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Cheryl Hines Movies And TV Shows - From Improv Comedy To Hollywood Stardom

From her breakout role in the acclaimed series "Curb Your Enthusiasm" to her standout performances in films like "Waitress" and "RV," we embark on a delightful odyssey through the diverse and captivating tapestry of Cheryl Hines movies and TV shows. Join us as we unravel the layers of her talent and celebrate the moments that have etched her name into the annals of entertainment history.

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In the vast and dynamic landscape of Hollywood, few actors boast a career as rich and varied as Cheryl Hines. With an impressive portfolio that spans both the big and small screens, Hines has become a household name, captivating audiences with her unique blend of humor, authenticity, and impeccable acting skills. In this exploration of Cheryl Hines' cinematic journey, we will traverse through the realms of her memorable movies and television shows.
From her breakout role in the acclaimed series "Curb Your Enthusiasm" to her standout performances in films like "Waitress" and "RV," we embark on a delightful odyssey through the diverse and captivating tapestry ofCheryl Hines movies and TV shows. Join us as we unravel the layers of her talent and celebrate the moments that have etched her name into the annals of entertainment history.

Quick Facts About Cheryl Hines

Date Of BirthSep 21, 1965
Place Of BirthMiami Beach
ProfessionActor, Television producer, Comedian, Voice Actor, Film director, Television Director
NationalityUnited States of America
Height5 ft 4 in (1.651 m)

Early Life And Breakthrough

Born in Miami Beach, Florida, on September 21, 1965, Cheryl Hines began her career in entertainment by studying improvisational comedy at The Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles. Hines gradually made her way to success by pursuing her vocation with unwavering determination.
Hines put in a lot of effort in a variety of occupations before becoming well-known, such as waitressing and television reporting. These encounters not only helped her develop a strong work ethic but also gave her the opportunity to see the humorous side of life, which ultimately served as the basis for her profession.
Hines developed her writing abilities for funny skits and sharpened her comedic chops during this period. Her early life and professional beginnings were marked by a strong work ethic and commitment that prepared her for her future successes in the entertainment sector.

Cheryl Hines’ Successful Career

Cheryl Hines at a conference
Cheryl Hines at a conference

Television Career

The television career of Cheryl Hines has been distinguished by noteworthy parts and positive reviews. Her first rise to fame came in the 1990s when she made cameos on well-liked programs including "Suddenly Susan" and "Swamp Thing." But her breakthrough performance came in the HBO comedy "Curb Your Enthusiasm" as Cheryl David.
Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" demonstrated Hines' improvisational and comic abilities. Hines received nods for Emmy Awards for her outstanding and funny performances as David's on-screen wife. Viewers have developed a cult following for the program because of its distinctive satirical and humorous combination, and Hines' depiction of Cheryl David has become legendary.
In addition to "Curb Your Enthusiasm," Hines has guest-starred in a number of other TV series, showcasing her range as an actor. She had a cameo appearance on "Scrubs" as Dr. Kim Briggs, which gave her the chance to demonstrate her comic timing in a new context. Hines's reputation as a gifted television actor was further cemented when she was cast in a recurring role on the hit comedy "The Middle."

Film Career

Cheryl Hines wearing a burgundy dress
Cheryl Hines wearing a burgundy dress
In the 2004 romantic comedy "Along Came Polly," starring Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston, Hines made her big-screen debut. Her roles in three movies that year were in the romantic comedy "Cake," the sports comedy "Herbie: Fully Loaded," and the coming-of-age drama "Our Very Own." For the remainder of the 2000s, Hines kept making several annual appearances in films, most of which were comedies.
She appeared in "Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas," "Keeping Up with the Steins," and "RV," costarring with Robin Williams, in 2006. After that, Hines starred in the critically praised movies "Waitress" and "The Grand," which was an improv ensemble feature. The following credits were for "Bart Got a Room," "Henry Poole is Here," "Hollywood Residential," "Labor Pains," and "The Ugly Truth."
In addition, Hines provided a voice in the animated children's movies "Space Chimps" and "Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back." Hines's other film credits include the zombie comedy "Life After Beth," which starred Dane DeHaan and Aubrey Plaza; the romantic comedy "Think Like a Man 2"; the psychological thriller "The Benefactor," which starred Richard Gere and Dakota Fanning; and the holiday comedy "Christmas Eve."
Hines also starred in the graphic book adaptation "Wilson," the cat comedy "Nine Lives," and the holiday film "A Bad Moms Christmas," which also starred Susan Sarandon, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, and Kathryn Hahn.

Directing Career

2006 saw Hines direct her first episode of the comedy "Campus Ladies." A few years later, she directed her first feature film, "Serious Moonlight," a dark comedy starring Justin Long, Kristen Bell, Meg Ryan, and Timothy Hutton. In 2020, Hines directed an episode of her own television program, "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

The Most Famous Cheryl Hines Movies And TV Shows

Cheryl Hines wearing a black dress
Cheryl Hines wearing a black dress


Cheryl Hines, known for her infectious humor and versatile acting, has graced the big screen with a range of performances that showcase her comedic brilliance. Here, we delve into some of the most famous Cheryl Hines movies that have left an indelible mark on audiences:
  • Waitress (2007) - Directed by Adrienne Shelly, "Waitress" stands as one of Cheryl Hines' most acclaimed movies. In this heartfelt comedy-drama, Hines plays Becky, the best friend and fellow waitress of the protagonist. The film, celebrated for its emotional depth and humor, allows Hines to shine in a role that adds both warmth and laughter to the narrative.
  • The Ugly Truth (2009) - In this romantic comedy starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler, Cheryl Hines plays Georgia, Heigl's character's best friend. Hines injects the film with her signature charm and humor, elevating the ensemble cast with her comedic timing. "The Ugly Truth" stands out as a lighthearted and entertaining addition to Hines' repertoire.
  • RV (2006) - "RV" sees Cheryl Hines sharing the screen with the legendary Robin Williams in this family-friendly adventure. Hines portrays Mary Jo Gornicke, a fellow traveler on a cross-country road trip that leads to a series of comical misadventures. Her comedic chemistry with Williams contributes to the film's success, making it a memorable entry in her filmography.
  • Nine Lives (2005) - Cheryl Hines joins an ensemble cast in "Nine Lives," a collection of vignettes exploring the lives of various characters. Her role as Debra in one of the segments adds a comedic touch to the film, showcasing her ability to infuse humor into diverse narratives.

TV Shows

Cheryl Hines' foray into television has been marked by memorable performances that have solidified her status as a comedic powerhouse. Here, we explore some of the most famous Cheryl Hines TV shows that have left an enduring impact on audiences:
  • Suburgatory (2011-2014) -In this satirical sitcom, Cheryl Hines takes on the role of Dallas Royce, a wealthy and eccentric resident of the suburbs. "Suburgatory" provides a platform for Hines to flex her comedic muscles, delivering a performance that adds both humor and depth to the series. Her portrayal of the over-the-top character contributed significantly to the show's success.
  • Son of Zorn (2016-2017) -"Son of Zorn" is an animated-live action hybrid sitcom that features Hines as Edie, the ex-wife of the titular character, Zorn. The show combines fantasy elements with suburban life, and Hines' comedic timing adds a delightful dimension to the series, making it a notable entry in her television career.
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000-present) -Undoubtedly the cornerstone of Cheryl Hines' television career, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" has become a comedy classic. In this HBO series created by Larry David, Hines portrays Cheryl David, the wife of the show's protagonist. Her role as Larry David's patient and sardonic spouse earned her critical acclaim and showcased her exceptional talent for improvisational comedy.

Cheryl Hines's Net Worth

Cheryl Hines wearing a blue dress
Cheryl Hines wearing a blue dress
The estimated net worth of Cheryl Hines is $16 million. Her lucrative acting profession has allowed her to accumulate enormous money. Throughout her career, Hines has made appearances in a large number of films and television series. She has also performed voiceovers and made cameos on a number of discussion programs.

Real Estate Properties

A few months after getting married, in September 2014, Robert and Cheryl spent $4.995 million on a Malibu estate. In June 2017, they sold this house to Kenny G's ex-wife Lyndie Benson for somewhat more than $6 million. Robert and Cheryl spent $5.2 million for a house in LA's Brentwood district, especially in the Mandeville Canyon neighborhood, the same month they sold their Malibu property.
With six bedrooms and five baths, the 4,908 square foot Cape Cod-style house has six bathrooms. A formal living room with oak hardwood floors, built-in cabinets, wood-beamed ceilings, and a stone fireplace may be accessed from the doorway. The formal dining room has a wood ceiling, built-in cabinets, and a Dutch door that leads to the patio.
The kitchen, designed in the galley style, has butcher block countertops and tile flooring. The master bedroom has a fireplace, twin vanities, two master closets, and a step-up soaking tub surrounded by marble. The backyard has a swimming pool and spa as well as a brick patio with a fire pit. Above the garage, the guest home has a tiny kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom, all furnished with a rustic aesthetic.

Personal Life And Philanthropy

Hines married Paul Young, the guy behind Principato-Young, a management company, in December 2002. The couple separated in 2010 and had a daughter called Catherine. Hines then began dating Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an anti-vaxer and environmental attorney from the Kennedy family. 2014 saw the couple's marriage.
Hines got in touch with United Cerebral Palsy, a nonprofit, shortly after learning that her nephew had cerebral palsy. She is on the board of trustees for the nonprofit, and during a "Celebrity Family Feud" episode, she assisted in helping the organization win $25,000.

Hobbies & Interests

  • Acting and Entertainment -Cheryl Hines has a strong background in acting and has been involved in various film and television projects. Her passion for the entertainment industry likely extends beyond her professional obligations, and she may engage in activities related to film and television in her free time, such as attending industry events or staying updated on the latest developments in the field.
  • Environmental and Animal Causes -Cheryl Hines has shown an interest in environmental and animal welfare causes. She has been associated with organizations that focus on conservation and the well-being of animals. It's possible that she is involved in activities or events supporting these causes, and she may spend time advocating for environmental and animal rights issues.
  • Outdoor Activities -Given her apparent love for nature and the environment, Cheryl Hines might enjoy outdoor activities. This could include hiking, camping, or other recreational pursuits that allow her to connect with the outdoors and appreciate the natural world.
  • Travel -Like many individuals in the entertainment industry, Cheryl Hines may have a keen interest in travel. Whether for work or leisure, exploring new places and experiencing different cultures could be a significant aspect of her personal life.
  • Family Time -Celebrities often value their time with family, and Cheryl Hines may be no exception. Spending quality time with her family, engaging in activities with her loved ones, and creating cherished memories could be important to her.

Cheryl Hines Achievements

Cheryl Hines wearing a blue plaid dress
Cheryl Hines wearing a blue plaid dress
Cheryl Hines has achieved recognition and success in the entertainment industry for her contributions to both television and film. While she may not have a long list of individual awards, her achievements are notable and contribute to her standing as a respected actress and comedian. Here are some key achievements and aspects of Cheryl Hines' career:
  • Iconic Role in "Curb Your Enthusiasm" - Cheryl Hines gained widespread acclaim and recognition for her role as Cheryl David on the HBO comedy series "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Her performance alongside Larry David showcased her improvisational skills and comedic timing.
  • Contribution to Popular TV Shows - Hines has been part of successful and beloved television shows, including "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Suburgatory," and "Son of Zorn." Her ability to bring humor and depth to her characters has contributed to the success of these series.
  • Versatility in Film Roles - Cheryl Hines has demonstrated versatility in her film roles, taking on both comedic and dramatic characters. Notable films include "Waitress" and "RV," where her performances added depth and humor to the narratives.
  • Comedic Talent and Improvisation - Known for her sharp comedic talent and skill in improvisation, Cheryl Hines has left an indelible mark on the comedy genre. Her ability to navigate the unpredictable and often absurd scenarios in "Curb Your Enthusiasm" has been particularly celebrated.
  • Contribution to Animated-Live Action Hybrid - Hines voiced the character Edie in the animated-live action hybrid sitcom "Son of Zorn." Her involvement in this unique format showcased her adaptability as an actress.

Cheryl Hines Movies And TV Shows - FAQs

What Are Cheryl Hines' Most Famous Movies?

Some of Cheryl Hines' most famous movies include "Waitress" (2007), "RV" (2006), and "The Ugly Truth" (2009).

What TV Shows Is Cheryl Hines Known For?

Cheryl Hines is best known for her role as Cheryl David in the HBO series "Curb Your Enthusiasm." She also gained recognition for her main role as Dallas Royce in the sitcom "Suburgatory."

Has Cheryl Hines Won Any Major Awards For Her Work?

While Cheryl Hines hasn't won major individual awards, "Curb Your Enthusiasm," in which she played a significant role, received Screen Actors Guild Award nominations for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

Final Words

In conclusion, Cheryl Hines's journey through film and television has been marked by memorable characters, laughter, and a dedication to her craft. From her breakout role in "Curb Your Enthusiasm" to her directorial efforts and philanthropic work, Hines has established herself as a multifaceted artist with a heart as big as her smile. As she continues to entertain and inspire, her legacy in Hollywood is sure to endure for many years to come.
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