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The Coolest Contactless Technology Trends


The ease and convenience of contactless services cannot be understated. With the world continuing to change quickly, contactless technology becomes more desirable and user friendly. From reducing the spread of sickness to creating a better user experience, contactless apps and services are expanding rapidly. Due to increasing labor costs, many retailers are looking for ways to reduce costs. They want to use people in different ways in their business while using contactless options where it makes sense.

Online Grocery Shopping

Can you believe that you can shop for groceries online and either have them delivered to your door or go pick them up from your car? This trend is here to stay. It’s good for the busy families who don’t have time to shop, are sick and can’t go to the store, and who want the ease and convenience of contactless shopping. Shopping online or through an app is continuing to create a great user experience.

Parcel Lockers

What are parcel lockers? They are lockers that can be used in public places, apartments, and stores to securely receive packages. Customers place orders from stores or online and then they are delivered to the parcel locker location. The package is securely locked away. The customer will receive a notification that their package has arrived and will be able to pick up their package using the code or QR code in their app. This cool technology has numerous applications. People no longer need to fear porch pirates if they can get their packages delivered to a parcel locker. Apartment managers can focus on other things instead of managing packages that have been delivered for their residents. You can receive packages easily when you’re vacationing in another city.

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Hotel Hospitality

Now more than ever people are looking for superior guest experiences. This high touch service comes with a price. To offset the cost of a high touch customer experience, hotels are starting to leverage contactless options. If you’re already booked a room and don’t need to make any changes, you can now check in at stations in some hotels. The machine will issue you a key card or code and you’ll be able to enter your room without needing to check in with a person. Additionally, ordering room service and other items can be delivered in a contactless way as well. These little changes mean there will be less wait time for what people need and a better overall experience for the guests.


What if there was a robot who could deliver your food? This science fiction is soon to become reality. The technology is available for restaurants to use robots to deliver food to nearby patrons. The use of this contactless technology is especially important for situations of sickness. For businesses, this means that they can reduce some of their costs for delivery and focus on employing staff for cooking and preparing food. While the technology is still being tweaked, expect to see robots delivering food in the near future.


It used to be that most transactions needed to be done in person. As technology evolved and improved, people started being able to do some things from the computer or their phone. Now, you can open an account and do nearly everything from the convenience of your mobile device. Banking technology continues to improve. Now you can easily send money without expensive wire transfers and so much more.

Driverless Cars

What if you can’t drive, but you’d like to be able to go places when you want? A driverless car is the perfect solution. This contactless option is even better than an Uber. Not only can it give more freedom to people who are housebound due to disability, it can offer safer taxi options for people in cities. Instead of hopping in a car with a strange Uber driver, passengers can climb into a driverless car to get to their destination. By inputting their location into an app, adding in their destination, the GPS and smart technology in the car knows where to go and the fastest route to get there. This is cool technology whether you like driving or not.


The use of contactless technology continues to increase. Use these cool technologies to shop, travel, and do banking. You’ll find that the experience is smooth, effortless, and simplifies things like going to the store for groceries and handling your money.

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