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10 Cheap And Easy DIY Christmas Gifts


The holidays are coming up fast! It seems like it was just yesterday that everyone was celebrating Christmas indoors and not going on vacation to different tourists spots. Many were able to purchase various types of gifts online as shops move their businesses online to different social media. But, people always admire when you put in a little more effort, so here are some ideas for cheap and easy DIY Christmas gifts you can send to friends and families this Christmas.

Plaid Christmas Ornament Paint Your Own

Christmas ornament plaid with letter H on it
Christmas ornament plaid with letter H on it

Perfect for any gender and age, you can decorate this ornament on your tree, near your fireplace, coffee table, or as a centerpiece, it’s up to you actually. It's quite simple to paint plaid onto your ornament. You only need a ruler and a variety of paint pens in various sizes. This simple painting method can even be taught to older children.

Festive Mason Jars

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/cheap-and-easy-diy-christmas-gifts/ by Jaya Mckeown on 2021-10-06T07:37:45.420Z

Festive Christmas mason jar with candy canes
Festive Christmas mason jar with candy canes

Mason jars come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and they can be used in a variety of ways. You can construct anything with a mason jar for any occasion, and what better than a snowman for Christmas? For the full tutorial on how to build these snowman mason jars, see Debbie Doo's blog.

Pinecone Fire Starter Favors

Different shades pinecone fire starter with label
Different shades pinecone fire starter with label

This present is as good for Christmas as it is for weddings and parties. Who would not like to spend a calm night by the fire in the freezing winters? To make the pinecones seem nice, they are covered with an inflammable compound that has some color added to them. It is unquestionably a simple handmade gift idea.

Christmas Pillow Covers

Make your boring couch come alive again this holiday with these festive Christmas pillow covers. Let’s face it, we’ll take any positive thing we can get right now. You can even keep them around all year long, just to keep things happy and positive.

Easy Holiday Gift Wrap

Nothing screams handmade than these beautiful gift wraps that say how much you value and adore someone by making the wrappings yourself. I’m sure anyone will be thrilled to receive a gift-wrapped like this! These ideas, on the other hand, can be applied at any time of year! These ideas are so fantastic that they can all be completed within 15 minutes, making them one of my favorite lightning crafts!

Personalized Photo Coasters

A lovely gift idea that you can be sure people will definitely use throughout the year! Print your loved ones’ faces on a coaster and cement your lovely relationship as friends or family. I know you’ve got tons of them on your phone or tablet, select an intimate or a goofy one, and boom! The perfect gift of all time.

Looping Yarn Cable-knit Blanket

Yellow & gray knit blanket with books on top
Yellow & gray knit blanket with books on top

A lovely gift idea for the coming winter, it will sure keep your loved ones warm and cozy through the snowy winter. This lovely cable knit blanket may be made without any knitting expertise! Learn how to finger knit with looping yarn instead of needles. This blanket uses a cable knit stitch, which may appear difficult, but it's as easy as making anything with looping yarn. There are no needles, hooks, or knitting abilities required! In fact, they’re so good, you might just keep it to yourself.

Diy Wall Planters/ Pots

The perfect gift for those who love to bring the outdoors indoors. These planters will definitely make a blank wall come alive and surely will be a big hit to your friends or families who has a green thumb. You can definitely make these at home with very few tools needed. See it as the next thing on your bucket list of things to do or accomplish this year while staying safe at home.

Scented Shower Steamers

Bath bombs are great gift ideas too, but if you’re like me, who lives in a house with a small bathroom, hence there’s no space for a tub, we usually just take showers every day. I, personally, take two showers a day, especially when it’s hot even though I’m not going out. It’s just one of those routines we shouldn’t give up. Shower steamers are small discs, cubes, or tablets that go in the shower's bottom. When they melt, the essential oil aroma is released into the air. The nicest thing about shower steamers, also known as shower bombs or shower melts, is how easy they are to prepare.

Friendship Soup Mix 

Friendship soup in a jar with directions on label
Friendship soup in a jar with directions on label

I enjoy giving culinary gifts around the holidays (who doesn’t, right?) They add the right touch of personalization to Christmas gift-giving. Mason jar cookie mixes are a popular present option, but between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's easy to overindulge in sweets. That's why, this year, let’s go ahead and shake things up a little and make this delicious Friendship Soup in a Jar Gift.

I hope you will be inspired to do a lot of DIY projects this year. Not only will it help you to stay mentally sharp while staying safe in the comfort of your home, but also will help to fight boredom and will make you feel accomplished and productive before this year ends. Hope you enjoy the holidays!

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