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5 Career paths you can start with online learning


It's no secret that the world is becoming more and more digital. More and more people are turning to online learning as a way to educate themselves, start their own business, or pursue their dream careers. The internet has made it easier for anyone with access to learn just about anything. Online courses have opened up so many doors for learners- but they can also be overwhelming! With so many options available, how do you know which one is right for you? In this blog post, we will explore five of the most popular careers accessible through online learning channels.

School Psychologist

Degrees in school counseling and psychology are generally required for individuals interested in becoming counselors. If you want to become a counselor or psychologist, an online degree could be your ticket. There are several online school psychology programs offered through accredited universities. These programs are designed to give students the knowledge and skills needed to become school psychologists.

Business Administration

Today's business world is constantly changing, and to keep up with the pace of change, you need a degree that will provide you with knowledge about how businesses operate. If entrepreneurship or small-business management is your passion, then pursuing an online MBA from one of the many schools offering this option could be just what you're looking for. There are several different MBA options out there, so it's essential to do your research and find a program that will meet your needs.

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Airline Pilot

You may not have realized it, but you've probably already flown with a pilot who had an online degree. Online learning is a great way to get the ground-level education you need for this career in the sky. You'll have access to online courses that cover everything from flight principles, regulations, and even weather patterns. There are many degrees available in aviation- so it's important to do your research ahead of time before choosing one program over another.

Computer Science

Computer science is a high-demand field, and many people are turning to online learning as a way to get their foot in the door. Online courses for computer science range from introductory level classes that give students an understanding of what it means to be a developer or IT professional to advanced programming languages such as Java.

There are many online degrees available for students who want to pursue a career in computer science. Some programs allow you to earn an associate degree, while others provide the opportunity to earn your bachelor's, master's, or even Ph.D.


In today's world, everyone is a marketer. Marketing degrees can lead to many different jobs, such as marketing managers or social media specialists. If you're looking for your first job in business, then an online degree could be just what you need to get ahead of the competition and stand out from other applicants.

Marketers must be knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics, including customer experience, data analysis, branding, and public relations, just to name a few. This is why many online programs for marketing are designed to give students a strong foundation in business and help them learn more about different areas of the field.

Marketing degrees also provide you with valuable soft skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication that will come in handy no matter where your career takes you. If this sounds like a career path you want to pursue, then an online marketing degree might be the right choice for you.

Online learning can be a great way to get the education you need for your desired career. Whether it's an MBA, computer science degree, or marketing program that interests you - there are many different online degrees available. We explored five popular careers accessible through online learning channels and what each one entails. We hope our insight will help guide you in choosing which path is right for you.

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