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What Is D2gunsmith Theory And What Are It’s Mods?


D2gunsmith is a wonderful place to practice theory by creating rolls and seeing how they'll play out. It's usually used for one or two weapons to see how they'd appear in the game. But, for the most part, barrels, magazines, and perks all function the same, so light.gg remains the people's top choice. If you're seeking a single weapon, D2gunsmith is still fantastic.

D2 Gunsmith Weapons

Gunsmith materials are one of the more popular material categories in Destiny 2. Gunsmith materials are required for purchasing most goods from Banshee-44 and may be obtained by deconstructing guns and armour. Tens of thousands of this material will be required by those in need of upgrade modules or a true prophecy.

Gunsmith materials, fortunately, are plentiful. Thousands of them can be obtained simply by playing Destiny 2 and destroying any gear you don't find helpful. That being said, there are a few tricks and farms you can use to get more gunsmith materials faster.

Some of Destiny 2's greatest weapons are available for purchase from Banshee-44. If you have enough gunsmith materials, you can get Truthteller, True Prophecy, and a slew of other weapons from his gunsmith packages.

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D2 Gunsmith Materials

Gunsmith materials are obtained by disassembling weapons and armour of rare or higher quality. The amount of gunsmith materials you'll acquire is determined by the rarity of the destroyed item:

  • Rare: x1 Gunsmith Material
  • Legendary: x3 Gunsmith Material
  • Exotic: x3 Gunsmith Material

Because deconstructing gear is your primary source of materials, the finest gunsmith material farms focus on getting as many rare and legendary items as possible in a short amount of time.

D2 Gunsmith Mods

If you're low on gunsmith materials, you should use one of two Ghost Shell mods:

  • Banshee Special (5 Energy, Economic Mod): Increase the rate at which gunsmith telemetry data is generated on any elemental weapon's final blow.
  • Prosperity (3 energy, Activity Mod): Completing/winning [Activity] has a chance to drop a legendary item.

If you solely care about Banshee's loot pool, Weapon Telemetries are a perfect substitute for Gunsmith Materials. When you kill someone with Banshee's Special, your elemental weapons will have a low chance of generating a weapon telemetry. This mod is recommended for those who want to farm for a good Banshee weapon without actively grinding.

Prosperity is a type of mod that gives you a chance to get more legendary items when you complete a specific task. Only completions are required in the strike version, victories are required in the Crucible version, and wins are required in the Gambit mod edition. To use any Prosperity mod, you must have a Masterworked Ghost.

D2 Gunsmith Telemetry Data

Weapon Telemetry is a form of cash that works in the same way as gunsmith materials. Weapon Telemetry cannot be used to buy Upgrade Modules or Masterwork components from Banshee-44, but it can be used to buy weapon packages. Consider donning a Ghost Shell mod that offers Weapon Telemetry data if you're farming Gunsmith Materials because you're chasing a weapon in Banshee's loot pool—True Prophecy, Truthteller, and so on. A Gunsmith Engram can be obtained by turning in 100 Weapon Telemetry.

What Does The Gunsmith Have Destiny 2?

Gunsmith Materials are one of Destiny 2's more common material types. Obtained from dismantling weapons and armor, Gunsmith Materials are required for purchasing most items from Banshee-44. Those that need Upgrade Modules or are looking for a True Prophecy will need thousands of these resources.

Where Is The Gunsmith D2?

Banshee-44 is an Exo Gunsmith, located within the Tower on the far right side of the Vault and the far left of the Cryptarch.


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