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5 Clever Ways to Save Money While Browsing Online

With online shopping at an all-time high, consumers need to be aware of practices they can adopt to save money while browsing online

Gordon Dickerson
Mar 03, 202218584 Shares516228 Views
With online shopping at an all-time high, consumers need to be aware of practices they can adopt to save money while browsing online. With the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their own homes, combined with new marketing strategies that companies are using, like flash sales, consumers need to be able to make informed decisions about the products and services they purchase online. Here are five clever ways you can save money while browsing online.

Take Advantage Of Coupon Codes

Digital coupon redemption is expected to surpass $90 billion by 2022. There are several sites dedicated to collecting coupon codes that can be redeemed at various online shopping platforms. For instance, DontPayFullcombs through all the major retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart to find the desired products at the cheapest price so that you don't have to.
On top of that, newsletters from online retailers usually contain exclusive discount codes, especially for your first purchase. In fact, most retailers provide exclusive discount codes to the people who subscribe to their newsletters as an incentive to build their email list.

Practice Internet Safety

This can seem insignificant at first, but it is crucial to protect your browsing datafrom businesses that collect consumer data online. Online merchants also use a strategy called dynamic pricing, through which the price displayed is dependent on the user’s location and browsing habits. To protect yourself from this, ensure that you clear your browser cookies periodically and use a VPN. This article explainshow a VPN can protect your data online, helping you to save money.

Use A Rewards Credit Card

Rewards cards can help you save money when you shop at certain online platforms. You'll be able to earn points when you use them while shopping online, which you can then redeem at a later date. These cards are an excellent way to save money online, even when there are no ongoing sales. While these cards do require an annual payment, they are well worth the investment.

Read The Fine Print

Online merchants are notorious for using the fine print on their sales to hike up the price of their product or service. For instance, a payment gateway might state “$4.99,” but below it, the merchant may have included “per month,” thereby charging you monthly. It would also be wise to review your bank statements periodically to identify any ongoing subscription payments and verify if you actually need them or not. This can help you save a substantial amount of money.

Use Price Comparison Websites

Price comparison websites help people shopping online find the best bargains by comparing the prices of the same product as listed on multiple websites to determine which online merchant offers the best price. These websites often earn through commissions from the retailers, so a majority of them are free for public use, and a lot of brands may have exclusive offers available on these websites to make their products more appealing to a budget-conscious audience.
It has never been more important for consumers to be diligent about their online spending habits, and there are several tools and methods to help you save money online. While these methods do require a little additional effort, they are well worth the time spent.
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