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Charles Koch Allegedly Compared Obama To Saddam Hussein


Are you familiar with the time when Charles Koch allegedly compared Obama to Saddam Hussein?

In 2011, the American political landscape was shaken when prominent conservative billionaire Charles Koch (pronounced “coke”) drew attention for allegedly making a comparison between former U.S. President Barack Obama and the late Iraqi dictator.

This supposed comparison, deemed highly controversial and uncalled for by many, ignited debates and discussions across the nation.

Charles Koch’s alleged remarks echoed in the midst of a politically charged environment, where ideological differences were already causing deep divisions.

Still, what’s the whole story behind the incident when Charles Koch allegedly compared Obama to Saddam Hussein?

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Exploring The Koch Brothers’ Political Influence | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Koch Brothers Political Donations

Campaign and political donations have something to do with the incident when Charles Koch allegedly compared Obama to Saddam Hussein (1937-2006).

But before we proceed to that, let’s first have some information about Charles Koch, his siblings, and his political inclinations.

The Koch brothers - all four children of American billionaire Fred C. Koch (1900-1967), and Mary Clementine K. Robinson-Koch (1907-1990) are:

  • Frederick (1933-2020)
  • Charles (born 1935)
  • twins David (1940-2019) and William Ingraham, aka Bill (born 1940)

Their billionaire father founded an oil refinery in Illinois in 1940.

After his demise, his company (Rock Island Oil & Refining) was renamed Koch Industries in 1967 by Charles Koch, who has been its CEO since then.

Wichita Business Journal reported in March 2023 that Charles Koch and David “Dave” Robertson (former COO) are now the company’s co-CEOs. Koch, who will turn 88 in November 2023, is also the chairman, with Robertson as vice-chairman.

When it comes to political affairs, the “Koch brothers” being referred are not all four of them but only Charles and David.

On one hand, Frederick Koch, according to Celebrity Net Worth, consistently donated to several independent movie theaters in London and New York.

On the other hand, per Advocate, Charles Koch and David Koch would write checks for events, campaigns, and other causes in support of right-wing politics.

Right-wing politics often aligns with conservative political ideologies (conservatism).

Could it be the reason why Charles Koch allegedly compared Obama to Saddam Hussein? That as a member of the Democratic Party, the former U.S. president’s actions and beliefs don’t align with his?

In his November 2020 article for Business Insider, U.S. policy and politics reporter Joseph Zeballos-Roig wrote:

The Koch Brothers fueled a conservative crusade that profoundly reshaped American politics. They built an influential network of donors aligned with their libertarian ideals of free-markets and lower taxes.- Joseph Zeballos-Roig

In that article, Zeballos-Roig mentioned that a New York Times report revealed that the Koch brothers (Charles and David) have made donations since the 1970s to support the Republican Party.

Their total donations since then have been estimated to be not lower than $100 million.

Charles Koch financially supports a long list of conservative political advocacy groups, one of them being the Americans for Prosperity or AFP (est. 2004).

Reuters reported in June 2023 that AFP raised $70 million to fund activities that will prevent former president Donald Trump from winning in the November 2024 election.

On its website, the Wisconsin-based Center for Media and Democracy discloses that the political organizations backed by Charles Koch collectively spend more than $600 million every year.

So, what do all these politically-motivated donations have to do with the time that Charles Koch allegedly compared Obama to Saddam Hussein?

Also, if ever there’s truth in it, why would Koch liken Obama to the late ex-president of Iraq?

David Koch in a dark suit talking behind a podium; Charles Koch wearing clear eyeglasses and pale pink polo
David Koch in a dark suit talking behind a podium; Charles Koch wearing clear eyeglasses and pale pink polo

‘Secret’ Seminars Of The Koch Brothers

Now that we have established Charles Koch’s keen support to Republican candidates and conservative groups - as reflected by the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on them annually - it’s time to discuss how the story went.

If Charles Koch allegedly compared Obama to Saddam Hussein - considering Koch’s political leanings and tremendous political influence - his remarks would really be contentious.

According to American journalist and radio broadcaster Brad Friedman, in his September 2011 article for the progressive magazine Mother Jones, the Koch brothers are known to conduct a biannual by-invitation-only event.

Friedman calls it a “secret seminar,” where the Koch brothers assemble their network of donors and raise campaign funds.

The guest list has always been kept confidential. Even the date and location are not revealed publicly. Apparently, only those whom the Koch brothers invited would be informed.

Previous attendees, who were eventually got identified, included:

  • Mike Pence (former vice president under the Trump administration; he attended when he was still a representative from Indiana)
  • Tom Coburn
  • Jim DeMint
  • Antonin Scalia (1936-2016)
  • Clarence Thomas (associate justice since 1991; Bush appointee)

Coburn and DeMint were senators both under the Bush and Obama administrations. Scalia, appointed by President Ronald Reagan (1911-2004), served as associate justice from 1986-2016.

Friedman reckoned that such event has been going on “since at least 2003.”

The one that took place in 2011 was particularly controversial in the sense that during his speech, Charles Koch allegedly compared Obama to Saddam Hussein.

But did he? And if he really did, why?

The 2011 hush-hush event happened in June in Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch, a 180-room hotel in Vail, Colorado.

It’s already the second one for 2011, with the first seminar held in January, according to a “leaked invitation” that reached the New York Times (NYT published it), wrote Friedman.

In the June 2011 seminar in Vail, numerous Republican governors attended, three of whom were:

  • Robert McDonnell (Virginia)
  • Rick Perry (Texas)
  • Rick Scott (Florida)

Perry and Scott didn’t include their attendance to the seminar of the Koch brothers in their official list of activities but McDonnell did. That’s why people got hold of such information.

In addition, the newspaper Austin American-Statesman learned about the flight of the plane Perry used. It was only then that a spokesperson for the ex-governor of Texas confirmed Perry’s presence in the seminar.

Perry told Austin American-Statesman, as quoted by Friedman, that the event was a “private gathering of business leaders.”

So, it was at that business leaders’ summit, as Perry put it, where Charles Koch compared Obama to Saddam Hussein.

What could be the initial reactions of the guests of the Koch brothers?

Barack Obama waves as he talks on the phone from the Roosevelt Room of the White House, with people behind him
Barack Obama waves as he talks on the phone from the Roosevelt Room of the White House, with people behind him

When Charles Koch Allegedly Compared Obama To Saddam Hussein

Brad Friedman wrote an article for Mother Jones and published it in September 2011 where he disclosed how he learned about the event and the supposed controversial remarks.

Friedman wrote:

The audio was provided by a source who approached the author [Friedman] after the event was over and was not seeking compensation.- Brad Friedman

The transcript for the said audio can be found on Friedman’s the BRAD Blog.

Delivering a speech in the June 2011 event in Colorado, Charles Koch said, as quoted from the transcript posted in his blog:

[W]e have Saddam Hussein, this is the Mother of All Wars . . . .- Charles Koch

However, there might be some confusion regarding a statement Koch made in 2011.

American journalist Ben Smith, the billionaire businessman did not compare Barack Obama to Saddam Hussein. For him, what happened was that Koch simply quoted the latter.

Smith, in his eponymous political blog published under Politico, noted that there was no comparison made because Kock never mentioned the word “as.”

He explained that in his personal analysis, Smith wrote that Koch most probably meant:

We have, as Saddam Hussein [said] this is the Mother of All Wars.- Ben Smith’s deduction of what Charles Koch probably intended to say

A sitting Saddam Hussein in a dark American suit, smiling and clasping his hands together
A sitting Saddam Hussein in a dark American suit, smiling and clasping his hands together

Regarding the instance when Charles Koch allegedly compared Obama to Saddam Hussein, Philip Ellender, currently the president and COO at Koch Companies Public Sector, validated Smith’s analysis.

Ellender told Politico:

To be clear, Mr. Koch was not referring to President Obama in his remarks. The ‘Mother of All Wars’ is a common phrase, frequently attributed to Saddam Hussein on the eve of the first Gulf War.- Philip Ellender

In addition, in an interview with The Weekly Standard in 2011, Charles Koch expressed concerns about government overreach and the expansion of government power under the Obama administration.

He used a hypothetical scenario to illustrate his concerns, mentioning that if a leader with the wrong intentions were to gain power, the existing government structures could be used to suppress individual freedoms.

Koch mentioned historical examples like Saddam Hussein as cautionary tales of leaders who used government power to suppress their populations.

So, when asked if Charles Koch allegedly compared Obama to Saddam Hussein, the answer will be in the negative.

Koch did not directly compare Obama to Saddam Hussein. Rather, he was discussing his concerns about the concentration of power and the potential dangers of unchecked government authority.

The comparison was not a direct comparison between the two individuals but more of a general reference to the potential misuse of power.

However, this interview generated some controversy and was criticized by some as an overly dramatic comparison.

Brad Friedman Discusses Charles Koch Comparing Obama to Sadaam Hussein on The Ed Show - 09072011

Abuse Of Government Authority

If there’s another thing we can learn from the time when Charles Koch allegedly compared Obama to Saddam Hussein, it’s about the concern over the government’s likely abuse of authority.

Unchecked or abuse of government authority can lead to several potential dangers, each of which can have significant negative consequences for society.

Here are some of these dangers:

a. Abuse of Power

When a government's authority is unchecked, there is a risk that those in power might misuse their authority for personal gain or to suppress dissent.

This can lead to:

  • corruption
  • nepotism
  • a disregard for the rule of law

b. Violation of Civil Liberties

Unchecked government authority can result in the erosion of individual rights and civil liberties.

Governments might undermine the democratic principles of society and might engage in unwarranted:

  • surveillance
  • censorship
  • restrictions on freedom of speech, assembly, and religion

c. Tyranny and Authoritarianism

Unchecked government authority can pave the way for authoritarian regimes where a single leader or a small group holds disproportionate power.

This can result in:

  • lack of accountability
  • curtailment of political opposition
  • stifling of dissenting voices

d. Injustice and Discrimination

When government authority goes abused or unchecked, marginalized groups may suffer disproportionately due to discriminatory policies and a lack of mechanisms to ensure equality.

This can perpetuate social inequalities and exacerbate tensions within society.

Male and female protesters in face masks hold a sign that says ‘we who believe in freedom cannot rest’
Male and female protesters in face masks hold a sign that says ‘we who believe in freedom cannot rest’

e. Economic Mismanagement

The abuse of government authority in economic matters can lead to:

  • misallocation of resources
  • corruption in business dealings
  • unfair advantages given to certain industries or individuals

This can hinder economic growth and result in unequal distribution of wealth.

f. Suppression of Innovation and Creativity

An unchecked government might impose excessive regulations and restrictions on various sectors, stifling innovation and creativity.

This can impede technological advancements and hinder societal progress.

g. Lack of Accountability

Without proper checks and balances, government officials may evade accountability for their actions.

This lack of oversight can lead to impunity, making it difficult to address wrongdoings and hold those in power responsible for their decisions.

h. Loss of Public Trust

When government authority is unchecked and abuses occur, public trust in institutions can erode.

When citizens lose confidence in their government’s ability to act in their best interests, it can lead to widespread:

  • disillusionment
  • apathy
  • social unrest

i. Foreign Relations and Conflict

Unchecked government authority can lead to rash decision-making in foreign policy, potentially escalating tensions or even leading to conflicts with other nations.

Diplomatic efforts might be undermined, and international cooperation could suffer.

j. Sustainability and Environmental Concerns

The abuse of government authority might result in lax regulations and enforcement in areas, such as environmental protection.

This can lead to:

  • unsustainable exploitation of resources
  • pollution
  • damage to ecosystems

To mitigate these dangers, societies often rely on:

  • a system of checks and balances
  • separation of powers
  • transparent governance

That way societies can ensure that government authority is held accountable and serves the best interests of the people.

Charles Koch on the millions spent on politics, influence

People Also Ask

What Is The Billionaire Charles Koch Backed Group?

According to the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), they include:

Americans for ProsperityPatients United Now
Bill of Rights InstituteStand Together Foundation
Capitol Leaders, Inc.The Seminar Network (TSN) Institute
Charles Koch InstituteYes, Every Kid
Cause of Action InstituteYouth Entrepreneurs

Barack Hussein Obama II is not related to Saddam Hussein.

The former U.S. president’s middle name, “Hussein,” comes from his father’s side of the family. His father, Barack Obama Sr., was of Luo ethnicity and was born in Nyanza Province, Kenya.

What Is Saddam Hussein Famous For?

According to Sky HISTORY TV Channel, Saddam Hussein is reputed to be one of the most famous dictators in the Middle East.

According to Sky HISTORY TV Channel, Saddam Hussein is reputed to be one of the most famous dictators in the Middle East.

Final Thoughts

Now you have been enlightened about the issue that Charles Koch allegedly compared Obama to Saddam Hussein.

Comparing any sitting U.S. president to a despotic leader like Saddam Hussein naturally sparked outrage.

It likewise raised questions about the appropriateness and validity of such an analogy.

The controversy surrounding the instance that Charles Koch allegedly compared Obama to Saddam Hussein highlighted the complexities of political rhetoric, the power of language, and the need for civility in public discourse.

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