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Al Washington, the Coach and player


If you are an avid football follower then you have probably heard about Al Washington. However, it is not enough to have heard about him, It is important to get to know him as well. Al Washington is one of the greatest legends who has grown into an even indispensable coach.

In this article, we will look at Al Washington the coach- what makes him great and why we think he's great. It is however hard to talk about his coaching without talking about his making.

The Making of Al Washington

AL Washington started playing football in

Al Washington is one of the greatest NFl linebacker player in the American football. He has played for various teams such as Michigan and Ohio state. He's come from a long line of great football legend.

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Al Washington Age

He is 35 years old and his home town is Columbus, Ohio state.

Is Al Washington Married?

Al Washington is married with 2 kids; a son and a daughter.

The coach

Al Washington has coached several teams in his career has a coach. The most recent one being Ohio state. He's well known for leading the team to four statistical categories wins just within months of joining the team.

As a coach, Al Washington has become well known for his recruiting skills. In his over 10 years coaching experience he has been able to grow and nature some of the most talented players in the NFL League.

It is very hard to talk about Al Washington the Coach without mentioning his coaching experience at Michigan whereby he achieved some of his greatest fits in his career. For the entire season that ran in 2018, he was able to lead his team in punt average.

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