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Passionate About Passive Income? Check Out These 12 Passive Income Ideas From Reddit


Small businesses are steadily growing in this information era because the barriers to entry are very limited for part-timers. You could opt from the below-mentioned 12 passive income ideas from Reddit if you are serious about earning something on the side.

The Rationale of Passive Income Ideas From Reddit

The best method to increase your income and eventually become financially independent is to have passive income. When times are good, this money can supplement your regular stipend and help you get by during lean times.

Regardless, passive income enables money to enter your account while you concentrate on your main job. Who would not desire the opportunity to earn more income on the side?

Graph with time and effort axes, depicting projected income ideas graph, and a golden pen placed on the graph page
Graph with time and effort axes, depicting projected income ideas graph, and a golden pen placed on the graph page

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The excess money from your passive income sources can be used to fund retirement plans, home purchases, and other expenses. It can also act as a fallback option if you decide to leave your current job or if your employment terminates.

Some of the wealthiest and most successful businesspeople have seven or more sources of income. Therefore, it is never too late to start if your goal is to earn extra money on the side in the hope of one day being wealthy.

Where To Find Ideas?

Where can you find useful and profitable passive income ideas? That is the major question. Reddit comes to mind as one example. One of many subreddits that is brimming with innovative passive income concepts that can help you earn money while keeping your day job is r/Passive Income.

To assist you in learning how to make money online, our staff combed through the debates and created this list of 12 passive income ideas on Reddit for beginners.

Build Your Website

One easy option to earn extra money with no work is to launch your own website. You may monetize your blog or niche website and get passive income of up to $5,000 per month by using an ad network like Google AdSense.

You will need to put in some effort in the website's early phases, as Reddit user u/broke7 explains. Its creation and search engine optimization are included (SEO). However, once you begin to experience regular traffic, you can simply refresh the home page once every two weeks, and the site will be ready to generate additional revenue.

Colorful ring with text saying 'passive income ideas'
Colorful ring with text saying 'passive income ideas'

To maximize the passive income streams, you can generate from a single website, think about including affiliate marketing. In essence, you would be paying to advertise someone else's goods on your website. Including Amazon affiliate links on your blog or website in exchange for a referral, and income is a fantastic example.

Real Estate Investment

Another fantastic passive income project you might start is real estate investment trusts (REIT). However, before you can turn this into a viable passive income possibility, you might need money to invest in your finances.

Real estate is a popular choice for passive income on Reddit. For instance, user u/brycematheson describes how he and his wife make $2,900 a month passively from rental homes and storage facilities.

You will need to be reasonably debt-free and have an excellent credit score. You will have a better chance of getting a loan from a financial institution if you do this.

Once these conditions are guaranteed, you can move forward with making a 5 to 20 percent down payment on a house. Once you have real estate assets, you may start renting them out to help with the payment and earn additional income.

The allure of rental homes is the monthly recurring income they provide. And since the average rent for flats is rising every year (except in 2021), you can nearly be sure that becoming a landlord will bring you a respectable income. Since people will always need a place to call home, real estate is constantly in high demand.

Despite this, purchasing real estate requires a substantial initial investment. Land acquisition and building rental properties are expensive. Additionally, rental properties have ongoing costs such as maintenance costs, insurance, electricity bills, garbage fees, and property taxes.

Teach An Online Course

Reddit user u/wawedewawe, a teacher by trade, discusses how he was able to make money by selling worksheets that students can use for independent study. This is one instance of how selling online courses can generate passive revenue.

If you have expertise in a certain area, you can also develop an online course for those who lack that knowledge. Much of your job will be in generating the study materials, whether it be an eBook, audio, or video syllabus.

Then, you may sell copies of it on websites like Coursera, Udemy, and SkillShare. Once the course is out, you can just sit back and collect money from anyone who wants to take it.

Vending Machines Investment

Vending machines have a reasonable earning potential. A typical vending machine can produce up to $400 per month in passive revenue if it is well-stocked and placed in a secure area with lots of activity.

In just one year, Reddit user u/chef pants1 managed to build 14 more vending machines after starting with just six. You can already expect passive revenue of $8,000 per month with such growth.

Nevertheless, maintaining vending machines does need some effort. You need to set aside a few hours each week to replenish them and take money from the vending machines. They are also vulnerable to vandalism. Therefore, it can be wise to bear the expense of maintenance in mind.

Amazon FBA

This is one of the Reddit suggestions for passive income that is appropriate for small business owners who are in retail and want to simply expand into e-commerce. Fulfilled by Amazon is referred to as FBA. It involves company owners shipping their goods to Amazon. The retail behemoth then takes care of all order fulfillment-related storage, packaging, shipping, returns, and refunds.

A laptop with screen with text 22 proven, profitable, passive income business ideas
A laptop with screen with text 22 proven, profitable, passive income business ideas

Because it does not need a lot of work to execute, Amazon FBA is one of the passive income ideas mentioned by Reddit user u/Thrivingwonders. Send your goods to Amazon once a week (or as needed) and let them take care of the rest. By doing this, you directly benefit from Amazon's enormous marketplace, workforce, and shipping system.

Earn Through Music

This one is for the composers of music. Making beats for songs is a creative passive income Reddit idea that you might not have considered. Steushinc, a user, revealed how he earns $500 each month by selling beats to musicians. He started by purchasing a feature on Fiverr. It has been a reliable source of income ever since.

Invest In Crypto Or Stock Market

Another popular idea is to start investing what you have in assets which could then later churn profit for you. This idea is quite popular among people who follow the latest trends in the stock market and cryptocurrency.

Both stocks and dividend stocks have a long history of generating passive income for investors. Do your homework, look for an index fund or company with solid fundamentals and a successful business plan, then sit back and watch your money increase over time!

Index funds and stock dividends are excellent low-volatility investments, but they can be quite sluggish to generate interest. Instead of investing in stocks, you should do so in cryptocurrencies if you want faster returns. Thousands of people have become billionaires thanks to the burgeoning decentralized currencies powered by blockchain technology in recent years, who knows, maybe you'll be the next!

Earn Through Blogging

Anyone wishing to start producing passive money seems to try to start a blog or website for affiliate marketing. Most review websites you see are simply affiliate marketing platforms that want you to click on their link. As it does not cost you anything and you frequently learn something about the product you are studying, this is not necessarily a negative thing.

Numerous websites allow you to make money by promoting their goods. Amazon is one of the biggest, though recently they have decreased the commission they are ready to give you. This can still be profitable if you enjoy writing and can find a market that has not already been cornered by well-known, established websites.

Shirt And Mug Designs

You can create and publish your designs to Tee Public, Red Bubble, or even Amazon if you have some fantastic ideas for T-Shirts or unique stickers. They handle the labor-intensive tasks of printing and shipping, so it makes sense that they will take a share of the earnings. However, after your design has been submitted, any profits are entirely passive.

Airbnb Rental

This is another option of passive income if you want to venture toward real estate. This platform has provided millions of people with another mode of income. With this platform, you can utilize your dead real estate for productive income. This really works if you have a spare place.

If you do not have spare space to rent out, you can still become part of this business by partnering up with someone. For instance, you can partner up with your friend who has a spare place and take care of operations and both can earn a profit.

Become An Instagram Influencer

Instagram has become a quintessential part of millions of online businesses. If you can build your profile and have people follow you, you can become an Instagram influencer and can earn a ton of money. Basically, there are countless brands in the online space and everybody wants to be noticed.

These online brands are looking for a face that could rocket boost their brand by providing clutter-breaking visibility online. If you have followers and have established yourself in a category, you could partner up with brands and earn passive income.

Create Youtube Content

Are you a qualified mechanic? Maybe you're a DIY enthusiast? Or perhaps you aspire to work as a budding travel blogger? Create your own content on YouTube, register for the YouTube Partner Program, and start earning money.

You don't necessarily need to commit time to create videos when using YouTube as a passive revenue source. Simply document your regular daily routine at home, at work, or when traveling. For as long as it's interesting, people will watch.

Some people have achieved success by publicizing their home renovation initiatives. Others share details about their professional lives. In any event, all you have to do is press the record button and carry on as usual with your life. Additionally, as u/brianjester claims, all it takes for your channel to become a money-making machine is for one of your videos to go viral.

People Also Ask

How Can I Get Money Without A Job?

  • Review products online
  • Online sales.
  • Convert audio and video to text.
  • Create a virtual assistant business.
  • Take part in market research for money.

How Can I Make $1000 A Day?

  • Begin your freelance blogging career
  • On Etsy, market your products.
  • Promote on eBay.
  • Perform tasks on HomeAdvisor.
  • Utilize DoorDash to deliver food.

How Can I Make Money Overnight?

  • Traditional rents in real estate.
  • Online classes, blogging, etc.
  • Drop-shipping is another way. E-commerce is booming.
  • Write a fantastic ebook and find a niche market.
  • One of the best ways to earn money while you sleep is through webinars.


With the global prices skyrocketing, everybody desires to have a passive income while continuing with their main job or business. Some of the ideas stated in this article are quite simple and just require your first step. So, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and pick any passive income idea for yourself!

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