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10 Places for Scuba Diving


The underwater ecosystem of the earth is like a magnet that pulls adrenaline junkies in. The joy of strapping on a tank of oxygen and plunging into the deep blue ocean does not equal anything. It's fun to swim with sharks and have the chance to see how incredible the depths of an ocean really are with your own eye. Scuba diving is an amazing summer experience that will meet all your hopes. These 10 locations will leave you speechless, whether you are a professional or only planning for your first dive ever. Be sure to include them this summer in your travel itinerary.

French Polynesia – Bora Bora

For newlyweds, Bora Bora is a wonderful destination. It's got romance written over it all. Often known as the Shark Capital of the Pacific, Bora Bora is a diving paradise. Notorious and thrilling, this destination's underwater ecosystem is stunning. The number of species is truly diverse and your dive will be made even more blissful by the marine life.

Fiji, Namena Reef

Local Fijian villagers conserve and maintain this majestic reef, while maintaining its biodiversity. An entrance fee is payable to divers who want to discover the underwater wonders of Namena Reef in Fiji. The money would be used to keep the city safe and populated. The oceans are spotless, and you'll be playing with coral snakes and barracudas.

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Mexico, La Paz

The perfect summer retreat is La Paz. This destination seems like a surreal adventure because of the crystal-clear blue waters, tropical neon plants and perfect temperatures. Be prepared for greatness while here. You'll see stunning sea lions, whales, orcas, turtles and giant sharks during your diving escapade.

Egypt, Red Sea

The Red Sea of Egypt boasts spectacular diving spots. Among the most popular for underwater scuba diving are the Blue Hole and Dahab zones. You'll be pleased to find that there is excellent visibility at 20-30 meters as you emerge deeper and deeper into the depths of the sea. In particular, because of the corals, which are kept in excellent condition, the marine life is exquisite. The waters of the sea, almost completely surrounded by desert, have consistent salinity levels and temperatures, making them extremely transparent and lucid.


For several years, Micronesia's islands have been an excellent location for diving. These are spread across the Pacific and offer various kinds of diving opportunities for passionate travelers. Junkies from Adventure are free to dive with mantas in Yap or visit Palau and meet the sharks. Whatever destination you want to go to, your breath will be taken away from the underwater world you will discover in this area.

Mexico, Playa Del Carmen

Cenotes, also known as fresh water filled skinholes, fill the underwater world of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, thereby marking the region with stunning diving spots. One of the most extraordinary cenotes, near Playa del Carmen, is called Cenote Taj Maja, and it is 40 foot deep.

Costa Rica

Diving enthusiasts will come upon the most varied schools of horse-eye jacks, cow-nose and eagle rays in Northern Costa Rica, close to Guanacaste. You can also catch a glimpse of the Bull Shark around Catalina Island. For other species of fish and other animals, including pilot and humpback whales, spinner dolphins, mantas, and whale sharks, these nutrient-rich waters are the ideal setting.

Ecuador, Galapagos Islands

The wonders of the Galapagos Islands have always fascinated travelers from around the world. The area has been protected by the Darwin Foundation as a vast estate, thereby preserving its fabulous marine life. You are not permitted to land on the islands, but you can explore the underwater areas by boat. Be ready for the dolphins, whale sharks, and seals to meet.

Borneo, Semporna Archipelago

Off the coat of Sabah in Malaysia, the Semporna Archipelago is a region where visitors can admire how giant sea turtles roam around with the different schools of reef sharks. Sipidan and Mabul are ideal islands for diving and snorkeling, so before heading out into the ocean, make sure to check them out.

Cape Town, Castle Rock

Castle Rock is a popular diving spot for both pros and beginners on the Cape Peninsula. You should be able to deal with schools of trevally, barracuda, and mackerel upon your arrival; the diving depth of the site is up to 40 m. There will be lovely coral growths for you to enjoy at approximately 20 m. The underwater world of Cape Town and its villas in Cape Town are fantastic, so be sure to include them on your travel itinerary for your next summer adventure.

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