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Should You Use Changelly Pro?


Changelly Pro is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange with around 200 different coins to choose from. Its user-friendly service is safe and secure, and it allows you to exchange bitcoins for a reasonable charge.

However, each software has its own offers. If you’re curious as to what you can get from Changelly Pro, as well as if you should use it, then read on to the following sections.

What Is Changelly Pro?

Changelly Pro offers a wide range of trading pairs. Many of the more unusual cryptocurrencies are also supported, which makes it one of the most flexible tools in the field.

Hand holding a phone
Hand holding a phone

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You may trade with leverage using Changelly Pro. This implies that you may have a higher level of exposure to a crypto's price growth or drop without actually holding the required number of assets. This is accomplished by "leveraging" your transaction.

What Is The Difference Between Changelly And Changelly Pro?

Changelly is a cryptocurrency exchange that has been operating since 2020 and is registered in Seychelles.

On the other hand, Changelly Pro is the "professional" version of the Changelly platform. Unlike the basic version, this is a true centralized exchange platform.

How Much Does Changelly Pro Cost?

There are no fees for account maintenance or withdrawals because Changelly does not retain your money on its platform.

The only thing that you have to consider is transaction fees.

Changelly Pro has two sorts of transaction fees: trading fees and withdrawal fees. Trading fees are charged when you make trades and withdrawal fees are charged when you withdraw your earnings from an exchange.

Furthermore, they charge margin fees because of the Margin Trading Service to boost the traders' profitability.

Is Changelly Pro Legit?

Scrabble letters making up "Law"
Scrabble letters making up "Law"

In order to operate in the United States, cryptocurrency exchanges must have specific licenses, which Changelly does not have. This might be due to the fact that it does not adhere to US anti-money laundering regulations, such as requesting specific client information.

This doesn’t mean that the software isn’t legit. Its transactions and current users can definitely vouch for its credibility. The thing is, it can get worrisome if you’re in the US since it’s basically not 100% legal and standardized as per the country’s guidelines.

Is Using Changelly Pro Worth It?

Changelly facilitates the conversion of one cryptocurrency into another. It looks at a number of different exchanges to determine the best price at any given time. This makes it a good choice if you’re looking for a go-to cryptocurrency software for your trades.

However, US residents should keep the legal risks that come with it in mind. You should check other alternatives if you live within the said state.

Conclusion - Should You Use Changelly Pro?

As for Changelly Pro, we can safely say that it has good offers. This is most especially when it comes to giving competitive prices for traders.

However, we only recommend it to non-US residents to avoid going through legal issues. Although incidents are rare, it’s best to be safe in the crypto community to avoid bigger losses.

Note that since it is a volatile and new market, all cryptocurrency investments come with some risks. Make sure that you thoroughly investigate any coin you buy, in addition to safeguarding your wallet using procedures like two-factor authentication.

Keep in mind that when you venture off the main path of cryptocurrency, you open yourself up to more frauds and bad players.

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