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7 Must See Beaches of Turkey


Turkey is a country with many popular and sumptuous coasts, including the Turkish Riviera, the Aegean and the Mediterranean, all with well-known scenic beaches. The turkey beaches offer a great atmosphere for enjoying the sun and sea while on holiday or during summer with deep blue seas, white sands and mountainous landscapes. The well-known beaches in Turkey are below.

Iztuzu, Dalyan

Dalyan, Iztuzu, is one of the popular turkey beaches and a beach where tourism and turtles coexist. Iztuzu is a child-friendly beach with about 4.5 kilometers of sand as it has gently shelving sea beds that help calm the wavy waters, thereby ensuring that children are not drowned by the waves. In the months of June and July, turtle trucks are visible on the sands of this beach, especially as these are the months when turtles often come to the beach to lay eggs.

The Pantara, Xanthos Valley

Pantara ranks as one of the longest continuous beaches in the Mediterranean, with perfect white sand and measuring about 15 kilometers. This beach gets crowded in spring and autumn, but for those who love a peaceful setting, they can walk to the northwest of the beach, where they can find many solitary places to enjoy themselves. As the beach has plenty of waves in summer, it is safer to visit the beach in spring and autumn.

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Oldeniz is one of the best beaches in Turkey, looking like a big, calm lagoon and with stunningly clear waters. It's a really big beach and seldom gets crowded. Oludeniz has a stunning mountainous and natural scenery that surrounds it.

Mamaris Beaches

Mamaris is one of the popular turkey beaches on the turquoise Aegean coast and is also a favorite beach destination for many. The beaches of Mamaris have scenic surroundings and a visit to the beaches gives you a chance to go jet skiing.

Olympos Beach.

One of the renowned turkey beaches, Olympos Beach, is situated on Turkey's Mediterranean coast and a top beach for and off the beaten path. The beach at Olympos is smaller and more intimate than other turkey beaches This beach is peaceful and well-secluded, with a selection of local bars, restaurants and cafés. It's a very popular beach for young people in particular.

Aydincik, Gokceada

Aydincik is arguably one of the best beaches in Turkey, with around 1500 m of white sand and covered by warm pristine waters. The beach visit offers a good view of migrant birds, with flamingos being most of the birds. The shoreline of the beache has black crazy that is said to have healing properties and many apply it to get rid of pimples on their skin.

Alanya Beach

Alanya beach lies 115 km east of Antalya. Alanya is a very popular beach for both local and foreign visitors, with warm waters from the Mediterranean Sea. The easiest and peak season for visiting the beach is summer. There are different hotels, restaurants and cafes surrounding the beach.

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