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Angelina Jolie Won The Custody Battle Between Her And Brad Pitt


It has been determined that Brad Pitt's petition against a court order that disqualified the judge in his and Angelina Jolie's custody fight was dismissed. A petition for reconsideration of the appeals court's decision to exclude Los Angeles Superior Court Judge John W Ouderkirk from the case was dismissed on October 27 by the California Supreme Court.

After the judge granted Pitt joint custody of the couple's five minor children in May, Jolie filed a motion to have him removed from the case, which was granted in July. In this case, the couple's son Max is beyond the age of 18 and so does not fall under the jurisdiction of the court.

The judgment implies that the custody battle over the couple's five young children, which had been on the verge of being resolved, may now be about to get underway. The court had previously declared that the couple was divorced, but he had separated the concerns of child custody. Pitt and Jolie, like many other famous couples, decided to employ their own divorce judge in order to increase their privacy throughout the divorce procedures.

"The decision of the court of appeals was based on a technical procedural problem. The facts have not altered in any way. There is an unusual amount of factual data that caused the court — as well as the numerous experts who testified — to make a clear determination about what is in the best interests of the children." According to a statement from Pitt's counsel. According to the conclusions of the extensive investigation into what's best for the children, "we will continue to do what's required legally."

According to Pitt's attorney, who spoke to Newsweek at the beginning of September, Pitt is requesting a rehearing of the appellate court's ruling, which he describes as "hazardous" and claiming it would hurt the children. Pitt's petition has now been dismissed by the California Supreme Court.

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Following the new judgment, Jolie's attorney, Robert Olson, told Entertainment Tonight that the Eternals actress "welcomes" the decision and is "happy for the family to finally be able to go ahead collaboratively."

"Ms. Jolie is focused on her family and is relieved that the well-being of her children will not be compromised by immoral actions. She applauds the decision of the California Supreme Court to deny review of the unanimous Court of Appeal judgment."

"As reaffirmed by California's appellate courts, our judiciary places a high value on ethics and the best interests of children, and it will not tolerate judicial misconduct in order to benefit the interests of a particular party." Ms. Jolie is relieved that the family is finally working together to move ahead."

A representative for Pitt told Newsweek that the latest court development was based on a technical procedural issue, and that the Supreme Court's decision not to review that procedural issue does not change the extraordinary amount of factual evidence that led the trial judge—as well as the many experts who testified—to reach their clear conclusion about what is in the children's best interests. "

"We will continue to take any legal actions that are required in light of the thorough conclusions of the independent experts."

Angelina Jolie Said That She Is Not A Perfect Parent

An honest new interview with the Eternals actress revealed a touching and extremely relatable revelation about her parenting approach as she continues to fight for sole custody of the former couple's five youngest children: Pax, 17, Zahara, 16, Shiloh, 15, and twins Vivienne and Knox, both 13 years old. The custody judgment does not affect Maddox, the couple's oldest son, who is 20 years old.

"I'm by no means a perfect parent," the 46-year-old said to People magazine. "Every day, I feel like I'm becoming more conscious of everything I'm not doing correctly. And I'm really hard on myself because I'm constantly questioning if I'm doing the proper thing. 'Did I say something that was appropriate?'"

Angelina went on to say the following about her children: "They're all really kind individuals, and since there are so many of them, I believe they have had a tremendous impact on one another. It's not as if I'm the boss of somebody or anything. My children know that I am completely honest with them. And I'm a very real person when it comes to my children."

In 2004, Angelina and Brad met on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, where they became fast friends. They had been together for eleven years before being married in 2014, but only two years later, the actress filed for divorce, claiming "irreconcilable differences."

Brad was probed by the FBI when Angelina filed charges of child abuse against him, alleging that he was abusive to his son Maddox, who was 15 at the time, while they were traveling on a private jet. Brad was found not guilty of the allegations. Angelina filed for divorce five days after the event, claiming she did it "for the sake of the family's health." She and Brad were married for five years.

In November 2016, the FBI declared that no charges will be filed against Brad, and he was found not guilty of any crimes. Despite the fact that their divorce was finalized in 2019, the couple is still embroiled in a custody battle after Angelina filed an appeal against a decision that awarded Brad joint custody in May after it was discovered that the judge, John Ouderkirk, had a business relationship with Brad's lawyers.

Angelina Jolie Allegations About Domestic Abuse Against Her Former Husband, Brad Pitt

Many fans were taken by surprise when Brad and Angelina announced their divorce in 2016, with some even suggesting that an affair or an incident may have played a role in the couple's unexpected separation. According to Angelina's estranged father, Jon Voight, who spoke to BuzzFeed News at the time of the divorce, "something horrible must have occurred."

The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services received a complaint from Angelina, which contained allegations of child abuse against Brad. It was later learned that Angelina's decision to file for divorce was a result of the accusation.

They were related to an alleged incident involving Brad and Maddox, who was 15 at the time, while traveling on a private jet from the United States to Europe. Brad has subsequently been exonerated of the accusations. Several news outlets have stated that Angelina filed for divorce only five days after the event occurred.

According to reports, Brad admitted to the FBI that he had screamed at his son, but argued that he had not attempted to physically hurt him, his wife, or any of their other children at the time of the inquiry, which took place in 2016.

Additionally, the actor has confessed that he was having troubles with alcohol at the time of the divorce and that he later attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting thereafter. According to court documents acquired by the Blast earlier this year, Angelina has declared that she is prepared to provide "evidence and authority in support" of claims that her ex spouse had engaged in domestic violence against her and her children. When pressed further on the subject, the actress expressed regret and indicated that she was unable to talk more directly about the matter due to the current legal struggle.

The actress, despite the fact that she had been "sworn to silence," responded with a "nod" to the reporter when she was asked whether her statements were in relation to her divorce from Brad and the abuse charges she has leveled against him. When asked if she had ever feared for the safety of her children during her marriage, she said, "Yes, for the protection of my family. It's my entire family. I'm not the type of person who takes decisions like the ones I've had to make lightly," she continued. "It took a lot for me to reach a point where I felt I needed to end my relationship with the father of my children," she says.

Angelina Jolie Talked About Violence Against Women

Angelina Jolie, actress and UN Special Envoy for Refugees, told NBC News on Wednesday that the amended Violence Against Women Act, which was just signed into law, had been "a long time coming" — and that it was "personal."

"It is a personal issue for everyone," added Jolie, who has been campaigning for a revised version of the law for several years.

Those who care about their families, those who care about children, those who care about their own safety and the health of their community are all included in this group.

"I [believe] that this country does not understand the seriousness of the domestic violence and child abuse problems that it is dealing with," she stated.

The Violence Against Women Act of 1994 is a major piece of legislation that established funding programs for states to offer assistance and shelter to abuse victims, as well as training to enhance the reaction of the judicial system to domestic violence.

Since its passage, it has been extended three times, each time with additional safeguards for victims, and it will expire at the end of 2018. (Congress continued to fund its programs in the years since).

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