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E123movies.Com Offers HD Movies, Dramas And TV Shows For Free

After being pulled down from several domains, the site's name changed multiple times, appearing as "123Movies" at times and "123movies" at other times. was the initial name and URL, which eventually changed to 123movies

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You may watch all kinds of movies for free online, including TV series, Asian dramas, anime, and cartoons. Streaming is quite fast on

E123movies Websites

After being pulled down from several domains, the site's name changed multiple times, appearing as "123Movies" at times and "123movies" at other times. was the initial name and URL, which eventually changed to before diverting to Gomovies. to and then Gomovies. is. Gostream. is was changed to Memories. to, then, where it stayed until it was shut down.
The MPAA listed 123Movies in its Online Notorious Markets overview to the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) in October 2016, stating: "The site has a global Alexa rank of 559 and a local rank of 386 in the United States." According to SimilarWeb data, had 9.26 million worldwide unique visitors in August 2016. "
According to Business Insider, was the "most-used pirate website" in the United Kingdom in October 2016. All the films in HD, HD-RIP, Blu-ray, and camera quality were all available on e123Movies., a streaming service specializing in anime, was founded by the developers of 123Movies in December 2017 and stayed online for months after 123Movies was shut down.
Screenshot of trending TV Shows on
Screenshot of trending TV Shows on

E123movies HD

Do you want to watch free HD movies online? The website features the most recent Bollywood and Hollywood films. 123Movies, GoMovies, GoStream, MeMovies, or 123movieshub, was a Vietnamese-based network of file-streaming websites that enabled users to view movies for free.
The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) dubbed it the world's "most popular illicit site" in March 2018, but it was shut down a few weeks later after a criminal investigation by Vietnamese authorities. The network is still operating through clone sites as of December 2019.

History About E123movies.Com Official Site

The website serves as a one-stop shop for accessing and consuming internet information. It is important to note that no specific information about the site's origin can be found. The primary site, however, is said to have gone live around the year 2015.
According to reports, the site's initial domain name was On an official note, the main site was shut down in 2018. However, it is well known that the site can be accessed in a number of clone formats. This indicates that the site will continue to provide material through its mirror sites. The materials may be downloaded or viewed on the website.
According to the records, the site's last known name was 123MoviesHub; this was the name before it was officially closed. The post was closed in 2018, and there is no information about its new name. However, as previously stated, the site is available on various clone sites. Furthermore, many clone sites have names that are somewhat different from the original. In any case, the user base is still large and intact.

E123movies Alternatives

Some alternatives to e123movies are listed below.


Putlocker is without a doubt one of the top e123 movie options. It is becoming one of the most popular internet streaming sites for movie fans. At the same time as enjoying the superb material, you can also download movies for free.
The fascinating thing is that the color scheme of both sites is almost identical. In terms of ads, the site has the fewest interruptions. The variety of collections available is enormous. Regardless of the topic, the site may be interesting for everyone.


For individuals who like movies, Vumoo might be an ideal alternative to e123movies. It is also one of the most user-friendly sites for those who are interested in internet content. The simplicity of this site's design adds to its appeal on many levels.
The needed material may be found right on the homepage. It takes very little time for the material to begin streaming; in fact, it takes no time at all. There is no need to be concerned about disturbances from beyond the platform. Vumoo has a lot to offer in terms of diversity.
Regardless of the content's taste, the site may be completed by anybody. The site's theme is the only thing that concerns me. It has a black and maroon color scheme, which adds to its enchantment. There's no need to lose time here; with Vumoo, discovering the needed material takes seconds.

Conclusion lets anyone watch movies and TV shows online without having to sign up or deal with commercials. Watching the stuff online is really simple since they have ensured that you will be able to see what you are looking for free and without any issues.
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