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Cheapest Places To Live In Florida - Discover What They Offer

The cost of living might be high in some cities. But if you're willing to compromise on some of the comforts and conveniences, there are dozens of cheapest places to live in Florida that nonetheless meet those criteria.

Tobey Strickland
Jan 30, 2023138 Shares2422 Views
Many new Floridians settle in tourist hotspots like Orlando and wealthy Boca Raton rather than exploring the state's vast interior. The cost of living might be high in some cities. But if you're willing to compromise on some of the comforts and conveniences, There are dozens of cheapest places to live in Floridathat nonetheless meet those criteria.

10 Cheapest Places To Live in Florida in 2023


The city of Milton is situated in Santa Rosa County. Milton is the "Canoe Capital" of Florida and has a population of slightly over 10,000 with a typical home price of $135,000. Florida's Panhandle is home to Milton, which is located just north of Pensacola.
This picturesque metropolis has several rivers that are just waiting to be explored. Cold water, sweet water, and black water are just a few examples. The town is really bisected by a number of streams.
The town of Milton, Massachusetts, is home to a wide range of people and a plethora of unique traditions. There are always open jobs, and there's always something fun to do with the kids, since there are so many different things to do.
The town's many museums make it a great destination for culture lovers. History buffs of all stripes will find something to their liking in the collections of the National Naval Aviation Museum and the Pensacola Museum of Art.
The crime rate in Milton is far lower than the national average, while the city's school system consistently performs above average. Living expenses in this city are lower than the state average and the majority of its larger counterparts throughout the country. The city's vibrant nightlife ensures that there are always restaurants, pubs, and taverns open on weekends to keep you entertained.


Bartow, Florida (USA) was established in 1851 and named Fort Blount after a local military figure. There are various opportunities for outdoor leisure and enjoyment of the city's mild, subtropical environment.
Bartow's 16 parks have anything from vast lakes and playgrounds to overnight camping and a variety of sports fields (including softball, baseball, and soccer). The average price of a property in Bartow, FL is around $102,400, making it a desirable location for potential residents. A one-bedroom apartment in Bartow will run you around $514 per month, on average.


Approximately two hours north of Tampa, on the Gulf of Mexico, lies the town of Homosassa, Florida. Several state parks are in close proximity, making it a delight for outdoor enthusiasts. Among the best in the state for sport fishing. There are also several great seafood restaurants in the city, and locals may see manatees in the water just offshore.
Almost every expense, from rent and utilities to cable and phone, is less expensive in Homosassa than the national average. The typical homeowner saves $40 per month compared to the average renter.

Palm Bay

Palm Bay is a hidden treasure in central Florida, teeming with wildlife and other natural wonders for the intrepid traveler to discover. Towards the southeast of Orlando, in east-central Florida, between Jacksonville and Miami. Palm Bay is home to posh eateries, picturesque waterfront vistas, and one-of-a-kind boutiques.
Built in the 1990s, the Fred Poppe Regional Park is the biggest green space in Palm Bay. Previously, it was known as Palm Bay Regional Park. There are a variety of low-cost hotels in Palm Bay.
The median price of a property in Palm Bay, Florida, is roughly $110,000, making it a desirable location for potential residents. In Palm Bay, Florida, the median monthly apartment rent is $949.

Crystal River

It's about a 20-minute journey north of Homosassa to Crystal River. It shares the Gulf Coast with Homosassa and offers many of the same features. The city promotes itself as the "Manatee Capital of the World," and its residents and visitors enjoy a wide variety of water sports including fishing, kayaking, and, of course, swimming. Its downtown area is also home to a wide variety of high-quality dining options.
The average rent in this city is $796 per month, which is lower than the average rent in neighboring Homosassa by $10. About $100 extra is needed each month to cover the typical mortgage. Similar to Homosassa, residents here enjoy lower-than-average costs for telecommunications services.


In addition to its many colleges and universities, Gainesville is also home to several parks and 100 miles of trails perfect for cycling and hiking. Gainesville has the feel of a college town along with breweries and music venues that feature up-and-coming artists. There is no shortage of upscale eateries and bars.
Many Floridians choose to study and teach at the University of Florida since it is often regarded as the best university in the state. Businesses in this area focus on serving the local student population and the many tourists that visit the area each year. Gainesville is not only a desirable place to live because of the University of Florida; it also has excellent public schools, plenty of parks, and a busy but relaxed atmosphere.
Of course, the University of Florida is also a major employer in Gainesville, and the city's other possibilities help to make it a desirable place to find work. The oil and gas industry, building construction, manufacturing, and agriculture are all thriving as well. Visitors visiting Gainesville's parks, museums, and scenic areas contribute to the city's thriving hospitality industry.


Among the major Florida cities, Jacksonville has the lowest cost of living. Also, it ranks high among America's major urban centers. Jacksonville is towards the top of Florida, not far from the state's northern border with Georgia. Jacksonville is one of the most cost-effective major cities to call home if you share a passion for the Sunshine State.
Jacksonville's typical house price of $230,000 is $60,000 less than the national median. On average, a person can expect to pay $900 per month for a studio or one-bedroom apartment. Here, costs are often cheaper than in the rest of the United States. For around $1,800 per month, which should cover rent and food, you may live well in this area.
Jacksonville boasts a low unemployment rate and a wide variety of housing options, making it an attractive place to live and work. If you need to go to another major city for employment, you may easily do it from here. The city proper has one of the greatest land expanses of any American metropolis.
The city of Jacksonville is a great place to unwind and enjoy some downtime on the beach or at the theater. The city has a zoo, several fantastic museums, and even a state park, making it ideal for families. Everything you could want is in Jacksonville, and it won't break the bank. You may go to the beach on the outskirts or hang out in the city.

People Also Ask

Which City In Florida Has The Lowest Cost Of Living?

  • Cape Coral
  • Dunedin
  • Fort Walton Beach
  • Lakeland
  • Vero Beach

Where Is The Best And Cheapest Place To Live In Florida?

Kissimmee is more than simply a place to visit since it is home to one of the top five amusement parks in the United States. Along with the area's other 60,000+ people, you may locate very inexpensive houses in the low $100k's.

What Part Of Florida Has The Cheapest Rent?

Lake City is the cheapest part of Florida with - 3.07% average YoY rent price change.

Final Words

Those who love the outdoors and the ocean will find Florida to be a paradise. It's not only the sunshine and white sand beaches that make Florida a hotspot for vacationers.
Plenty of people choose to stay there all year long due to the pleasant climate and attractive beaches, particularly pensioners searching for a change of scenery. However, as any Floridian can attest, the cost of living varies widely in the cheapest places to live in Florida depending on where in the state one resides.
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