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Writing websites in USA: The 3 best services to buy essays, research and term papers


In this modern era of technology when everything is just one click away from people, no one bothers to write long projects comprise of essays, assignments, or research papers. Students have many choices these days to look forward to when it comes to choosing the best research papers or essay writing services. There could be a lot of reasons behind choosing writing services, maybe they don’t have the skills to write proficiently or quickly, or maybe they just have no time and sometimes they don’t know how to start and get confused. That is why many students choose to rely on essay writing services available on the internet. However, when it comes to making a smart decision about picking the best writing service, this makes it even harder. A lot of essay writing services are available on the internet. But finding such a service with satisfaction, the guarantee of quality and good knowledge equipped writers is an intense task.

This is why students have to face struggles while finding the best research papers and essay writing services with risking their time and money because all their grades and performance are going to be dependent on them.

But thankfully, there is a solution to this problem too, this article serves a simple purpose to provide you the quality information about the best research papers, and essay writing services available out there. This article also includes some tips about writing, pros and cons, and honest reviews about the most popular writing services. In the end, it is you to make a smart analysis to decide which company meets your needs and fulfills your desires.

Essay Writing Services In The World Of College Students

Writing an essay requires massive time investment and energy. Being a college student, managing several courses, and writing good essays or research papers at the same time could be quite tricky as it takes a lot of research and analysis. Students usually do not have enough time to manage their studies and complete their papers on time. That’s when they start looking for writing services to write for them. There is a number of writing services available out there. All you need to do is give your instructions to the company and tell them your requirements.

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Although there are a lot of service are available on the internet but finding the most honest yet hard. Students face difficulties while searching for the best and most popular writing services online. Here are some academic writing companies which were ranked top on the basis of their popularity among the students:

  • 99Papers - the most popular in U.S today.
  • PaperHelp - middle price and highest quality
  • 1Essay - best writing service for UK users

Best Essay Writing Services | Reviews

Why we need reviews? Reviews are the essential element for placing an order. Reviews are the strategies to tell the public about the service so that they can easily find the service which suits their needs.

It is important to choose the best essay writing service as it is not only about wasting your time but also risking your money and academic success.

So what is the solution to this problem? You really need not be worried if you yet to find an essay writing service. Here are some reviews of the top-ranked writing companies that can lead you in the right direction to pick the one that suits your needs. We have reviewed on the basis of the quality of their service, how reliable and trustworthy they are. With the help of this conclusion, hopefully, you will be able to make a quick decision.

Here are some best essay, research and term paper writing services and reviews.



99 Papers are known to be one of the most popular writing services in the US these days. They offer their services to graduate and undergraduate students and help them in their writing projects. This service is 100% legit and reliable. Online reviews suggest that 99 papers service has been very useful to the students and this company has many happy customers as well.

This site is available from 4 to 5 years and making student’s life much easier by helping them with their paperwork. This year 99papers service has become the most popular among the students as they serve with the best services on a short note.

They have reasonable prices and qualified writers. They offer unlimited revisions and high-quality content. So one can trust them with their services and 24/7 customer support.



Paper help is acknowledged as the best and most popular writing service among American, Canadian, and British students.

It offers quality content by professional and qualified writers so you don’t have to risk your grades and money. Paper help service offers the students on-time delivery as they understand the value of their precious time.

As a plus point, they have a calculator on their service that lets the students calculate according to their needs, such as how many pages they want, what package of money they have, what topic they want to write on, and what deadline they enter. Many companies do not have these benefits.



1Essay writing is a service that offers the best writing services to college students. This writing service has a number of positive reviews from buyers on the internet. This service offers a wide range of academic services to students. They have a reasonable package of pricing to which all students can easily utilize the benefit of their services.

This company serves graduate as well as undergraduate students. They have a calculator on their service to facilitate their customers with easy options by picking their needs and make a plan and calculate the pricing.

This company consists of a large number of professional essay writers. 1Essay.org writing service also has been featured as the most popular and reliable among the students and well-known online publications. That shows the company is trustworthy and authentic. Online essay reviews show that all the customers were happy and satisfied with the quality and originality of the service.

The Legitimacy Of Essay Writing Services

The frequently asked question is, Are the essay writing services legit?. The simple answer to this is not every time. Let me explain why.

Unfortunately, not all services are made equally. In fact, you have to investigate further to find the most reliable and satisfactory essay writing service. You just cannot simply dive straight into the essay writing service you see the very first time. So finding the most trustworthy essay writing service is itself a difficult task.

However, there are a lot of top-ranked paper writing services available on the internet that promise their customers the best essay writing services from United States, originality and quality of content, and savior of their time and money. These professional skillful essay writers have extensive knowledge in numerous fields and experience in writing. As a plus point, they take all the writing load off the students and provide them their services in the shortest time. These are the most reliable and trustworthy sites on the market.

College students have a broad array of activities. They do not have much time to pay attention to writing long essays. This is the time when they go for an essay writing service. This is just like a shortcut to get exceptional grades for some students.

Putting it all in a nutshell, there are also scams out there just like the genuine sites. It is you who decides which one to pick, after doing brief research and reading reviews about the online writing services. So in the final observation, the essay writing services are legit but only the ones which have successfully made their reputation in the market.

Pros And Cons Of Research Paper And Essay Writing

Since we are talking about the pros and cons of online writing services, we will try to cover all the advantages and disadvantages in this. So let’s start with the pros.


  • Work done by a professional. When you opt for online essay writing services, your work will be done by a professional who will secure the highest grades for you. They are subjectively experts and have a vast knowledge about specific subjects.
  • Probably, get better grades. When your work is written by a specialist who has the relevant knowledge of your subject, the chances to get higher marks also increase.
  • You get the original and quality content that ensures your progress. You feel confident about your success.
  • Time investment saving. Students have to maintain their other projects and courses as well and essay writing is time taking and leads tiresome. By reason of poor time management, it causes loss in their other subjects. But thankfully, there is a solution to all these problems which is online essay writing services. And you’ll get more free time.
  • No more missing deadlines. You’ll not miss your deadline anymore. Online services are fast and confidential. Their essay writing services are round the clock and they make sure to deliver your work on time.
  • You don’t have to put efforts. Writing an essay is not an easy task as it requires a lot of research and analysis. Students these days feel bored and get tired. But owing to the online services, students do not need to put their efforts into essay writing.
  • When you hire someone to do your work, you no more have to be worried about it. You do not have to separate extra time to write long essays, you simply switch your work to the writer and spend your time focusing on your favorite subjects. This is really helpful especially for those students who do a part-time job with their studies.
  • Work done by subject experts. Online writers are experts and professionals. They have extensive knowledge in various subjects. Essay writing demands in-depth study and research. Many students do not have the skills to write and feel confused. So writing services could be the life saviors for such students.


  • Money risking. You may have a risk with your money. If the site is not genuine or you may get the work to which you are not satisfied you could waste your money in this way. That is why make sure the service you chose is top-rated on the internet.
  • Risk of Plagiarism. The risk of plagiarism means you could be scammed and get the plagiarized content. There are a lot of academic writing services available on the internet, they always state that they serve non-plagiarised, 100% original content but still some of them provide plagiarised work.
  • You won’t be able to learn. If you will completely depend on the writing services you may stop learning new things and face a lack of information as compared to those who do their work by themselves. For students who tend to rely on writing services, the biggest pitfall is that they are deprived of learning anything new.
  • You will have to pay. Of course, you will have to pay them for getting their services. Academic writing is quite tricky and demands highly qualified professional writers who cost a pretty penny. If you do not have a strong financial background then utilizing writing services could be difficult for you.
  • Online frauds are common. You could be scammed! You need to be very careful while choosing an online writing service. Scams are everywhere it’s you who has to be alert before trusting with your time and money. Make sure to choose the one with highly recommendations and ratings.
  • You may get conned. Getting conned means, the site could be fake or maybe they waste your money and time. You may get plagiarized work. Or maybe their writing quality is not that good. This all happens when you choose a fraud service service. Therefore, before placing an order, always make sure to choose the top-rated one and do a little research on that.
  • Missing deadline problems. In spite of the fact that the ratio of not getting your work done on time is very low but no one can be 100% sure about it. If they miss your deadline your grades would be at risk. So make a proper plan about this and do an analysis.

Some Tips For Paper Writing

Writing is not for all! If you are capable of essay writing and enjoy writing then it’s all fun and games. You need not be worried about anything. Other than that, if you feel exhausted while writing, then here we got a little problem. Yet no need to get worried, have a look at our essay writing tips to get some guidelines to draft your own piece of writing.


Pick A Topic And “Read”

There could be two situations possible, you may have assigned with your topic already and you have no choice to pick the one y your own. If you are assigned one specific topic then narrow your focus and think if you want to write the general overview of the topic or would it be a specific analysis, and start reading and researching about it

And another one could be, you may set free to pick the topic of your choice to write on. This opportunity with the advantage of choosing the topic that suits your interests and is relevant to your prior knowledge. Choose the one you are impassioned about.

Regardless of both situations, you must need a lot of reading and research. Just read and do sufficient research, and when you get a fix on that you are well equipped with the knowledge which your topic requires, then start drafting your own essay.

Prepare A Road Map

After doing enough research, draw a rough plan for your essay. It is mandatory to organize your thoughts for the sake of getting an efficient essay. When you get done after writing all the concepts on the paper, you’ll be able to see the links and relevance between them. Start arranging them and make an outline.

Now you are all set to go with the next step.

Write An Abstract

What is Abstract? An abstract is a short summary of your written piece of data either it’s an essay or thesis or could be an assignment or else. An abstract tells the reader the main idea of your essay.

For writing an abstract, take a look at your essay’s outline to grab the ideas and main theme to pour them into the writing.

Start Writing The Main Body

The body of an essay includes explanations, arguments and describes the topic you are writing on. In the outline you made in the second step, all the thoughts and ideas will create separate sections and you will have to write on each. Start writing individually and make each section a topic. Be careful with grammar and spelling mistakes. Make sure to ignore lengthy sentences. Do not use difficult vocabulary, try to use common words. Avoid using irrelevant facts and statistics. Keep away from plagiarism. Explain your topic thoroughly and make your ideas clear.

Writing The Conclusions

Conclusion plays an important role in writings. It conveys the closure of the topic and provides a final perspective. It sums up the overall ideas and thoughts you have talked about in the essay. Your conclusion should be made up of 5 to 6 strong sentences using good vocabulary. Clearly review your main objectives and layout reinforcement to your essay.

Putting The Finishing Touch

When you are done with writing the conclusions, you might think that you have finished your work. Let me tell you that it is not yet. Hold on for a while. Do not forget to pay attention to the small details of the essay.

Proofread the whole essay, the strongest points should be on the top. Check the sequence of the paragraphs and do not forget to arrange them. Ensure that paragraphs in your essay have a sequence and make sense.

Lastly, reread what you have written and review your essay. Double-check your essay for grammar and spelling mistakes. Make sure that sentence structure is smooth and easy to read.

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