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Differences Between Canvas Prints and Other Online Printing Stores

Several people like to keep their pictures only as jpg files that may become inaccessible in a couple of years. That's why businesses like Canvas Prints, have started to increase their yearly profits, since people tend to print their pictures more than they did two decades ago.

Susan Murillo
Mar 31, 202225972 Shares376399 Views
Several people like to keep their pictures only as jpg files that may become inaccessible in a couple of years. That's why businesses like Canvas Prints, have started to increase their yearly profits, since people tend to print their pictures more than they did two decades ago.
We all know that it's easy to capture a picture through your smartphone and upload it to your cloud. Some other people only care about posting their pictures on social media, like Facebook and Instagram, letting them be open to third parties for an indefinite time in the future.
However, this has changed through the last few years, when the trend remains to print your pictures and place them in special frames for you and your family to admire daily. And when you have no physical store to print your pics, you can easily start checking the online service offered by Canvas Prints for people who eagerly want to see their beautiful faces on paper.
Let's take a deep dive into the reasons why Canvas Prints is superior to other photo printing online services. That would give you an extra reason to log in to their site and become a loyal customer, printing pictures every once in a while and getting rewarded for it.

They Give You Better Rates For Pictures

The first and most impressive benefit you get for taking your printing business to Canvas Prints would be the reduced rate for your printed pictures. There is no reason to pay a fortune for glossy paper and other kinds of photo paper before you check with Canvas Prints and their explicit way to do business.
They cooperate with factories all around the world, offering them massive orders to anticipate the lower cost for them. That low cost gets transferred as a generous discount to their end customers and users. That makes it possible to have better marketing and word of mouth among existing users who all like to print their pictures with Canvas Prints. The lower cost has nothing to do with the quality and gives you the chance to print even more pics for family and friends.

Canvas Prints Offers The Best Personalized Gifts

When you place an order with Canvas Prints, you may expect to receive a personalized gift that becomes even bigger according to your order's height. People who print their pictures regularly with Canvas Prints can get extra large pictures as a gift. Additionally, they can choose their extra gifts that have to do with plastic ornaments and key lockers that they can have an integrated picture of their beloved ones. It's something that makes Canvas Prints a lot more accessible and lovable to new and existing customers, gaining a large part of the market.

There Is An Account Manager To Show You Around

What would you do without your account manager? That is something that Canvas Prints knows well since some customers need extra assistance to use the online services they offer. That's why they have assigned some real people to help you make it different from other online sites, where you need to send an email or an online chat to the team and wait for a long to get a response.
In Canvas Prints, you get your personal assistant available all day long to give you personalized details about the best way to pay or the right way to print and upload the pictures from your computer or smartphone.

Canvas Prints Has The Highest Encryption

You don't have to worry about your information when you log in to the Canvas Prints website. Their cloud where you upload the pictures is completely safe and secure from outer attacks. That way you can use their cloud to upload even the most personal pictures you may have and receive them in paper edition whenever you like. Also, there is no human hand seeing what your pictures look like before they are packed and sent to you. The whole process is automatic, and your privacy remains guaranteed with Canvas Prints.

They Share The Best Online Software For Picture Reforming

Picture reforming is also another service that is available for Canvas Prints customers. They can choose how to reshape their pictures, alter the colors, and find the right shape to ensure that they will have maximum satisfaction when they finally receive the paper edition. This software comes with an easy tutorial program that all customers have the chance to follow. If they can't view the tutorial, they can always ask their account manager about the endless software possibilities. There is no chance you cannot reshape the pictures you upload, and your imagination remains the final frontier for that work.

You Get The Lowest Prices For Reprints

Reprints are your prime concern when you have some successful pictures that you would like to share with friends and family. The additional cost for these reprints could overpass your monthly budget. That's where Canvas Prints comes to give you the solution. The site has a special place where you can order as many reprints as you like for a flat rate. That means you can choose to print several pics of the same size and paper quality, paying only once. You can do that unlimited time through the month to give to others the chance to admire you pictures and be satisfied.

Canvas Prints Specialized In Vintage Photos

Vintage photos are what many people would like to have for their pictures. Making a photo vintage is not that easy, and Canvas Prints has the right software to get the job done. The vintage pictures you get are clear, and without any bugs, there is also the chance to receive a sample first and then make your final order through the site. We know that vintage lovers will find their best possible solution with Canvas Prints, which has taken the online printing photo service to other levels. It's good to be with the first and let others follow your lead!
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