company because of its major success in the market.

Anna Beth was not only a businesswoman and a wife to her award-winning husband, John Goodman. She has also taken part in the movie industry. The only difference is she was not into acting. Anna Beth worked in the production, soundtrack, and costume designing. She was more in the filmography industry, unlike her husband. She was the costume designer of the 2001 movie, Dirt. In 2007, she was responsible for the soundtrack of the movie Ben Folds: Live at My Space. And in the same year, she became the producer of the movie Botched.

Anna Beth Goodman’s Net Worth

Anna Beth doesn’t live in the shadows of her husband. She, all by herself, could accumulate a total of six to seven digits from her store. But, she did not give the exact amount of her net worth to the media for unknown reasons. Nevertheless, Anna Beth makes good money from her store, and her continuing success makes it more obvious.

Her husband, on the other hand, John Goodman, sums up a total of $65 million net worth from the acting industry. As mentioned earlier, he is one of the highest-earning actors in Hollywood. Reports say that he earns about $250,000 per episode in the TV show Roseanne. And an estimate of $100,000 in the TV series Alpha House.

The couple has already purchased huge assets after more than three decades of marriage. In 2008, they bought a newly built house for $4.6 million in Los Angeles’ Pacific Palisades. Their family owns two luxury cars. One car costs $236,100 to $322,600, while the Ferrari 330 GT Drogo Golden Car costs $400,000 to $600,000.

Anna Beth And John Goodman’ Marriage

There are a lot of cases wherein celebrity couples end up on the rocks. They get divorced and go on separate paths. It would surprise some Hollywood fans how some couples could get some distance from the spotlight to protect their privacy and peace. One of those couples to achieve this is John and Anna Beth Goodman. These two, like Tom Hanks, Kelly Ripa, and Ellen DeGeneres, have been married for a very long time. They tied the knots in 1989, and they are still going strong up to this day.

John and Anna Beth Goodman
John and Anna Beth Goodman

During an interview with Elle Magazine about John’s married life, he told the story of how he met Anna Beth. John first saw Anna at a Halloween party in New Orleans in 1988. He was there at that time because of the filming of Everybody’s All-American, where he played the role of Lawrence. Anna Beth, on the other hand, was still a college student. His mind was blown away when Anna Beth approached him to say, “Hi.” Although aware of his popularity, he couldn’t figure out why would anyone who possesses that kind of beauty approach him. He admitted that he was not that successful when it comes to women back in high school.

John was once obsessed with wanting to be the centerpiece of the acting industry at that time. But when Anna Beth came, his whole world seemed to change, so as his priorities. John proposed to Anna Beth at the Mississippi river after dating for several months, and they engaged in marriage on the 27th of October, 1989. Anna Beth gave birth to her daughter named Molly Evangeline Goodman on the 31st of August, 1990. Molly decided to follow in her father’s footsteps. Now, she is making her own name in the film industry as a production assistant.

The Major Challenge In Their Relationship

John and Anna Beth’s relationship was not a smooth sailing ride at all. Just like other couples, especially celebrities, they encountered issues concerning addiction. John was very open about his inconsistencies with his family and worked over the years. He said in one of his interviews to what extent his drinking problem has brought him.

John Goodman alcoholism
John Goodman alcoholism

He confessed that there were times when he drinks alcohol, even at work. He was confronted about this problem by his longtime co-star and friend, Roseanne Barr. But a word or two was not enough for John to stop his alcohol addiction. After some time, he was able to decide on his own that he needed to get some help. Despite the worsening problem that John was facing, Anna Beth stood by him and supported him all the way. He said that his wife was the one to make some phone calls to ensure that he was alright. And she was also the one that pushed him to go into a treatment center. Anna Beth also helped John reduce some weight.

They often work out together at the gym that they had in their home. These are a few of the things that are highly accredited to Anna Beth because she helped her husband conquer his inner demons. Now, John has stayed sober since 2007.

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