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Top 10 Chris Hemsworth Movies To Keep On Your Radar

Top 10 Chris Hemsworth Movies To Keep On Your Radar

Christopher Hemsworth AM is an Australian actor who was born on August 11, 1983. He came to fame as Kim Hyde in the Australian television series Home and Away (2004–2007) before moving to Hollywood to pursue a film career.

William Willis
Last updated: Oct 10, 2021 | Oct 08, 2021

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Christopher Hemsworth AM is an Australian actor who was born on August 11, 1983. He came to fame as Kim Hyde in the Australian television series Home and Away (2004–2007) before moving to Hollywood to pursue a film career.

Hemsworth is most recognized for his portrayal of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which began with Thor (2011) and ended with Avengers: Endgame (2019), making him one of the highest-paid actors in the world.

Star Trek (2009), Snow White and the Huntsman (2012), Red Dawn (2012), Blackhat (2015), Men in Black: International (2019), Extraction (2020), the thriller A Perfect Getaway (2009), and the comedy Ghostbusters are among Hemsworth's previous cinematic appearances (2016). His most highly praised films are The Cabin in the Woods (2012), a comedic horror thriller, and Rush (2013), a biographical sports drama in which he played James Thor ( 2011).

Star Trek (2009), Snow White and the Huntsman (2012), Red Dawn (2012), Blackhat (2015), Men in Black: International (2019), Extraction (2020), the thriller A Perfect Getaway (2009), and the comedy Ghostbusters are among Hemsworth's previous cinematic appearances (2016). His most highly praised films are The Cabin in the Woods (2012), a comedic horror thriller, and Rush (2013), a biographical sports drama in which he played James Thor ( 2011).

Thor (2011)

Thor is a 2011 American superhero film based on the same-named Marvel Comics character. It is the fourth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Paramount Pictures. Kenneth Branagh directed the film, which stars Chris Hemsworth as the title character alongside Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgrd, Colm Feore, Ray Stevenson, Idris Elba, Kat Dennings, Rene Russo, and Anthony Hopkins and was written by Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz with Don Payne. After reigniting a dormant battle, Thor is exiled from Asgard to Earth, deprived of his abilities and his hammer Mjölnir. Thor must prove himself worthy while his brother Loki plots to usurp the Asgardian throne.

In 1991, Sam Raimi developed the idea for a Thor film adaptation, but he quickly abandoned it, leaving it in "development hell" for several years. Various film studios acquired the rights during this time until Marvel hired Mark Protosevich to develop the project in 2006, with plans to finance and release it through Paramount. Matthew Vaughn has been tapped to direct the film, which is set to hit theaters in 2010. 

When Vaughn was released from his holding agreement in 2008, Branagh was approached, and the film's release date was pushed back to 2011. The main characters were cast in 2009, and principal photography took place from January to May 2010 in California and New Mexico. The picture was converted to 3D in post-production.

As part of Phase One of the MCU, Thor premiered in Sydney on April 17, 2011, and was released in the United States on May 6, 2011. The film was a box office hit, grossing $449.3 million worldwide. Critics appreciated the performances, characters, concepts, and spectacular effects but faulted the storyline. Two sequels have been released: Thor: The Dark World (2013) and Thor: Ragnarok (2017). Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth film in the series, will be released in 2022.

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Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Thor: Ragnarok is a 2017 American superhero film directed by Marvel Studios and released by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, based on the Marvel Comics character Thor. It is the 17th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the sequel to Thor (2011) and Thor: The Dark World (2013). (MCU). Chris Hemsworth appears with Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett, Idris Elba, Jeff Goldblum, Tessa Thompson, Karl Urban, Mark Ruffalo, and Anthony Hopkins in the picture directed by Taika Waititi from a script by Eric Pearson and the writing duo of Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost. Thor must flee the alien planet Sakaar in time to rescue Asgard from Hela and the coming Ragnarök in Thor: Ragnarok.

When Kyle and Yost started writing the script for the third Thor film in January 2014, it was announced. Hemsworth and Hiddleston's participation was revealed in October of that year. After Alan Taylor, the director of Thor: The Dark World, decided not to return, Waititi was hired as the film's director a year later. Ruffalo returned to the cast as the Hulk, repeating his role from previous MCU films, allowing aspects of the 2006 comic storyline "Planet Hulk" to be incorporated into Ragnarok.

The remainder of the cast was announced in May 2016, including Blanchett's role as Hela, while Pearson's participation was disclosed at the commencement of shooting in July of the same year. The principal shooting was completed in October 2016 in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia, with the film also having exclusive use of Village Roadshow Studios in Oxenford.

As part of Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor: Ragnarok premiered in Los Angeles on October 10, 2017, and was released in the United States on November 3, 2017. The film garnered positive reviews for its performances and was directed by Taika Waititi, as well as the action scenes and comedy, with many reviewers hailing it as the greatest of the Thor films. It earned $854 million, making it the trilogy's highest-grossing film and the ninth-highest-grossing film of 2017. Thor: Love and Thunder, the sequel, will be released on May 6, 2022.

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Thor: Love And Thunder (2021)

Thor: Love and Thunder is an upcoming American superhero film directed by Marvel Studios and released by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, based on the Marvel Comics character Thor. It will be the direct sequel to Thor: Ragnarok (2017) and the Marvel Cinematic Universe's 29th feature (MCU). Chris Hemsworth stars alongside Tessa Thompson, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Chris Pratt, Jaimie Alexander, Pom Klementieff, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, Sean Gunn, Jeff Goldblum, and Vin Diesel in the film directed by Taika Waititi, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Jennifer Kaytin Robinson.

Hemsworth and Waititi have explored ideas for a sequel to Ragnarok by January 2018. Hemsworth, Waititi, Thompson, and Portmanwho did not appear in Ragnarok were all attached to return to the franchise when Love and Thunder were was officially announced in July 2019. Waititi said that the picture will include aspects from Jason Aaron's Mighty Thor comic book series, in which Portman's character Jane Foster takes on the mantle and abilities of Thor while battling cancer. Waititi subsequently described the project as a romantic picture when Robinson joined it in February 2020. Filming in Sydney, Australia, started in January 2021 and ended in early June 2021.

Thor: Love and Thunder will be released in the United States on May 6, 2022, as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase Four.

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Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Thor: The Dark World is a 2013 American superhero film directed by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, based on the Marvel Comics character Thor. It is the eighth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the sequel to Thor (2011). Alan Taylor directed the film, which was based on a screenplay written by Christopher Yost and Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, Stellan Skarsgrd, Idris Elba, Christopher Eccleston, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Kat Dennings, Ray Stevenson, Zachary Levi, Tadanobu Asano, Jaimie Alexander, and Rene Russo star alongside Chris Hemsworth as Thor. Thor and Loki team up to save the Nine Realms from the Dark Elves in the film.

In April 2011, producer Kevin Feige announced plans for a Thor sequel, which would follow the MCU crossover film The Avengers. Kenneth Branagh, the director of the first Thor film, withdrew from the sequel in July. Before Taylor was hired in January 2012, Brian Kirk and Patty Jenkins were considered to succeed him as director. Eccleston and Akinnuoye-Agbaje were cast as the film's villains in August 2012, rounding out the supporting cast. Filming took place in Surrey, England, as well as Iceland and London, from September to December 2012. Taylor was inspired by his work on Game of Thrones to make the film more grounded than Thor. Carter Burwell was hired to write the score, but Marvel replaced him with Brian Tyler.

Thor: The Dark World premiered at the Odeon Leicester Square in London on October 22, 2013, and was released in the United States on November 8, as part of Phase Two of the MCU. The film received praise for the performances of Hemsworth and Hiddleston, visual effects, and action sequences, but received criticism for the villain being generic and lacking depth. It was a box office hit, grossing over $644 million worldwide, making it the tenth highest-grossing film of the year. Thor: Ragnarok, the third film, was released in 2017, while Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth feature, is set to be released in 2022.

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Extraction (2020)

Extraction is a Netflix-exclusive action thriller starring Chris Hemsworth that was released in 2020. It is based on the comic book Ciudad by Ande Parks, Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Fernando León González, and Eric Skillman, and is directed by Sam Hargrave (in his feature directorial debut) and written by Joe Russo. Rudhraksh Jaiswal, Randeep Hooda, Golshifteh Farahani, Pankaj Tripathi, and David Harbour round out the cast. The story follows an Australian black operations mercenary whose mission in Dhaka, Bangladesh to rescue an Indian drug lord's abducted son goes wrong when he is double-crossed.

Extraction will be available on Netflix on April 24, 2020. Critics gave the picture mixed reviews, praising the actors and action scenes while criticizing the storyline and excessive violence. With an estimated 99 million households watching in its first four weeks, it became Netflix's most-viewed original film. A sequel is in the works.

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Rush (2013)

Rush is a 2013 biographical sports film about the rivalry between British James Hunt and Austrian Niki Lauda during the 1976 Formula One season. It was written by Peter Morgan and directed by Ron Howard, with Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl as Hunt and Lauda, respectively.

The film had its world debut on September 2, 2013, in London, and was also screened at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival before being released in the United Kingdom on September 13, 2013.

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Star Trek (2009)

J. J. Abrams directed the 2009 science fiction action film Star Trek, which was written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. It is the eleventh film in the Star Trek franchise, as well as the first in a rebooted film series, in which the main characters from the original Star Trek television series are played by a new cast. The film follows James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto) as they fight Nero (Eric Bana), a Romulan from the future who threatens the United Federation of Planets, aboard the USS Enterprise. Because both Nero and the original Spock travel through time, the story takes place in an alternate reality. The alternate timeline was created in an attempt to free the film and franchise from existing continuity constraints while maintaining original story elements.

In 1968, series creator Gene Roddenberry discussed the possibility of making a prequel film that would follow the Star Trek characters during their time at Starfleet Academy. The idea reappeared in the late 1980s when Harve Bennett proposed it as a possible plotline for Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, but Roddenberry turned it down in favor of other projects. Following the critical and commercial failure of Star Trek: Nemesis and the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise, executive producer Rick Berman and screenwriter Erik Jendresen wrote Star Trek: The Beginning, an unproduced film set after Enterprise.

Former Paramount Pictures president Gail Berman persuaded CBS to let Paramount produce a new film in the franchise after Viacom and CBS Corporation split up in 2005. J. J. Abrams was approached to direct the film, and Orci and Kurtzman, both Star Trek fans, were approached to write it. Kurtzman and Orci drew inspiration for the series from novels, graduate school dissertations, and other sources. On November 7, 2007, principal photography began and ended on March 27, 2008.

The film was shot in several different locations throughout California and Utah. Instead of using bluescreen and greenscreen, Abrams preferred to use sets and locations. The film's production was shrouded in secrecy, and it was given the fictitious working title Corporate Headquarters. In contrast to the majority of the other films in the series, Industrial Light & Magic utilized digital ships for this one. By the end of 2008, the film's production had come to a close.

Star Trek was extensively marketed in the months leading up to its release, with pre-release screenings taking place in places including Austin, Texas, Sydney, Australia, and Calgary, Alberta. On May 8, 2009, it was released to critical acclaim in the United States and Canada. The film was a box office hit, earning approximately $385.7 million worldwide against a production budget of $150 million. It was nominated for a number of accolades, including four Academy Awards at the 82nd Academy Awards, where it won Best Makeup, becoming the first Star Trek picture to do so. The sequels Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond were released in 2013 and 2016, respectively.

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In The Heart Of The Sea (2015)

Ron Howard directed and produced the 2015 historical adventure drama film In the Heart of the Sea, which was written by Charles Leavitt. It is based on Nathaniel Philbrick's nonfiction book of the same name, published in 2000, on the 1820 disaster of the American whaling ship Essex, which inspired Herman Melville's novel Moby-Dick. Chris Hemsworth, Benjamin Walker, Cillian Murphy, Tom Holland, Ben Whishaw, and Brendan Gleeson appear in this multinational co-production between the United States and Spain.

The film debuted in New York City on December 7, 2015, and Warner Bros. Pictures distributed it in theaters in the United States on December 11, 2015. In the Heart of the Sea got mixed reviews from critics and was a box office disaster, earning $93 million against a budget of $100 million.

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Snow White And The Huntsman (2012)

Snow White and the Huntsman is a 2012 American fantasy film based on the Brothers Grimm's German fairy tale "Snow White." Rupert Sanders makes his directorial debut with the picture, which has a screenplay by Evan Daugherty, John Lee Hancock, and Hossein Amini based on a screen scenario by Daugherty. Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, Sam Claflin, and Bob Hoskins, in his last film role, are among the cast members. Snow White is imprisoned by her wicked stepmother, Queen Ravenna, a powerful sorceress, in the film's version of the story. After Snow White flees into the forest, Ravenna promises Eric, the Huntsman, that if he catches Snow White, she will bring back his dead wife.

Universal Pictures released Snow White and the Huntsman in theaters in the United Kingdom on May 30, 2012, and in the United States on June 1, 2012. It was a box office triumph, grossing $401.3 million worldwide on a $170 million budget. Although the set design and visual effects, Theron and Hemsworth's performances, as well as the musical soundtrack and action scenes, got positive reviews, Stewart and Claflin's performances were mixed, and the script was severely criticized. At the 85th Academy Awards, the film earned two Oscar nominations for Best Visual Effects and Best Costume Design.

On April 22, 2016, The Huntsman: Winter's War, a prequel/sequel directed by the original film's visual effects supervisor Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, was released. Hemsworth, Theron, Claflin, and Nick Frost reprised their roles, while Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain portrayed new characters. Stewart did not appear in the film again, although she did appear in archival material.

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The Cabin In The Woods (2012)

The Cabin in the Woods is a 2012 American horror comedy film directed by Drew Goddard, produced by Joss Whedon, and written by Whedon and Goddard in his directorial debut. Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz, Jesse Williams, Richard Jenkins, and Bradley Whitford are among the cast members of the film. The story revolves around a group of college students who escape to a secluded woodland lodge, where they are attacked by backwoods zombies while technicians control events from an underground bunker.

Goddard and Whedon, who previously collaborated on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, created the script in three days, characterizing it as a "revitalization" of the slasher film genre as well as a scathing parody on torture porn. Heather Langenkamp, her husband David LeRoy Anderson, and their business AFX Studio worked on the special effects, monster costumes, special makeup, and prosthetic makeup for the picture. From March to May 2009, filming took place in Vancouver, British Columbia, on a budget of $30 million.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and United Artists had planned to release the picture on February 5, 2010, however, it was postponed indefinitely owing to financial problems. Lionsgate acquired distribution rights in 2011. The film had its global debut in December 2011 at the Butt-Numb-A-Thon film festival in Austin, Texas, and was released on April 13, 2012, in the United States, earning over $66 million worldwide. Critics appreciated the film's script, tone, and performances, and it got mostly favorable reviews.

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