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Alexandra Cooper Net Worth - Call Her Daddy Podcast Host Millionaire


Many people are interested in Alexandra Cooper's net worth.

Call Her Daddy podcast host Alexandra Cooper has proven that she will not be leaving the airwaves anytime soon since launching her raunchy, sex-oriented show in 2018.

Cooper's podcast was a success, and she recently signed a $60 million deal with Spotify.

This was Spotify's largest exclusive deal to date for a female-led podcast.

The Pennsylvania native has now upgraded her living quarters by recently purchasing a $10.7 million Los Angeles estate.

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Who Is Alexandra Cooper?

Alexandra Cooper lying on the bed withw words Who Is Alexandra Cooper?
Alexandra Cooper lying on the bed withw words Who Is Alexandra Cooper?

Alexandra Cooper is an American blogger, vlogger, and podcaster best known for co-hosting the popular podcast "Call Her Daddy" with her former host and former best friend, Sofia Franklyn.

Alexandra Cooper, a beautiful blogger and podcaster, was born on August 21, 1994 in Newtown, Pennsylvania, though she appears to be a native New Yorker.

She grew up in her hometown and attended Pennington High School before attending Boston University.

Alexandra Cooper, the daughter of a hockey player, had a lifelong interest in sports and grew up participating in a variety of sports, particularly soccer.

Alexandra Cooper used to be such a competitive athlete that she earned a scholarship to Boston University for her soccer skills.

She moved to New York to pursue a career in the media/entertainment industry after developing an interest in it.

Alexandra Cooper Career Milestones

Alexandra Cooper while sitting on the bed with messy hair
Alexandra Cooper while sitting on the bed with messy hair

Alexandra "Alex" Cooper was inspired by her friends and teachers to pursue modeling as a career while earning her bachelor's degree.

She decided to pursue a modeling career after careful consideration and began posting stunning, appealing, and intriguing photographs and videos on Instagram.

Her photos and videos went viral, and she quickly gained thousands of followers.

As her fame grew, she was signed by local modeling agencies and posed for several apparel and beauty companies.

Alexandra Cooper has promoted Chloe, Rolla's Jeans, Schutz US, Dundas, Aya Muse, Chrome Hearts, and other clothing, sports, and makeup brands on Instagram.

Alexandra Cooper rose to internet fame as an Instagram celebrity and fashion model.

In 2018, she and her roommate and best friend, Sofia Franklyn, launched the Call Her Daddy podcast and began broadcasting on Barstool Sports.

The podcast discusses a variety of social and personal topics, including sex, stories, anecdotes, relationship advice, embarrassing situations, and so on.

Cooper and Franklyn's relationship made headlines in May 2020 due to their disagreement over the "Call Her Daddy" podcast, which resulted in a bitter feud.

Alexandra Cooper is the sole host of the podcast on Spotify right now.

Miley Cyrus took part in the podcast's first episode on Spotify, where she spoke with Chris Hemsworth's brother, Liam Hemsworth, about her life experiences.

Millions of people around the world listen to her podcast.

Alexandra Cooper's popularity skyrocketed after she launched the "Call Her Daddy".

The raunchy stories and hilariously blunt advice made "Call Her Daddy" popular, so much so that the podcast's downloads skyrocketed from 12,000 to 2 million in its first two months.

However, its popularity extends beyond visual storytelling.

The following three factors are major contributors to the podcast's popularity:

Alex Cooper’s Originality

Cooper was encouraged to express herself from a young age.

It could be the reason she feels comfortable being open about dating emotionally unavailable men and talking about mental health.

Cooper's authenticity is part of what makes this podcast so popular.

It feels like you're speaking to one of your girlfriends. "At the start of Call Her Daddy, I always felt there were definitely some episodes being recorded [where] it was so calculated to have a specific sex segment."

"It felt inauthentic," she told BBC News. Cooper recognizes that the show suffers when she is not authentic.

Father Cooper

Cooper, affectionately known as 'Father Cooper' by her adoring fans, created a safe space for women to talk shop about topics they would normally discuss with their friends.

She dubbed it "female locker room talk" because women sometimes want advice on how to spice up their relationships or how to spice things up in the bedroom.

Sometimes you just need to know that you're not alone and that others are going through the same thing.

When you've exhausted your girlfriend's advice, you need to hear from someone else.

This is where Alex enters the picture. It is the reason for the podcast's popularity.

Women seek answers to their questions, and Cooper can provide candid advice in a lighthearted manner.

The podcast facilitates connection, not only with Alex, but also with other listeners.

Not Just A Sex Podcast

It's easy to read the title "Call Her Daddy" and think, "That's a sex podcast," but it's not just sex.

Because of the way Alex and their ex-host Sofia viewed and discussed sex and heterosexual relationships, the podcast has been accused of perpetuating internalized misogyny since its inception.

The podcast has matured since then.

The focus of the show has shifted to mental health. Alex talks about therapy and recommends resources.

Alex invites psychologists to break down struggles with mental health in between celebrity guests, which seems to appeal to her audience.

Her popularity stems from her ability to openly discuss topics that are socially taboo.

Despite the fact that her fanbase is mostly made up of women, she successfully provides a platform for both men and women to have these open, judgment-free conversations.

Alexandra Cooper Net Worth

Call Her Daddy's Alexandra Cooper: The Forbes Interview | Forbes

Cooper began her career in 2013, and as a well-known personality since 2018, she has undoubtedly amassed a sizable fortune from her various podcasts, blogs, and social media platforms.

Alex rose to prominence in the world of influencers and vloggers. But her new deal with Spotify elevated her status - and bank account - to new heights.

Alexandra Cooper has a net worth of $98 million USD. Alexandra Cooper's Spotify podcast "Call Her Daddy" is one of the most popular in the world.

Alexandra Cooper's podcast was previously owned and distributed by Barstool Sports until June 2021, when it was announced that Alexandra Cooper had signed a $60 million exclusive deal with Spotify.

Alexandra Cooper resides in a 7,300-square-foot luxury home in New Jersey.

Alexandra Cooper purchased this property for $8 million dollars.

Alexandra Cooper's home has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a wine cellar, a game room, two pools, and a home theater.

Alexandra Cooper's assets, according to Forbes, include 10 real estate properties, 5 cars, and 1 luxury yacht.

Alexandra Cooper's asset portfolio also includes over $6 million in cash reserves and also has $8 million investment portfolio consisting of 7 stocks.

Alexandra Cooper has over 3 million Instagram followers and other social media followers where she received requests from brands to promote their products on her social media accounts.

Cooper can earn up to $50,000 for each such brand promotion or sponsorship post and can earn over $2 million from brand promotions in the last 18 months.

Alexandra Cooper recently purchased a Porsche 911 for $180,000 USD.

Alexandra Cooper also owns a Bentley Bentayga, which she paid $515,000 USD for.

Alex's success with Call Her Daddy took her from New York to Los Angeles - and a brand new apartment filled with gorgeous decor.

People Also Ask

Is Alexandra Cooper Rich?

Alexandra Cooper has a net worth of $98 million USD. Alexandra Cooper's Spotify podcast "Call Her Daddy" is one of the most popular in the world.

Who Is The Baseball Player Alex Cooper Date?

It was news that Alexandra Cooper dated Noah Syndergaard, an American professional baseball pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball

Why Did Sofia Franklyn Fight Alexandra Cooper?

While Alex wanted to take the deal, Sofia decided to shop around with the help of her boyfriend, Peter Nelson, also known on the podcast as "Quitman," which resulted in a feud and Sofia's departure from the show.


To sum it up, Alexandra Cooper's net worth skyrocketed after she rose to prominence as the host of the popular podcast "Call Her Daddy."

Call Her Daddy is a podcast that features relationship advice, stories/anecdotes, discussions of embarrassing moments, and just plain "girl talk."

On the streaming service Spotify, Call Her Daddy was the fifth most popular podcast.

Cooper appeared to be living the high life and had come a long way from being an unemployed woman.

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