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Can I Learn Crypto Trading From YouTube? Here Are 6 YouTubers To Start With

In 2020, digital currencies began to restore their reputation, and many traders are beginning to take an active role.

Stefano Mclaughlin
Nov 03, 2022118 Shares2232 Views
In 2020, digital currencies began to restore their reputation, and many traders are beginning to take an active role.
As a relatively new financial asset, it might be challenging for beginners to identify reliable resources to acquire learning. There are several sites that offer free courses about crypto. However, for people who get bored easily with purely text readings, YouTube is an excellent resource for education. You get professionals and enthusiasts that spend a lot of time exploring and explaining the subject in the simplest words. However, minor issues cannot be resolved with just YouTube tutorials, including digital currencies, a topic that many people find scary but with which crypto YouTubers are delighted to assist.
You can feel overpowered by the options if your goal is to unravel the complex world of digital currencies, blockchain technology, NFTs, and other digital innovations. Though their characteristics as YouTubers may first be worse off, keep in mind that the more you pay attention, the more you will gain knowledge.
Since it is challenging to evaluate YouTubers based just on their material, we simplified and chose the top YouTubers for you. We advise you to look into each one.

Top YouTubers to Check Out

This article lists cryptocurrency traders, investors, and professionally educated experts. With that, the guidance offered by YouTube crypto enthusiasts shouldn't be a replacement for thorough analysis. Before trading or making an investment, investors should always do their own research.
Also, they always have the option to seek assistance from professional brokers in the industry by signing up and making an account on crypto-linking platforms such as This platform offers customer support to their consumers who are accessible 24/7. They also offer educational materials and demo accounts for investors and traders who wish to expand their knowledge and skills.

BitBoy Crypto

More than 1 million people subscribe to the BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel, which has established a large fanbase. Some people believe BitBoy's lectures are more fascinating than others since they are delivered more casually.
Ben Armstrong is the channel owner of BitBoy Crypto. He frequently uploads videos 3-4 times weekly. The lectures include a wide range of topics, including news, market analysis, and Armstrong's own commentary and opinions on digital currencies.
Armstrong's in-depth knowledge of the cryptocurrency sector, both analytical and economic, is evident in the videos. Additionally, the channel posts discussions with prominent figures in the field and crypto developers.
Discussions and talks have increased BitBoy's number of subscribers since they provide a variety of viewpoints on hot cryptocurrency issues. Armstrong has one of the top bitcoin YouTube channels and a significant Twitter fanbase with almost 900k followers.

Sheldon Evans

The YouTube channel of cryptocurrency specialist Sheldon Evanshas over 730k subscriber base. This channel covers a variety of content, including trend analysis, patterns, and predictions for cryptocurrency prices.
In 2014, the channel was first introduced as a self-improvement vlog. Sheldon Evan has been discussing his experience with cryptocurrency and providing lectures and investing recommendations over the past few years. Evans is a passionate supporter of NFT. Even his own NFT line, NOSTALGIA, is now readily available for purchase.


Hashoshi, a blockchain developer and popular YouTuber, wants to cut through the buzz and provide comprehensive, cost-free learning about these technological innovations. He believes that by cooperating, we may hasten the use of new technologies and gain knowledge along the way. Hashoshi presents his honest opinions on these new technological advances while displaying a solid technical understanding of the leading blockchains.

Coin Bureau

The Coin Bureauis your main point of access to the crypto realm and FX. Their team of professionals frequently examines brokers, markets, and altcoins. These can help you navigate the occasionally complex bitcoin markets. Intensive analysis of the forex and digital currencies is conducted by their trading experts. No commercials are shown on Coin Bureau's videos because it is their goal to provide comprehensive information independent from external intermediaries.

Altcoin Daily

Altcoin Dailyis a YouTube channel run by the Arnold brothers, with more than 1.2m active subscribers. Videos about cryptocurrency updates, daily trend analysis, and token price fluctuations are posted by Altcoin Daily.
Furthermore, the videos frequently feature discussions, commentaries, and instructive material. The brothers launched their YouTube channel in 2018 and started buying digital currencies in the initial periods of the market. The channel covers smart contracts, blockchain networks, and other related fields in addition to cryptocurrencies. The information on Altcoin Daily may also be helpful for those searching for the right and potential NFTs. This YouTube channel, as stated in its bio, likewise places a lot of emphasis on identifying the top altcoins with the most long-term development potential.


Before you leave, I would like to advise you not to believe anything you have encountered or seen about digital currencies. In reality, it might be challenging to distinguish between truth and personal views while discussing crypto since everyone has their own viewpoints. DYOR, look for alternative ideas and examine what works in practice.
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