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EBay open for payment acceptance of bitcoin

EBay CEO says they want to incorporate payment cryptocurrency and how NFTs will be implemented on the website.

Kenzo Norman
May 04, 202116618 Shares449134 Views
EBay CEO Jamie Lannone said that during a chat with CNBC they were open to agreeing to pay for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
The e-commerce giant seeks to utilize bitcoin as a modern way of paying so that consumers can use its platform more easily. Provided the site's success of trade card purchases, the company is also searching for NFTs.
When asked, "You know that one of the big things about our management is that we are widening the kinds of payments we take. Lannone said how eBay is handling cryptocurrency? So now we're paying Apple and Google is paying more for customers. More solutions like crypto-currency are also being examined. One of the big things about eBay is that it only appears on eBay when there is a new theme. We see in places such as the NFT how we can further discuss this." That's what we see.
While the words of Lannone appeared encouraging, a speaker later remarked that they had no intentions to implement crypto payments but were being taken into account.
"We are still considering and will continue to evaluate the most appropriate modes of payment in the future. We don't have imminent plans, but we are holding an eye on it (crypto-currency)," the spokesman said.
An EBay spokesman has said that the firm looks for more opportunities in the blockchain room to innovate.
"We are looking at a range of innovations in this field and we are fascinated by the fundamental capabilities and the way blockchain-driven collectibles carry trust and credibility, core retail elements, into the digital environment."
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