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Cory Johnson Says Crypto Regulation will Separate Wheat from Chaff

Cory Johnson Says Crypto Regulation will Separate Wheat from Chaff

Last updated: February 17, 2021 | May 31, 2018 | Henry Hamer

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  • Is Ripple, then, a crypto company?

Ripple's latest business analyst, Cory Johnson, says he has been studying the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry for a long time but started researching it in November 2018, when several of the strongest digital assets soared.

“From my point of view, at the moment, it's completely unbalanced,” he says, “the intrinsic value of these coins, or these resources, is not that. I just hope someone else finds it there… But what I saw in Ripple was something different than what I see in other cryptocurrencies, and certainly compared to ICOs. The activities of the software company create value in the business, an underlying intrinsic value. I believe Ripple will be able to demonstrate intrinsic value for XRP that some of these coins and assets don't and never will."

The new position of Johnson as chief market strategist would undoubtedly include him in telling potential clients and investors the Ripple story (and maybe strengthening its message). Ripple offers technology goods to banks, but a digital token is used in one of its products.

Is Ripple, then, a crypto company?

“I really think of it as an enterprise software company,” says Johnson. “It's an enterprise software company trying to solve payment problems, for banks and ultimately for corporations. But it's also on an asset: about $ 61 billion in XRP, so it certainly has both of these components. We are looking to use the resource to create an enterprise software company, where we will apply payment for the software like any other existing software, whether it is Salesforce or Oracle, or SAP. "(Johnson declined to say how much XRP is included in his compensation package if any.)

Yahoo Finance also asked Johnson for more information on his recent report that both Facebook and Google have banned scam advertising for cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Although he now works for a crypto company, he says his reaction to the news was, “Thank God. So many scams. The regulation will be good for the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency companies because it will really separate the grain from the chaff. I don't think we're there yet, but I think it's a good thing."

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