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Aaron Dessner Wife - Know More About The Wife Of Taylor Swift's Producer


Since he worked with the singer Taylor Swift, Aaron has gotten a lot of attention.

In the same way, a lot of people want to know about Aaron Dessner wife.

Aaron Dessner is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer.

He is best known as a member of the Brooklyn-based band.

Thomas was born in Alabama and grew up in Cincinnati.

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He and his twin brother Bryce started the band that won a Grammy.

Aaron is a go-to producer for artists in many different genres because he has a wide range of vocal skills and a genuine understanding of what each artist is going through.

Aaron can relate to Sharon Van Etten's, Lisa Hannigan's careful work, and Adia Victoria's gothic blues because each artist has a unique style and approach that he can relate to.

Who Is Aaron Dessner Wife?

Aaron Dessner wearing a suit and her wife wearing a floral dress
Aaron Dessner wearing a suit and her wife wearing a floral dress

By the year 2022, Aaron Dessner and his wife, Stine Wengler, had been married for more than seven years.

A source claims that Aaron and Stine first became acquainted while the former was dating a Danish woman who was originally from Copenhagen.

She has worked as a nurse for the past 12 years and holds the necessary qualifications.

She had previous employment at and before that.

However, there isn't much information that can be found on his wife because it appears that her social media page has been deleted.

On the other hand, he frequently shares pictures of her on his Instagram account.

In the year 2020, his wife expressed her gratitude to Taylor Swift for the warm cardigan she had received as a present.

Who Is Aaron Dessner?

Big Red Machine - Renegade (feat. Taylor Swift) (Official Music Video)

Aaron Dessner is a musician and songwriter who has worked in the music industry continuously since 1985.

In addition to being a successful solo musician, he is perhaps best known for his contributions to the band The National.

In addition to that, he and his brother Bryce Dessner started the record label Brass Land Records.

In the event that you have an interest in learning more about this very outstanding person.

Aaron Dessner is a member of the band, which is based in Brooklyn.

Thomas and his twin brother Bryce established the band that went on to win a Grammy together.

Thomas was born in Alabama, and he spent his childhood in Cincinnati.

If you have listened to either of Taylor Swift's most recent albums, folklore or evermore, or any of her rerecorded albums from the last two albums, you have undoubtedly at least heard the name Aaron Dessner.

On Disney+, you can watch him in the folklore: Long Pond Studio Sessions special.

Swift has collaborated with a large number of musicians and producers in the past, including names like Jack Antonoff, Max Martin and Shellback, Joel Little, and many others.

Dessner is her most recent partner at this point in time.

He collaborated with her on the production of two albums that are nearly entirely distinct sonically from her earlier work.

NameAaron Brooking Dessner
BirthdayApril 23, 1976
ProfessionSongwriter, Multi-instrumentalist and Record Producer
WifeStine Wengler

Aaron Dessner Wife, Married With Children, And Family

A report says that Aaron met Stine Wengler when he was seeing a Danish woman from Copenhagen.

She has been a nurse for 12 years and is trained to do her job.

She had jobs at and before that.

Also, he and his wife, Stine, have two children.

Ingrid Stella Dessner, their daughter, was born in September 2011, and Robin Lo Brooking Dessner, their son, was born on March 20, 2015.

Aaron also said that his son's name, Robin Brooking Hastie, came from his uncle, who loved everything about nature.

Bryce Dessner, who is Aaron's twin brother, plays guitar in the band.

The siblings looked and acted so much alike that they had to shout out their names when they were being interviewed off-screen.

Aaron and his brother or sister started collecting baseball cards in the sixth grade.

They talked about how good things used to be, traded their cards for a guitar and a bass, and started playing Firehouse and Neil Young songs.

The brothers also said that they were all related. Having a sense of being a family kept them going instead of pulling them apart.

It is said that Aaron is from Cincinnati, Ohio.

On the other hand, Aaron's mother is not talked about on any of his social media accounts.

It was also found out that Aaron had an older sister named Jessica Dessner who lived in Italy.

The Melophile might have come from a family of painters, dancers, or poets.

She got breast cancer, which was a bad thing.

Aaron talked about his parents and said that he was raised with a "family first" Midwestern mindset.

His father was a good jazz drummer as well.

He couldn't work in a music store, so he had to find something else to do.

As a musician, he was having trouble making money, so his father put his drums in a closet and got another job.

Aaron was about 6 or 7 when he found his dad's drums.

But when he was younger, he liked to play soccer, basketball, and tennis at school.

The boyfriend of his sister didn't get him interested in music until the ninth grade, even though he had never thought of it as a career.

In 2019, Aaron's brother said that their parents' marriage was breaking up.

He told, Our whole family is coming apart. ‘We see one of the most fundamental changes as a child turning from identifying with our parents to feeling alienated. As adults, we continue to believe in their authority and feel obligated to fulfill their needs–even if those expectations aren’t realistic or make us uncomfortable.’

How Much Money Does Aaron Dessner Have?

Aarron Dessner wearing a black shirt and playing electric guitar
Aarron Dessner wearing a black shirt and playing electric guitar

In 2020, when Taylor Swift's surprise new album came out, Aaron got a lot of attention because he had worked on it with her.

A source says that at the end of April, Taylor suggested that he work from home.

Taylor has been seen backstage with Aaron's band at a concert in June 2019 at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York.

Aaron Dessner has also helped other artists, like Jack Antonoff and Bon Iver, become successful.

He has also worked on the albums of a lot of other artists, like Mumford and Sons and Frightened Rabbit.

In 2016, Aaron ran his business from a studio on his property near Hudson, New York.

The same source says that Vail sold his three-story Victorian house in 1998 for $2.35 million.

He bought it before for $700,000 in 2003.

As of July 2022, Aaron Dessner has a net worth of about $10 million.

Stine Wengler Husband Is A Grammy Award Winner

In spite of the fact that you may have only become aware of him within the past year, he has actually been active for quite some time.

In 2014, Dessner and The National were both considered for a Grammy Award in the category of Best Alternative Music Album for their work on the album titled "Trouble Will Find Me."

Even though he has won two of those honors, he has been nominated for those awards a total of four times.

The first one was in 2018 for Sleep Well Beast, who won Best Alternative Music Album.

The second one was in 2021 for folklore with Taylor Swift, who won Album of the Year.

People Also Ask

Is Aaron Dessner Married?

He got his high school diploma from Cincinnati Country Day School in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1994.

In 1998, he got his college diploma from Columbia College at Columbia University.

His wife and he have three kids.

Where Does Aaron Dessner Live?

As lockdown orders went into effect, Dessner and his family were able to move to their home in upstate New York.

The musician soon got into a routine of homeschooling his kids and focusing on music in a way he hadn't in a while because of the National's busy touring schedule.

How Did Taylor Swift Meet Aaron Dessner?

Swift liked Dessner's long-running indie rock band, the National, and she contacted him out of the blue as the pandemic shutdown was starting.

One night I was just sitting at dinner,” Dessner recalled, “and I got a text saying, 'This is Taylor. Would you ever be up for collaborating remotely with me?


Aaron is a musician, songwriter, and record producer who has won awards.

He recently worked with Taylor Swift.

They have songs like "Mad Woman," "Invisible String," and many more.

Since 1998, he has worked in the music business.

He is also best known for starting the rock group The National.

By 2022, Aaron Dessner had been married to his wife, Stine Wengler, since 2015.

That's more than seven years.

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