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3 Must See Beaches in Romania


Romania is a nation that not many of you might have heard about. What if I say "Dracula" though? Does a bell ring with that name? Well, Romania is a country in the eastern part of Europe, liberated just 25 years ago from the oppressive Communist dictatorship, which is still looking for its place in the world. The country, which is part of the European Union, offers visitors a range of great things to see, such as the Danube Delta, medieval fortresses, ancient monasteries, Roman ruins and many other things. We can find a series of great beach resorts among them, but not sufficiently established, that can give their clients a great time for friendly rates.


Mamaia, considered the best beach resort in Romania by locals and strangers alike, is the largest summer resort on the Black Sea coast of Romania. It is not less than 7 kilometers in length (almost 4.5 miles) and 100 to 250 meters in width (300 to 800 feet), making it unique in the country. The climate of the resort is temperate, with marine influences, and it has low average annual rainfall, making it the perfect destination for both those willing to bathe in the sea and for those who relax on the beach while playing their favorite games at the online casino of Royal Vegas. The hotels in the resort are located close to the coast, offering a great view of the rising sun.


This is another beach resort near the coast of the Black Sea, divided into two small towns: Eforie Sud and Eforie Nord. For a long time, Eforie Nord has been known as a spa, an isolated and peaceful place. It is located between the Black Sea and the salt lake Techirghiol, which is said to have a mud that has a miraculous effect on the skin's health. The beach is inhabited by stages, tables and chairs, allowing visitors to enjoy performances or just relax and visit the Royal Vegas Casino Facebook page while enjoying a refreshing drink. Eforie Sud, located about 5 km south of her twin, has the most beautiful beach in Romania, called "Splendid Beach".

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/ebv/3-must-see-beaches-in-romania/ by Tyreece Bauer on 2021-01-26T13:32:47.531Z


Costinesti is a small village right on the beach, known as a cheap and exciting meeting point for the young for a long time. From beach clubs to rock pubs, it has a lot of attractions and party opportunities and its prices are low enough to attract students and young people from all over the country. Accommodation can be found in campsites or hotels, and residents also have spare rooms to rent, but while there, I have seen individuals just sleeping on the beach, not that they would sleep that much. For those looking for tanning by day and partying all night, Costinesti is the perfect spot.

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