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In Purchasing A Bed: A Guide To Buying A Mattress


Is it time to buy a new mattress? Or do you plan on buying one for your new house? Shopping for a bed can be a bit hard if you do not know what to purchase. It is easy to get lost in the world of mattresses, especially if each has a lot to offer.

However, worry not! In choosing what to purchase, you will only need a few questions to ask yourself. You can take your time to ponder these questions and arrive at a definite answer.

Do I Need The Mattress?

Without a doubt, a mattress is a significant contributor to better sleep. So it would be best to own one. In choosing the right mattress, there are different elements that you should look into. Before that, the first thing you should think about is if you need one or if it is time for an upgrade.

Ask yourself how old is your mattress so you can determine whether you need a new one. Usually, it would be best if you replaced your bed every six to eight years. However, under some circumstances, it may only last you a shorter period or maybe longer. It usually depends on how you take care of your bed.

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Moreover, there are other factors you should observe for you to consider changing your mattress. One of them is if it is negatively affecting your sleep. If you experience this, you should no longer tolerate it because this can also directly affect your sleep. Also, if your bed is now saggy and has noticeable damages in some areas, it is time for an upgrade.

What Is My Sleeping Position And Body Type?

One of the most important things you should consider in buying a mattress is your body type and sleeping position. Also, the best mattress brands in the market have unique qualities and features. They offer different levels of firmness and bounciness, and sizes. So, you should know that your sleeping position determines the qualities that your mattress should possess.

There are three common sleeping positions: stomach, side, back. If you sleep on your back, it is not recommended to sleep on a really firm bed. Instead, you can opt for a medium-firm mattress. Since too firm mattresses can put pressure on their back. Meanwhile, too soft beds could sink their back and may cause misalignment to their sleeping posture. Therefore, these could cause painful back and shoulders in the morning.

Next, people that sleep on their side are better with a soft mattress. Your sleeping position already relieves pain from your spine, and now you will need pressure relief at your shoulders and hips. The soft beds do just that by contouring the outline of your body.

Those who sleep on their stomach need a mattress to balance the spine and not put much pressure on your torso. So it would help if you considered having a firm mattress. A soft bed will cause your torso to sink, and this will result in not proper alignment of your spine. A firm mattress will provide equal distribution of weight across the bed.

What Type Of Mattress Do You Want?

Knowing what type of mattress you want is the most crucial part of your decision-making. No one type of bed can satisfy everyone. So what might work for the other people might not work on you. So it would be best that you must first learn about the different types of mattresses.

The first one is the traditional innerspring. Its main feature is the coil that effectively offers support to the back. The core of this bed is made of different types of metal springs, which are incredibly durable. So if you are looking for a good investment, a traditional mattress will last you for a long time. Also, you will not have to worry about its availability since you can easily find it everywhere.

Next is the memory foam. Memory foams are best known for their excellent contouring cradle. This bed offers pressure relief to certain spots like your hips and back. Moreover, memory foam is good at retaining heat. If you like to sleep in a warm condition, this mattress is perfect for you.

Meanwhile, the latex bed is great for a cooling and comfortable sleep. It has excellent responsiveness to pressure, so it has a good bounce. If you prefer an eco-friendly product that at the same time provides comfort and support, you can consider latex. This bed is made from the sap of the Rubber tree. The extraction made is a way for the tree to thrive. So, you do not have to be concerned about harming the environment because you are actually helping it in other ways.

These are the few common types of mattresses that you can find in the market. After knowing a little about them, you can continue your research for more detailed information. If you are still confused, you may go to your physical therapist and ask for their mattress recommendations.

What Is My Budget?

After you have determined your sleeping position and the type of mattress you want, it is now time to consider the last question, what is your budget? It would be wise to prepare a budget before starting your shopping. In preparing for a budget, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. The quality sometimes will depend on the price tag. That is why most people consider buying a mattress as an investment.


Shopping is all fun if you know what you are trying to buy. Preparing yourself for a mattress purchase can be a bit of a struggle but worth it in the end. Nothing can be more joyous than being able to buy the perfect mattress that can give you the best periods of sleep ever.

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Paolo Reyna

Paolo Reyna - Paolo is a senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, majoring in International Studies with a Latin American emphasis. During the fall semester of 2012, he had the opportunity to study abroad in Peru, which piqued his interest in international growth. He learned about the disparities that impact indigenous peoples, got a taste of Peruvian culture, and improved his Spanish skills. Mitchel interned with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, conducting research on food security in Latin America, after being inspired by his foreign experience. He wants to work in international development and for a government department, writing legislation. He loves playing intramural basketball and practicing for the Chicago marathon when he is not thinking about current events in Latin America.

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