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Cast Of Tandav And Their Characters

Steven H. Bernard edited the series. On January 15, 2021, the show had its streaming platform debut on Amazon Prime Video. In this article, we will be discussing the cast of Tandav.

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Tandav is an Indian political thriller that you can watch online on Amazon Prime Video. It was created, directed, and produced by Ali Abbas Zafar, and Gaurav Solanki wrote the script. Saif Ali Khan, Sunil Grover, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Dimple Kapadia, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Dino Morea, and Anup Soni are among the series' ensemble cast members.
The show is about the murky underbelly of Indian politics, where those seeking power would stop at nothing to get it. Filming for Tandav's main scenes started in October 2019, mostly at the Pataudi Palace in Haryana and Delhi. Julius Packiam created the series' background soundtrack, while Karol Stadnik supervised the filming.
Steven H. Bernard edited the series. On January 15, 2021, the show had its streaming platform debut on Amazon Prime Video. In this article, we will be discussing the cast of Tandav.

Quick Facts About The Cast Of Tandav

Show NameTandav
GenrePolitics, thriller Drama
Released Date15 January 2021
Premier onAmazon Prime Video
Lead actorSaif Ali Khan
Production byHimanshu Kishan Mehra & Ali Abbas Zafar
DirectorAli Abbas Zafar
No Of Episodes9 Episodes
Tandav Cover Page With Their Cast
Tandav Cover Page With Their Cast

The Storyline Of Tandav

Tandav is an exciting Indian political story that digs into the complicated web of power, politics, and desire. Ali Abbas Zafar wrote, directed, and produced the series, and its interesting plot and well-made characters have caught people's attention on Amazon Prime Video.
Tandav is a roller-coaster ride through the halls of power in India, where friendships are made and broken and the desire for power knows no limits. The story is about how the lives of many different people are linked. Each character has their own goals and reasons, which add to the story's complexity.
Samar Pratap Singh is the main character of the series, and a skilled actor does a great job of playing him. Samar is the next boss in line for a powerful family, and she is in a good situation to do so. But he has to deal with the name of his family, the demands of the people, and his own goals. As he moves through the vicious world of politics, he gets involved in a series of events that will put his ideals, loyalty, and morals to the test.
The supporting group is just as interesting, with a wide range of people from different walks of life. Each character adds something different to the story, from sly leaders and eager workers to smart planners and brave journalists. The way they get along, fight, and work together creates a complex web of human feelings and political drama.
The most important thing about "Tandav" is that it looks at the balance between ideals and realism in the political world. It looks at what people will do to get power, how right and wrong can be hard to tell apart, and how people often use Machiavellian methods to stay in charge. The show does a great job of showing how complicated politics can be and how every choice made in the case of power has consequences.
As the story goes on, there are a lot of shocking reveals, surprising friendships, and betrayals that keep people on the edge of their seats. The story is full of turns and twists that test the characters' beliefs and force them to make decisions that will have long-term effects. These turns also show how power battles and allegiances change all the time in the real world.
Also, "Tandav" doesn't shy away from talking about important problems in society. It talks about things like how castes work, graft, how the media can be manipulated, and how custom and technology fight. These themes give the story more meaning and make it more relevant. This makes the series more than just a political drama; it becomes a thought-provoking look at Indian culture today.
The production design and photography of "Tandav" stand out because of how well they take viewers into the rich world of politics. The private talks, the grandeur of political parades, and the complexity of power-brokering meetings are all shown in great detail, making the experience more engaging.
The Indian political thriller "Tandav" is a fascinating story about power, politics, and desire. Ali Abbas Zafar's work does a great job of navigating the complicated world of politics and showing the human side of the people in it. With its interesting plot, well-drawn characters, and study of important topics, "Tandav" shows that Indian web series on global streaming platforms are getting better and more important.

The Cast Of Tandav

The details about the cast of Tandav are given below:

Saif Ali Khan As Samar Pratap Singh

RoleSamar Pratap Singh
Real nameSaif Ali Khan
Age53 years old
ProfessionActor and Producer
Saif Ali Khan Wearing Blue Shirt
Saif Ali Khan Wearing Blue Shirt
The main character of the series, Samar Pratap Singh, is known for his charm and ambition. He aims to establish his own personality and impact inside the intricate realm of Indian politics as the son of a significant political figure. Saif Ali Khan depicts Samar's path as he negotiates the moral conundrums and power battles that come along with his aspirations. His figure represents the struggle between political realism and personal morality.

Dimple Kapadia As Anuradha Kishore

RoleAnuradha Kishore
Real nameDimple Kapadia
Dimple Kapadia Wearing Green Dress
Dimple Kapadia Wearing Green Dress
Dimple Kapadia's depiction of Anuradha Kishore perfectly conveys the shady and cunning nature of an experienced political figure. Anuradha controls a great deal of influence from behind the scenes, directing political strategies that affect the destiny of individuals and the country. She is a key figure in the complex political environment because of the delicate balance between her outward demeanor and her secret ambitions.

Sunil Grover As Gurpal Chauhan

RoleGurpal Chauhan
Real nameSunil Grover
Age46 years old
ProfessionActor, Comedian
Sunil Grover Smiling And Wearing White And Black Suit
Sunil Grover Smiling And Wearing White And Black Suit
Sunil Grover gives the role of Gurpal Chauhan comedy and cunning. Gurpal's funny demeanor and unflinching allegiance as Samar Pratap Singh's political strategist provide a new viewpoint amid power struggles. He supports Samar with his political savvy and astute views, serving as both a voice of reason and comedic relief.

Tigmanshu Dhulia As Devki Nandan

RoleDevki Nandan
Real nameTigmanshu Dhulia
Age56 years old
Known forPaan Singh Tomar 2010
Tigmanshu Dhulia Talking On Old Phone
Tigmanshu Dhulia Talking On Old Phone
Devki Nandan, portrayed by Tigmanshu Dhulia, is a morally upright politician who struggles to uphold his principles in the midst of political unrest. Devki's persona serves as an example of the conflict that exists between one's moral principles and the concessions that are required by the political system. The nuanced nature of a guy caught between preserving his morals and navigating the convoluted halls of power is brought out in Dhulia's portrayal.

Kumud Mishra As Gopal Das Munshi

RoleGopal Das Munshi
Real nameKumud Mishra
Kumud Mishra Wearing White And Black Suit
Kumud Mishra Wearing White And Black Suit
Gopal Das Munshi, portrayed by Kumud Mishra, has depth as a skilled political operative. Munshi's connections and deceptions highlight the complex power relationships in the story. Munshi becomes an intriguing and significant figure due to Mishra's acting, which accurately depicts his capacity to exert power via clever partnerships.

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub As Shiva Shekhar

RoleShiva Shekhar
Real nameMohammed Zeeshan Ayyub
Age39 years old
Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub Smiling While Watching To Someone
Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub Smiling While Watching To Someone
Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub portrays Shiva Shekhar, a college student who transforms from an idealist to a politically engaged force for change. Ayyub's depiction of Shiva depicts Shiva's awareness of the inequities of the political system by showing how a regular person may change into a symbol of rebellion against social conventions.

Kritika Kamra As Sana Mir

RoleSana Mir
Real nameKritika Kamra
Age34 years old
Known forKitani Mohabbat Hai 2009
Kritika Kamra Smiling
Kritika Kamra Smiling
Kritika The story gains an investigative element through Kamra's depiction of the tenacious journalist Sana Mir. Sana's quest for the truth and expose of political intrigues are reminiscent of how journalists hold individuals in positions of authority responsible in the real world. With the addition of suspense and an examination of morality, Kamra perfectly depicts Sana's unflinching devotion to finding hidden intentions.

Sarah-Jane Dias As Ayesha Pratap Singh

Real nameSarah-Jane Dias
Age40 years old
Known forZubaan 2015
Sarah-Jane Dias Sitting Aside Of Prateik
Sarah-Jane Dias Sitting Aside Of Prateik
Samar's sister Ayesha Pratap Singh is portrayed by Sarah-Jane Dias. She becomes caught up in the complications of family and politics. Her character struggles with the burden of the family heritage, the obligations of loyalty, and personal desires. Ayesha undergoes a transformation as she negotiates the difficulties presented by her family connections and her personal aspirations, and Dias' portrayal shows this.

Dino Morea As Professor Jigar Sampath

RoleProfessor Jigar Sampath
Real nameDino Morea
Age47 years old
ProfessionActor, Model
Dino Morea Looking With Confuse Eyes
Dino Morea Looking With Confuse Eyes
Professor Jigar Sampath, as portrayed by Dino Morea, gives the show an intellectual and ideological component. Jigar's character explores the interconnections of knowledge, power, and beliefs as a powerful scholar with political ties. More successfully conveys the subtleties of a figure who exercises power via talk and ideas.

Gauahar Khan As Maithili Sharan

RoleMaithili Sharan
Real nameGauahar Khan
Age40 years old
ProfessionActress, Model
Known forBadrinath Ki Dulhania 2017
Gauahar Khan Hand's On Her Pragnent Tummy
Gauahar Khan Hand's On Her Pragnent Tummy
The depiction of Maithili Sharan by Gauahar Khan highlights the function of women in political sexism. Maithili stands out as a thinker in the background because to her strategic thought and influence on important choices. Khan's portrayal of Maithili challenges conventional notions of female roles in politics by showing how she may influence events via her brain and cunning.
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The Theme Of Tandav

The Amazon Prime Video streaming television program "Tandav," an Indian political drama, dives into the complex and sometimes perilous realm of politics. The clever writing of Gaurav Solanki enhances the show's narrative skill, which was crafted by the visionary Ali Abbas Zafar in his digital debut.
"Tandav" addresses the complex subject of power play at its center as it moves across the spheres of political ambition, deceit, and morality. The series reveals the extremes to which people and institutions will go in order to hold onto or achieve power, set against the background of a high-stakes political scene. A thrilling dance of alliances and rivalries amongst the protagonists reflects the turbulent nature of real-world politics.
The series skillfully sheds light on the frailty of morality in the face of authority and the moral conundrums that confront people who dare to question the existing quo. The program also depicts how governmental choices affect ordinary folks' lives, giving a relatability that reaches beyond the confines of the screen.

People Also Ask

Who Is The Lead Actor Of Tandav And What Role Does He Play?

The lead actor of "Tandav" is Saif Ali Khan, and he plays the role of Samar Pratap Singh, the main character who navigates the complex world of Indian politics.

Which Actress Portrays The Character Of Anuradha Kishore In The Series?

The character of Anuradha Kishore is portrayed by Dimple Kapadia.

What Role Does Sunil Grover Play In "Tandav" And What Qualities Does His Character Bring To The Story?

Sunil Grover plays Gurpal Chauhan, providing comic relief and political insights.

Who Plays The Character Of Shiva Shekhar In Tandav?

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub played the role of Shiva Shekhar in the Tandav.


The cast of Tandav enriches the Indian political thriller with their compelling performances. Each actor gives their character more detail, starting with Saif Ali Khan's performance as Samar Pratap Singh.
The complicated power relations of the show come from the smart Anuradha (Dimple Kapadia), the strategic Gurpal (Sunil Grover), and the changing Shiva (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub). Tigmanshu Dhulia's moral Devki and Kritika Kamra's driven Sana offer different points of view.
Sarah-Jane Dias, Dino Morea, and Gauahar Khan also do great jobs in their parts. Together, the cast brings to life the dark world of politics, which makes "Tandav" a fascinating look at desire, morals, and power.
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