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Candy Jane Tucker - Ex-wife Of Steve-o


Do you wish to acquire additional knowledge regarding Candy Jane Tucker? You, my friend, have arrived at the right destination!

In the following article, you will find a comprehensive biography of Candy Jane Tucker. In addition to that, we will talk about her height, family, career, and net worth. We will discuss details regarding her husband as well as other private information.

Quick Facts

Name Candy Jane Tucker
Place of birth USA, America
D.O.B Unknown
Profession Unknown
Net worth $2.5 Million


COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/candy-jane-tucker/ by Candice Burns on 2022-11-25T09:18:04.728Z

Candy Jane Tucker is a celebrity ex-wife. Candy Jane Tucker became a well-known figure after she tied the knot with Steve-O.

Steve-O is a television personality, stunt performer, comedian, and entertainer who was born in the United States but raised in the United Kingdom. During the time that they were together, they shared a lot of wonderful experiences and adventures with one another.

Candy Jane Tucker's birth date as well as her place of birth have not been made public up until this point. Even the country in which she was born is unavailable for viewing. Because of this, her nationality as well as her zodiac sign are both a mystery as of this moment.

There is currently no information available, including the name of her parents or any other details about them.

In a similar vein, information concerning her other relatives, including her siblings, cousins, grandparents, and any other relatives, is unknown as of this point in time.

She owes all of her success to the fact that her ex-husband, Steve-O, is famous. Other than that, Tucker was just a regular person going about her regular business.

Her marriage was the catalyst for her rise to prominence. And despite the fact that she became famous, she has managed to keep her private life and the history of her family hidden from the eyes of the general public.

The names of the educational institutions that she attended are unknown as of this moment, which raises questions about her educational background and qualifications.

And taking into account the fact that she is married, she must have completed both high school and university, unless her husband Tucker did not finish high school or decided not to pursue further education.


Candy Jane Tucker and Steve-O met prior to Steve's big break. They began dating soon after and married in 2002 in front of their loved ones.

Similarly, she appeared in High Chapelle while they were together. It is a documentary television series. Aside from that, she has not appeared on television.

Unfortunately, she and Steve split up and divorced in 2003. And the reason for their divorce was Steve's drug and alcohol addiction.

Following their divorce, Steve-O married Brittany Mcgraw in 2006. Unfortunately, this marriage ended in divorce as well.

He began dating Lux Wright later that year. They got engaged in 2018 and are waiting for the right time to tie the knot.

Net Worth

In terms of earnings and income, Candy has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million as of 2022, but her sources of income are unknown.

People Also Ask

Who Is Candy Jane Tucker?

Candy Jane Tucker is the ex-wife of the TV artist Steve-O.

What Is The Age Of Candy Jane Tucker?

Candy comes from a low-income family, and she keeps her personal information hidden, which is why no date is given as her birthday or age. Perhaps she is now in her forties or fifties.

Where Is Candy Jane Tucker's From?

She is from America.

Final Words

Candy Jane Tucker has always kept her personal and professional life private and low-key. As a result, very little information about her personal life, profile, and background is available to the public.

Similarly, she rose to prominence as a result of her ex-husband, Steve-O. Tucker's profession and the work she does are also unknown.

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