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The Long And Short Of It – Introducing Daddy Long Neck


There’s this guy called Daddy Long Neck, and when you see him, he doesn’t look like a father, but he, indeed, has a long neck. In fact, it’s so long it makes him look a bit far from normal.

You may even find his physique . . . well, unique, to put it nicely, once you see him dance only in his underwear.

Yes, he filmed himself doing so and uploaded it online.

With his appearance, where does this guy get the confidence to expose himself online doing some crazy dancing?

On a more serious note, where does someone with a disorder like Daddy Long Neck get the courage to soldier on every day?

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Put Some Respek on Daddy Long Neck

Daddy Long Neck Real Name

Daddy Long Neck with chest tattoo of words ‘lick here’ in uppercase and above it a thick arrow pointing upward
Daddy Long Neck with chest tattoo of words ‘lick here’ in uppercase and above it a thick arrow pointing upward

David Samuelson Jr., aka Daddy Long Neck, was born on September 15, 1999 – that makes him a Virgo – in Flint, Michigan.

He will be 23 this year.

Per online sources Famous Birthdays and Briefly, his mother’s name is Krissy. When he greeted her on Mother’s Day in May 2011 via Instagram, he uploaded a picture of him and two siblings (one male, one female) together with her.

He’s a fan of XXXTentacion (1998-2018) and Lil Peep (1996-2017), two rappers who died at such a tender age of 20 and 21, respectively.

He referred to them as “legends” in an Instagram post dated July 19, 2018.

Daddy Long Neck Net Worth

News and entertainment website Briefly estimated that the net worth of Daddy Long Neck as of 2021 could already be $1 million.

When it comes to money matters, he earns mostly through social media. He also makes money from rapping.

Daddy Long Neck enjoys a strong following at Instagram (@damnlongneck), with 1.7 million followers as of this writing.

According to a category of influencers created by U.K.-based Influencer Marketing Hub. People with more than 1 million online followers fall under the category of “mega-influencers.”

With that said, Daddy Long Neck qualifies as a mega-influencer.

Moreover, for each post, these mega-influencers can earn as high as $10,000.

Per Instagram post, Briefly projected that he could be earning somewhere between “$4,231.5 – $7,052.5.”

Most of the videos he uploaded on Instagram received hundreds of thousands of views. Some had more than half a million views; others even had 1-4 million views.

The video showing him dancing in his underwear and uploaded in August 2018 has so far obtained 2.8 million views.

His first Instagram post (June 14, 2018) – a video of him saying that he’s “looking for a . . . baby mama” – got 1.5 million views.

Daddy Long Neck initially achieved fame, according to Briefly, when he collaborated with Charles McDowell. Guess what this guy’s moniker is?

Wide Neck.

Yes, that’s right, and that’s basically because he has an unusually broad neck.

The music video for their “Neckst Big Thing,” uploaded on YouTube in January 2019 by WorldstarHipHop, already registered 5.6 million views as of this writing.

He also has an OnlyFans account (@shelovestheneck), which anyone can subscribe to for free. As of January 6, 2022, it has 69 posts and 44 videos, and the account already received approximately 4,600 “likes.”

Normally, a subscription here requires payment, but he doesn’t seem to mind if he won’t be able to earn from it.

What Condition Does Daddy Long Neck Have?

Daddy Long Neck in white T-shirt, with the words ‘best in town’ taking a bathroom mirror selfie
Daddy Long Neck in white T-shirt, with the words ‘best in town’ taking a bathroom mirror selfie

Let’s talk first about Charles McDowell, aka Wide Neck.

McDowell has a deformity known as pterygium colli (webbed neck), according to Dr. Milton Wolf from Kansas, as reported by online source Mamamia.

Now for David Samuelson Jr.’s remarkably long neck – as well as his skinny frame – are caused by a disorder called Marfan syndrome.

Several health-related sites, one of them, Mayo Clinic, describe Marfan syndrome as “an inherited disorder that affects connective tissue.”

Moreover, a person with this disorder is “usually tall and thin with unusually long arms, legs, fingers, and toes.”

That’s like describing Daddy Long Neck!

People with Marfan syndrome, according to Mayo Clinic, can experience “extreme nearsightedness” or high myopia and/or can have the following features:

(a) “flat feet”

(b) “crowded teeth”

(c) “abnormally curved spine”

Who Is Daddy Long Neck’s Baby Momma?

Daddy Long Neck kisses the tummy of pregnant girlfriend while she takes a mirror selfie
Daddy Long Neck kisses the tummy of pregnant girlfriend while she takes a mirror selfie

The name of Daddy Long Neck’s girlfriend is “Thicky Vicky,” according to Briefly. However, based on her Instagram profile (@1andonlybeth), her name is Elizabeth and her nickname is Beth.

They started dating in April 2019.

On March 28, 2021, he announced via Instagram that she’s pregnant.

She gave birth to a boy on December 6, 2021.


Perhaps the online followers of Daddy Long Neck are wondering how parenthood will change him.

Will his future videos reflect such changes – if there’ll be any at all?

The long and short of it is that Daddy Long Neck, despite his disorder, just wants to make the most out of this life – like any normal being.

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