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What Are Crypto Fundamentals?


Coins and tokens are necessary for a cryptocurrency to be successful outside of virtual space, and the act of purchasing these items tends to drive up the value of the currency.

A crypto's price will climb with its success in the real world, making it very impossible to locate an "affordable" cryptocurrency. To uncover such delectable discrepancies between price and fundamentals as they do with shares, traders will have to go elsewhere.

That doesn't imply it's a waste of time to study the basics. Discovering a cutting-edge crypto technology that hasn't yet been widely used is possible.

It might be a fantastic long-term investment if you believe it will take off since it is still in the early stages of development.

But what are really crypto fundamentals? Does it even exist?

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Being A Cryptofundamentalist

Because of the risk of trading only on a fundamental basis and because of the risk of being exposed to the authorities and being transported to Guantanamo Bay, never refer to yourself as a crypto fundamentalist.

What are the underlying principles of cryptocurrency? For starters, you need to figure out why this product exists in the first place. What's the point of using it if no one else does? Just how big a market is there for this product?

For example, Bitcoin aims to answer the need for rapid, inexpensive money transactions by eliminating costly intermediaries and allowing consumers to avoid the banking system entirely, without jeopardizing their funds' safety or security. Everyone in the world is a potential customer!

Initial Coin Offering

You never know what you're getting yourself into when you invest in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), and it's impossible to forecast which ICOs will succeed or fail. In late 2018, a study found that 70% of tokens raised during an ICO were worth less than the amount of money they raised during the ICO. 44 A significant sum of money has been lost by the average person as a result of this.

So, it's best to wait until a new coin is posted on a prominent public exchange and has established an upward price trend before I acquire it. '

Even when you've done your research and are ready to invest in a new cryptocurrency, you may still be enticed to participate in an ICO if the tokens haven't yet been released.

Be very cautious to ensure that the ICO website is legitimate and not a fraud. Make sure the URL address is correct before you go to the site.

Keep in mind that after you give up your money, it will have little or no legal recourse. Due to the lack of regulation, there is no assurance that tokens purchased in an initial coin offering will ever be worth anything.

Scary, isn't it? In essence, you're exchanging your money for a handful of enchanted beans. They were saying the same thing about bitcoin back then and now look at that little squirming bundle of joy.

Bitcoin and laptop
Bitcoin and laptop

Price Earnings Ratio

The following few parts are a little more advanced (and a bit mathematical). Financial models based on the principles of cryptocurrencies will be discussed in this article. Don't worry if that kind of stuff makes you sleepy; you can go straight to the section on social sentiment indicators.

In the world of stock and share analysis, fundamentalists are obsessed with ratios that show how cheap or costly a firm is. Even if these approaches aren't infallible, they may give you an indication of how far the stock's price has strayed from its "fair value."

The price-earnings ratio (P/E) is the most well-known one. This ratio measures how many times the company's profits (earnings) per share are greater than its share price. If a firm is developing slowly, its P/E ratio is likely to be less than ten. If the company is growing quickly, its P/E ratio is likely to be in the hundreds.

Social Sentiment Indicator

Despite the fact that this isn't a basic indication, I'm going to include it here if that's okay with you.

For Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, several firms are building their own'social sentiment indicator.' It's a well-known fact that price increases are generally preceded by a spike in social media activity.

Bitcoin Social Sentiment Indicator by Finatext, the Finatext team that developed the Pipster trading software, was one of the first.


Crypto has fundamentals, but it is not as comprehensive as stocks. This is why charts are more usable for investors and users. But, if you would like to get more in-depth in your investment research, you can use the fundamentals that are mentioned above.

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