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Change Your Wedding Dress Look Without Changing Your Dress

If you feel like creating a new look for your wedding dress, this article gives the perfect tips.

Elisa Mueller
Jul 28, 20220 Shares206 Views
You have accepted your wedding dress. It's time to personalize it now! Your wedding has been organized to reflect your taste. In this article, we tell you how to change your wedding dress look without changing your dress.
Whether you've opted for a conventional ball gown or a form-fitting mermaid dress, there are many ways to add distinctive elements to your dress without having to make adjustments. By adding a couple of these customizable accessories to an already stunning gown, you can turn your wedding dress into a one-of-a-kind creation.

Switch Up Your Wedding Shoes

Your shoes have the ability to alter how your dress looks, even though a voluminous skirt might conceal them. Determine the type of appearance you want to project before choosing the shoes you'll wear for your bridal pictures, ceremony, and reception. Put on a pair of your favorite shoes in one of your wedding colors if you're a carefree and relaxed bride.
Consider wearing western-style boots for brides who live in the country or enjoy the outdoors. Even a cute pair of floral pumps can alter your appearance and make your wedding dress more you.
Some brides don't want people to see their feet. That's alright too! If this describes you, stick to metallic or barefoot flats or heels. A pair of neutral, light gold or silver heels will complement your outfit rather than stand out. Whatever you decide, wearing the appropriate shoes will complete your outfit from head to toe!
White wedding shoes placed on a chair along with flowers
White wedding shoes placed on a chair along with flowers

Wear A Lace Topper

If your ceremony is more traditional or religious in nature, your ceremony location may have a dress code regarding what is permissible to wear. Despite convention, many women prefer a more subdued appearance during the wedding. If you also have your heart set on a strapless dress with a low back, this could be a problem.
A lace jacket is fortunately on hand to come to the rescue. Lace sleeves are beautiful for the wedding, but they can be uncomfortable on the dance floor. You may have the best of both worlds with lace toppers!

Get Playful With Your Bridal Bouquet

Get creative with your bouquet if you're searching for a quick and simple solution to transform the appearance of your dress without changes. Your bouquet is your opportunity to add color to your outfit if your dress is white.
Your choice of colors will provide a particular mood or appearance. Stick with roses in deep colors for a stately appearance. Consider a wildflower arrangement for a more natural, airier look.
Consider doing away with the fresh flowers completely if you want a distinctive aesthetic. Make a bouquet out of gem flowers or flowers made from music sheets instead. It's a fantastic way to mix up your look and add interest to your clothing.
Bride holding a flower bouquet of red and pink flowers
Bride holding a flower bouquet of red and pink flowers

Switch Up Your Lip Color

Sara Fried, wedding planner and owner of Fete Nashville says, "Two different lipsticks is really fun. Try a pale pink for the ceremony and more fun, bold red for the reception."

Try An Overskirt

A removable skirt overlay that fastens to your garment is called an overskirt. It is easily removable, exposing a whole other gown or shorter skirt underneath. This is a fantastic alternative if you want to create various styles for your ceremony and reception but don't want to spend the money on two separate gowns!
You can wear a full ball gown wedding dress to your ceremony by having an overskirt constructed. After that, you may take the skirt off and wear a shorter, more fitted dress to the reception without having to sew anything. The bride on a tight budget will love this option.

Choose A Unique Veil

The veil you select on your wedding day has the power to radically alter how your dress appears. It might give the gown a classic aspect or an airy, royal appearance. The length, volume, color, and material all play a role. And for a more contemporary, seamless look, some brides decide not to wear a veil at all.
Having said that, think about wearing a larger lace veil if you want to appear majestic. Stick with a shorter, tulle-like veil for a vintage vibe; the more volume, the better! Try a birdcage veil with feathers or gems if you want to give your outfit a beautiful, vintage feel.
Bride in a short white veil
Bride in a short white veil

Check Out A Bridal Cape

The cape is yet another innovative wedding dress feature. Capes come in a wide range of hues, fashions, substances, and lengths. Some are attached to the arms and resemble flowy, sheer sleeves, while others are cozy and fur-lined. You immediately transform the appearance of your outfit by donning a cape.
However, a cape is simple to take off, so you can change your appearance depending on the situation. You can decide to don your cape during some of your bridal portraits and take it off on your wedding day. A cape is a great way to personalize your dress, no matter how you decide to wear it.

Alter The Back

Almost always, the back of your wedding dress can be altered, regardless of the style. When some of the material is removed, you might want it to be open. Additionally, it is feasible to construct something, like a lace back for a strapless gown.
This is one of our favorite types of alterations because it calls for a creative mind to develop a plan for the bride's back. If you intend to ask your seamstress to adjust the back of your wedding gown, be sure to bring some inspirational images with you. Be prepared to pay starting at 150€ for this is slightly more expensive modification.
Woman from behind in a white wedding dress
Woman from behind in a white wedding dress

People Also Ask

How Can I Make My Wedding Dress Look Different?

  • During the ceremony, put on a jacket or lace topping.
  • Bring some colour to the gathering.
  • Wear your party footwear.
  • Enhance your cosmetics look.
  • Swap out the tiara for a veil.
  • Make some changes to your jewellery and add some glitz.
  • Detangle your hair.

How Do I Add Detail To My Plain Wedding Dress?

Consider wearing a satin or lace glove for a truly vintage touch, or go modern with intricate gloves that look chic and classy. To give the basic dress a luxurious, designer look and feel, choose one or two carefully chosen accessories rather than overdoing them.

How Can I Make My Dress More Dressy?

By cinching the waist to highlight and lengthen your body, you can make any looser-fitting dress appear more formal. For instance, a billowing maxi dress for ladies can be transformed into something lovely and goddess-like by just cinching the waist with a fine belt. You may complete the look by adding some jewelry and a pair of heels.


The aesthetic and personality of your special day should be reflected in your wedding gown. It's simple to make minor adjustments to your clothing without having to make any permanent alterations, regardless of whether you've selected a rustic farmhouse theme or are organizing something more formal. Whatever style you decide on, your dress should express how beautiful you feel on the inside.
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