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Cheap Flights From Washington DC To Khartoum In 2022


Looking for cheap flights from Washington DC to Khartoum? You've come to the proper site, so stop searching. Here, you can find and compare deals on inexpensive flights from Washington, DC, to Khartoum.

Find cheap flights from Washington DC to Khartoum! Make your reservations as soon as possible because low prices won't remain forever by visiting the mentioned site!

First, have a look at Washington DC airport and Khartoum travel-friendly places.

Washington DC Airports

Three significant airports serve Washington, D.C. These are Washington National Airport, Thurgood Marshall International Airport in Baltimore, and Washington Dulles International Airport.

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Approximately 42 kilometers separate the Washington Dulles International Airport from the heart of Washington, DC. From here, services for both passengers and cargo are offered to a variety of domestic and foreign locations, including Moscow, Paris, Delhi, Tokyo, Vienna, London, San Francisco, Orlando, Boston, and more.

Using the Metrorail, Silver Line Express Bus, shuttle service, shuttle buses, rental cars, taxi services, and Washington Flyers, travelers can travel to and from all of these airports with ease.

Discover Khartoum!

Sudan's capital is Khartoum. It consists of the three cities of Khartoum, Khartoum North, and Omdurman, all of which are situated at the meeting point of the Blue and White Niles.

The National Museum Of Sudan

The largest and most extensive collection of archaeological artifacts in the nation is kept in the National Museum of Sudan. The two Egyptian temples of Buhen and Semna, which were constructed by Egyptian pharaohs, serve as the center of it all.

Sudan Ethnographic Museum

The 597 cultural groups that make up Sudan are shown in detail by the Sudan Ethnographic Museum, along with each group's own way of life. This museum is filled with antiques from Sudanese nomadic tribes, models of their huts from the past, and implements and tools used in agriculture.

Shari'a Al-Nil (Nile Street)

One of Khartoum's most picturesque streets is Nile Street. This promenade, which runs along the Blue Nile River and is lined with palm trees, is home to the Presidential Palace and many other colonial buildings.

Cheapest IAD To KRT Flights

  • Washington DC (IAD) to Khartoum (KRT): CNY 3,027 (Thu, Nov 10).
  • Washington DC (IAD) to Khartoum (KRT): CNY 3,137 (Mon, Oct 31).
  • Washington DC (IAD) to Khartoum (KRT): CNY 3,179 (Fri, Nov 4).
  • Washington DC (IAD) to Khartoum (KRT): CNY 3,216 (Mon, Oct 31).
  • Washington DC (IAD) to Khartoum (KRT): CNY 3,279 (Sun, Oct 30).

Note: All these flights are displayed on Trip.com with almost 50%+ discount on October 29, 2022.

People Also Ask

How Much Are Flights From Washington D.C. To Khartoum?

The lowest price, based on Trip.com statistics, is approximately $1,550 USD.

When Are Flight Tickets From Washington D.C. To Khartoum The Cheapest?

The price changes for flights departing from Washington, D.C. depend on the day and time of your reservation, to Khartoum. If you look at data from all airlines on Trip.com, you can find that the cheapest flights are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

When Is The Cheapest Time To Fly From Washington Dulles To Khartoum?

Most of the time, January is the cheapest month to travel between Washington Dulles Airport and Khartoum.


Some cheap flights from Washington DC to Khartoum are discussed above. But, you must consider the time before reserving the flight. So, when should you travel to Khartoum?

The winter season, which lasts from December to February, is the busiest period to travel to Khartoum. The greatest time of year to go sightseeing is when it's cooler outside and when festivals like the European Film Festival and the Nile Print Expo are taking place.

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