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How Similar is CSGO and Valorant Betting

In short, we have a lot to tell. Now if you're ready, let's get started and take a look at our main topic, the similarities between CSGO and Valorant betting.

Elisa Mueller
Apr 25, 20224732 Shares473246 Views

What Are CSGO Bets?

Before making a comparison, you need to know the betting options of both games. As you know, CSGO has been offering a competitive gaming experience since 2000. It has encouraged players through multi-million dollar cash prizes, primarily Esports tournaments. In addition, tournaments such as Major, IEM, ESL Pro League and BLAST Premier are watched by millions of people.
Csgo bets
Csgo bets
Considering all this, we can guess that CSGO has a wide betting option. If you want, let's take a look at which betting options are available one by one.
  • Match Handicap: This is the most preferred option by those who bet on CSGO. Bo3 is expressed as -1.5 and +1.5 in matches. It means that the team you bet on starts 1 win ahead or behind.
  • Correct Match Score: You can try to predict the score of the match.
  • Total Maps Played Over/Under: You can estimate the number of maps played.
  • Map Winner: You predict which team will win the map.
  • First Half Winner
  • Round Handicap
  • Overtime Yes/No
  • Correct Round Score
As you can see, there are multiple options. In addition, all these bets have Map 2 and Map 3 parts. In other words, we can say that there are usually more than 20 betting options.

Valorant Bets

Now we come to the betting details of Valorant. Although Valorant is a newer game, it quickly caught the attention of the Esports bettingindustry. Especially the leading sites of the Esports betting industry, such as Thunderpick, offer a wide range of Valorant bets. You can view Valorant bets in the list below.
  • Winner: You bet directly on the winner of the match.
  • Match Handicap
  • Map Handicap
  • Map Winner
  • 1st map Total Rounds
  • Odd/Even maps
  • Correct Match Score
  • Total Maps Played Over/Under
Valorant bets
Valorant bets
Isn't it almost the same as CSGO when you look at it? Due to the similarity of the two games, the betting options do not change much. There may be a couple of different options in between, but this will not change our general observation.

CSGO And Valorant Competition

We think that we have already given the answer you are looking for due to our topic. In terms of betting, CSGO and Valorant are incredibly similar. But there are some differences when it comes to Esports. Tournament systems, cash prizes and in-game market system are the differences between the two games. Now, if you want, let's briefly consider these issues.

Esports Tournaments

When it comes to CSGO Esports tournaments, 4 major tournaments are held every year. All of these tournaments have prize pools of over $1,000,000. Especially the fact that such tournaments take place every year increases the competition in Esports matches. Valorant, on the other hand, was able to hold its first global tournament in 2021, as it is a newer game. However, despite this, it seems to have managed to attract attention by reaching millions of viewers.

CSGO Esports Tournaments

When it comes to Esports betting, tournaments are very important. Because betting sites can encourage their customers by making various promotions during tournament times. Likewise, we cannot deny that the adrenaline and excitement of Esports matches are high. Let's take a look at which Esports tournaments will be held in CSGO in 2022.
  • PGL Major Antwerp 2022 - May 09 - 22, 2022 - $1,000,000
  • ESL Pro League Season 16 - Aug 31 - Oct 02, 2022 - $835,000
  • BLAST Premier: World Final 2022 - Dec 14 - 18, 2022 - $1,000,000
  • Intel Extreme Masters XVII – Cologne - Jul 05 - 17, 2022 - $1,000,000

Valorant Esports Tournaments

We have constantly mentioned that Valorant is a new game in certain parts of our article. That's why there aren't many tournaments. In addition, we can say that the tournaments in Valorant remain small in the process until the final.
  • VALORANT Champions 2022- Sep ??, 2022
  • VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters – Reykjavík - Apr 10 - 24, 2022 - $675,000
  • VALORANT Champions Tour 2022: Stage 1 Challengers
This year, 4 different tournaments will be held in Valorant, up to the VCT. It consists of Stage 1 and Stage 2, the first of which is the Challengers series. Teams that qualify in Challengers qualify for the Masters tournament. Masters tournaments are also held twice a year. Teams that manage to collect enough points and win the tournaments will be able to participate directly in the VCT.
Although the competition is not as high as CSGO, we have full faith that Valorant will improve. It managed to reach millions of viewers in a very short time. Maybe they can do multi-million dollar tournament series like CSGO in the coming years. There are no barriers to prevent them from doing this.

Final Words

In today's article, we tried to examine the common points of CSGO and Valorant. First of all, we listed and evaluated the betting options of both games. And as a result, we saw that there was a lot of similarity. Almost the betting options are structured in exactly the same way. This is also due to the fact that the games have similar mechanics.
By the way, if you are a beginner in Valorant betting, we may have a suggestion for you. We published a blog called "What is Valorant betting and why is it so popular". We think it can serve as a guide for beginners.
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