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Deep Sleep in Two Minutes 💤 Tips From Experts

Deep Sleep in Two Minutes 💤 Tips From Experts

Last updated: Jul 14, 2021 13:17 | Dec 22, 2020 13:17
Camilo Wood

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Biological BenefitsNature's Vibes

In order to put you in a certain mood, you probably listen to music: funky tracks to get ready for a night out, maybe some classical while preparing dinner, or chill out tunes with friends for an evening at home. But to help you sleep, are you listening to it? A recent research has shown that listening to music tuned at a particular frequency will provide you with such a sense of calm that you are guaranteed to have a better night's sleep in just two minutes.

432Hz is the particular frequency in question, which also exists as the frequency at which the planet beats.

The research, undertaken by Dr. Zulia Frost, Dr. Lesley Parkinson and Dr. Cori Carter in the US and UK, looked at the work of Denise Leicester, a sound therapist, singer and healer. Denise had found healing benefits in her clients who, in collaboration with composer Tom Simenauer, listened to her 432 Love song. Denise refers to her music as 'soul medicine' because the body and mind have been found to be so soothing. Singing, Sanskrit syllables and instruments are mixed on the songs. As part of her one-to-one therapies, which involve sound calming with gongs as well as meditation and aromatherapy, Denise still uses them.

One of our primitive senses is vibration. It is the first to be produced in the womb and the last to be lost to death. It has the strength,' says Denise,' to calm, warn, soothe, educate and transport us. The original purpose of the research was to demonstrate the health benefits of this music, but what also resulted from the study was that some tracks had a very profound impact on the brain that helped with sleep as well.'

Biological Benefits

In the research, two tracks on Denise's album in particular proved to be most beneficial for sleep: Being Held and Being Loved. Being Loved was also helpful for strengthening relations to others and calming in times of tension and conflict, in addition to the snooze benefits, while being held helped alleviate stress, enhance immunity, regulate hormones, and helped individuals during times of deprivation. Live blood cell activity, cellular stress, cardio-vascular function, autonomic response to stress, blood pressure, heart rate, pulse and brain wave activity were assessed by the researchers. 'The findings showed that listening to 432Hz music helps to rebalance the brain and body,' says Dr. Frost. It encouraged relaxing brain waves, increased oxygenation and cleansing of activated blood cells, while decreasing blood pressure, heart rate and stress. In participants, it also enhanced the function of the liver and gall bladder.'

Primarily in delta and theta brain waves during sleep, there was also a rise. 'These are normally related to relaxation-a dream-like condition and sleep,' says Dr. Frost. There are four distinct patterns in your brain: beta (aroused, alert), alpha (relaxed), theta (in deep sleep and meditation) and delta (trance like). 'Most of us live mostly in a beta brainwave state, which is beneficial throughout the day to focus and concentrate, but remaining in beta can lead to anxiety and stress,' Dr. Frost says.

" Your body repairs itself as you sleep. At the top end of the theta spectrum and at the beginning of the alpha range, the 432Hz music helps minimize the fight-or-flight stress response and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for relaxation, sleep and digestion.'

Nature's Vibes

It is understood that in humans and in all of nature, 432Hz is best for good health. All ancient Tibetan, Greek and Egyptian music was tuned at 432Hz, but most modern, commercial music is at 440Hz, which does not benefit from healing. 'The study found that benefits were seen in two minutes, and dramatic results in 10 minutes,' Denise says. The joy of listening to music is that there's nothing you need to do. Without needing to meditate, it is like going into a deep, meditative state. Music has an instant influence on the body and brain.'

You need to use instruments and voices all attuned to that frequency to produce 432 music. 'When Asha, one of our singers, plays the cello, she plays a singing bowl of 432 crystals,' says Denise. She tunes her cello to the same frequency as the bowl and can then check this on the monitor to make sure it's exactly the same, where you can set any frequency. With all of our instruments, we do this. The standard tools are calibrated to 440Hz. It is easier to tune wind and string instruments, but as the notes are set, you can't change a piano to 432Hz. This means that unless you re-record it, using 432 instruments and sounds, you can't just change every piece of music to 432Hz-what that's we do.'

So, popping on your headphones and tuning in before bed to some 432Hz music may be one of the best things to do for a nice kip.

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