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Easiest jobs with highest pay rate in the USA

Easiest jobs with highest pay rate in the USA

Easy jobs that pay well are very common in the United States. Many easy jobs do not require special knowledge or skills indeed. Thus, quite often, schoolchildren and college students are looking for an easy, high-paying part-time job in order to earn money.

Susan Murillo
Sep 08, 2021

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Easy jobs that pay well are very common in the United States. Many easy jobs do not require special knowledge or skills indeed. Thus, quite often, schoolchildren and college students are looking for an easy, high-paying part-time job in order to earn money. However, even among American adults, easy jobs that pay well bring high income. For the starter you can take a quick loan at https://directloantransfer.com/200-dollar-loan/ So what kind of easy, high-paying jobs are common in the US?

Participation in focus groups

The following easy side job is similar to the work of a taster. You will not try French fries but everything! For example, cosmetics, creams, shampoos, etc. Typically, such focus groups are created on scale research or when testing new qualities of the product. Typically, the tested product needs to be used several times or over a period of time and share impressions about it at regular intervals. Sometimes this easy job that pays well may involve group meetings. And you will need to share your impressions in front of other people testing the same product or service.

However, remote employment is also possible. You just need to use the product according to the instructions. Be ready to go out to video communication at agreed intervals, answer questions and share your impressions. Then your earnings will become not only easy but also high!

There are no right or wrong answers regarding the following easy job. You just need to honestly answer questions and talk about your feelings. In terms of time, participation in focus groups takes from half an hour to 2–3 hours or lasts for a week or even months. On average, such an easy job is paid from $50 to $75 per hour, depending on the location and the product being tested. So, if you were involved within 3 hours, then you may earn from $150 to $225.

Read letters & play games

Many sites pay if you write your impressions of the goods and services that are on the American market. You may watch videos or advertising photos and describe your impressions and thoughts that arose while watching. This is how advertising companies study what feelings are evoked by certain advertising moves.

You may play video games, place orders in online stores, test sites, take surveys, and much more. It is usually paid with points or money. It also takes a little time from 10 to 20 minutes. People who do this spend more time on it in order to reach the desired amount. On average, the following type of easy job brings from $12 to $18 per hour increasing the amount. Try the current easy job that pays well.


You may become an egg or sperm donor and it is perfectly legal and permitted. The eggs can then be used for in vitro fertilization as well as for research purposes. This income fully suits our conditions and does not require additional skills which is good news. The process of preparing the collection of the material may take some time because you will need to be tested. 

The procedure itself takes no more than 20-30 minutes. Payment of such a donation depends on the demand in a particular region and ranges from $3000 to $7,000. However, it is not a quick way to earn extra money because the receipt of money may take several weeks. However, it is an interesting easy job option that pays well.


It's not about the main role in the famous TV series now. We are talking about the filming of many other films. Wherever a crowd is needed, volunteers are needed who for $10 - $12 per hour devote a day or two to remain immortalized in the film. If you are interested in this topic but you would like something more than to be in the crowd, then you need to fill out questionnaires in a couple of casting agencies. All of a sudden, all the American film studios are seeking your type. If the movie is not yours but money is needed, then an easy job is needed on the set of a TV show!

Decoding captcha

It's almost like typing only instead, you look at the picture and rewrite the characters from it. Who needs it? Webmasters and copywriters who check the uniqueness of the text in their jobs. Captcha takes off 10 times in 5 minutes. This is unnerving and distracting from work, and so other people solve this problem instead of you. Popular services that pay for printing characters from images are found in the article about making money on captcha. Try to start with a captcha to kill the stereotype that you can't make money on the Internet, there are only scammers! All in all, this is an easy job that pays well.

Walking dogs

Many dog ​​owners do not have enough time to walk with their pets. Some people are unable to do this because of poor health or injury. In this case, a dog walking agency comes to the rescue.

In big cities, there are always many opportunities for additional income. Profitable ideas are just in the air. All you need is to notice them in time and take them into service. walking dogs is one of the types of easy jobs in the United States. 

How many times a day should you walk your dog? Four-legged pets need to be taken out into the fresh air 2-3 times a day. For any dog, a walk is an opportunity to satisfy its physiological needs, and also one of the most joyful moments. The dog gets some new experience, communicates with other animals, and is charged with positive emotions. When the owners are not at home, their pet gets bored and their mood spoils. 

Everyone knows that animals cannot be deprived of a walk. Thus, the dog walking service is in great demand. Such a business idea is suitable for people who want to earn extra money but at the same time do not want to have any difficulties. This is an easy job to some extent.

Info business: selling courses & training

This type of easy job implies the sale of any information useful for the target audience. The method is universal and you can earn income even if there is no Internet. But we will consider a more affordable option.

It's simple: you need to offer users the information they want to buy. Determine for yourself a niche in which you will create an info business. This requires excellent knowledge of the topic. Anyway, it serves as a good easy job.

If you can dance well, you can teach others with videos. In addition, you can create your own blog with articles. There are actually a huge number of information business topics! You can find many real examples of how you can sell information on the Internet on YouTube.

Alternate a paid product with a free one. So it will be easier to interest your target audience. Then, more potential customers will appear. Gradually, your subscriber base will grow steadily! For such work, you will need not only time but also effort. But the advantage is that here you will work on a topic that is close to you which you like. Try this amazing type of easy job that pays well.

Earnings on affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are in high demand today and they represent a kind of campaign aimed at increasing sales of goods and services. It's actually an easy side job that pays well. If you recommend to your friends or acquaintances to buy a product or service in a specific online store, you will receive a reward of 3-10% of the cost of the product. Sometimes your commissions can be up to 90% of the value.

Whoever launches an affiliate program distributes links and other advertising tools to its members. If users make purchases (or other actions) using them, a reward is paid. In this case, the payment depends directly only on the result.

Affiliate programs can generate a lot of income. The most common are the following affiliate programs:

  • Information (mailings);
  • Publishing links on social networks;
  • Forums;
  • Make money on the blog and others.

Affiliate programs do not always bring a stable and constant income. Therefore, you should not use affiliate programs as the main source of income but it is quite suitable as an easy job that brings you an additional income.

Susan Murillo | Susan has been interested in real estate since she was a child in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Susan had always wanted to pursue a direction that would encourage her to support others, and she discovered her true calling in real estate, where she could serve her clients and direct them through one of their most significant investments. Shannon has been involved in the selling and distribution of one billion dollars in real estate in Western Canada over the last ten years.


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