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Clayton Bigsby - The World’s One and Only Black White Supremacist

Clayton Bigsby and his journey

Katya Ryder
Jan 22, 202123757 Shares879889 Views

All About Clayton Bigsby

Clayton Bigsby is a fictional character created by comedian Dave Chappelle. He is one of the most admired sketches in the comedy central. The sketch of Clayton is portrayed as a blind person who is unaware of his true identity. He mistakenly thinks of himself as a white person and is strictly against the black community.
Throughout the sketch, he levels blasphemous outbursts against the black people through his words and actions. This sketch depicts the trauma of the modern world in which people just hate black people out of the cunningness of their hearts without any solid reason. Through this incredible sketch of Clayton Bigsby, David presents racial discrimination, the dilemma of modern society in a hilarious way.
Above all, after publishing several persuasive books including "I smell Nigger", "Nigger books" he is considered as the most influential leader of the White supremacist movement in America

Black White Supremacist

So, why call Clayton a White Black supremacist? Here comes an interesting twist in the sketch. Clayton Bigsby, a person woefully unaware of his identity is a successful author who is referred to as the “Black-white supremacist.” He is the leading voice of the white-supremacist movement in the United States of America. All his books are full of hatred for Black people.
How he became a supremacist lies in the story underneath the sketch. Clayton spends 19 years of his life in foster care for blind kids, where he was the only black kid. So, the headmistress of his foster home thought it would be best to tell Clayton Bigsby that he is white.
That is where his journey started as a racial discriminator. But how could a blind kid develop this much hatred for the Niggers? The answer is quite simple our society out elders all these are responsible for clouding the youth’s mind with these absurd ideas and accusations regarding niggers. The blindness of Clayton Bigsby reveals the extreme level of racism has no end.

Recognition Of Clayton Bigsby

This sketching feature earned remarkable applause and recognition from the audience. This fictional character elegantly brings the stereotypes and harsh realities of the culture to mainstream media. And by doing this, he revealed the absurd and literally blind racism with the help of this comedy character. There is a dire need to make efforts to put an end to this insane racism and white supremacist concept.
Thanks to David Chapelle and his remarkable sense of humour, now people use Clayton Bigsby as a reference to pinpoint self-hating people and racists. This type of racism is not just about the belief of some persons. It is about the perpetuation of racial stereotypes which has seeped their way within culture, economy, and society.
One thing worth noting here is that there is room for slippage. To comprehend the accurate meaning behind this character and not just solely derive humour out of it, one must interpret the words accurately. Otherwise, a sane person can only see the humour in this.
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