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Club Q Colorado Shooting - Heroic Patrons Overpowered Gunman Who Killed Five

Two bystanders have been hailed as heroes for subduing a gunman who opened fire during Club Q Colorado shooting at an LGBT nightclub killing five people.

Kenzo Norman
Nov 22, 20221940 Shares80825 Views
Two bystanders have been hailed as heroes for subduing a gunman who opened fire during Club Q Colorado shooting at an LGBT nightclub killing five people.
On Saturday night, the attacker shot 17 other people at Club Q in Colorado Springs. Richard Fierro and Thomas James were identified as the men who tackled the body of the armor-clad gunman.
They allegedly knocked the suspect's gun from his grasp and attacked him with his own gun. Police identified the victims as Daniel Aston, Derrick Rump, Kelly Loving, Ashley Paugh, and Raymond Vance during a press conference.
According to family members, Aston and Rump were both bartenders at Club Q. The suspect, identified by police as 22-year-old Anderson Aldrich, is being held in the hospital.

Club Colorado Shooting - 5 Dead And 25 Injured

5 dead, 25 injured in shooting at LGBTQ club in Colorado | ABCNL

According to court records, the man accused of killing five people and injuring 17 others at a Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub will face multiple murder and hate crime charges. Anderson Lee Aldrich was identified as the suspect by police.
During the attack, he was armed with a long gun, and two firearms were discovered at the scene. Anderson Aldrich is charged with five counts of first-degree murder and five counts of bias-motivated injury.
While Aldrich is still in the hospital, questions have been raised about a previous encounter with law enforcement and whether anything could have been done to prevent the bloodshed. El Paso County District Attorney Michael Allen stated that no formal charges have been filed and that the charges on the docket.
According to court records, Aldrich, who is hospitalized, is being held without bail. The docket does not indicate whether Aldrich has retained counsel. Allen stated that after Aldrich is transferred from a medical facility to jail, he will make his first appearance.
While police have not revealed the motive, the massacre at Club Q, a long-time safe haven for the local LGBTQ community, has shattered trust.

Club Patrons As A Hero That Stopped The Rampage

Aerial view of Club Q bar with some cars
Aerial view of Club Q bar with some cars
The shooting lasted only a few minutes because the suspect was apprehended by clubgoers. At least two brave members of the club confronted and fought the suspect, ultimately stopping him.
Matthew Haynes, one of the club’s owners, told one customer “took down the gunman and was assisted by another.” He said,
He saved dozens and dozens of lives, stopped the man cold. Everyone else was running away, and he ran toward him.- Matthew Haynes
Among those injured was one of the people who stopped the gunman. The second person was not injured.

Suspect’s Background Puts Spotlight

Aldrich is Randy Voepel's grandson, who is leaving the California Assembly. The suspect's run-in with law enforcement last year has raised questions about Colorado's red flag law, whether it should have applied to Aldrich, and whether it would have prevented the shooting at Club Q.
Colorado, the site of numerous high-profile mass shootings in the last two decades, enacted a red flag law in 2019. Its purpose is to temporarily prevent a person in crisis from obtaining firearms through a court order issued by the individual's family, a member of their household, or a law enforcement officer.


The Colorado Healing Fund was established to provide people with a safe way to assist victims of the tragedy. The Colorado Springs Police Department is hosting an expo for those affected by the tragedy in collaboration with community members specializing in mental health resources, spiritual support, animal support, emergency financial aid, and LGBTQ support.
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