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Cami Mantilla - Rising Social Media Influencer As A Sexy Professional Angler And Realtor


Cami Mantilla is a social media starlet best known for her account on Instagram with the handle @camimantilla_realtor.

Sharing her experiences as an active angler and fisherwoman has helped her garner a significant amount of attention and fame.

Cami Mantilla was born on January 29, 1996, and she is originally from the city of Bogota in Colombia.

Cami Mantilla is 26 years old in the year 2022.

She has gained a considerable amount of fame as a result of sharing her life as a devoted fisherman and fisherwoman with others.

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Both she and Kellie Strange have garnered a lot of attention for the fishing videos they have uploaded on Instagram.

She attended the University of Florida, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Psychology and Ceramics.

Who Is Cami Mantilla?

Cami Mantilla wearing a white two piece swimsuit while holding her sunglasses
Cami Mantilla wearing a white two piece swimsuit while holding her sunglasses

Cami Mantilla is an Instagram sensation and bikini model.

She became well-known and thrust herself into the public eye after using her Instagram account, which is known by the handle @camimantilla_realtor, to document her life as an enthusiastic fisherwoman.

On Instagram, she has more than 515 thousand followers to her name.

In addition to that, she has modeled for a number of companies as well as periodicals.

In a relatively short amount of time, she was able to amass a large number of followers thanks, in part, to her endearing appearance and demeanor.

Cami's birthday is January 29th, and she was born in Bogota, Colombia, in 1996.

She was born there and received her entire schooling there as well.

Cami Mantilla Career

Cami is a professional charter skipper as well as a boat broker, and she has amassed a significant amount of wealth as a result of her work.

In addition to that, she is a model and a social media celebrity.

Cami has received interest from a number of agencies, including LA Management and New Face, amongst many others.

Her photographs have appeared on the covers of various magazines, including Maxim and Vogue, among others.

She is well known for her work as a model, but she is also a prominent Instagram star.

She has amassed more than half a million followers on the platform by posting photos of her lifestyle and modeling-related shots, including bikini pictures, which appeal to her fans.

Cami Mantilla Work Ethic

Smiling Cami Mantilla wearing a pink top
Smiling Cami Mantilla wearing a pink top

Every facet of Cami's real estate transactions is marked by transparency, efficiency, and careful attention to detail.

Because of her experience in social media marketing and her desire to be of service to others, she goes out of her way to make the process of purchasing and selling a house as enjoyable and memorable as possible for all of her customers.

Cami is able to facilitate this life-changing event in both Spanish and English for your convenience because she has solid roots in Colombia and a substantial understanding of the continuously evolving market.

Cami's favorite things to do in her leisure time are fishing, painting, cooking, and posting about her travels on her various social media platforms.

Instagram Account Of Cami Mantilla Where It All Started

She is primarily known as a social media influencer and Instagram star in her professional life.

Through her fishing, modeling, and physical fitness, she has been an inspiration to a great number of people.

Cami contributes a total of 177 images to her Instagram account, which she identifies with the username handle @camimantilla_realtor.

She garners a total of 515 thousand followers.

On her Instagram account, she is following one thousand different people.

She also influenced individuals through the photographs and videos she posted on her Instagram account relating to her workouts.

She is an advocate for a variety of health and fitness businesses, and she promotes them on her Instagram account.

Robert Terkla Is Dating Cami Mantilla

Smiling Cami Mantilla wearing a light blue two piece while holding a fish and Robert Terkla topless and wearing a khaki pants while holding a fish
Smiling Cami Mantilla wearing a light blue two piece while holding a fish and Robert Terkla topless and wearing a khaki pants while holding a fish

Cami Mantilla has recently become a fiancée.

It is true that she is involved with Robert Terkla at this time.

On her Instagram account, Cami posts a lot of images that she and her partner have taken together.

Robert Terkla, the YouTuber, was born on September 26th, 1989 in Fort Worth, Texas, in the United States of America.

The YouTuber calls the city of Fort Worth in Texas home.

Career Terkla has become a well-known content creator on YouTube because of the fact that he has a passion for hunting and fishing.

He served in the United States Army for more than six years before leaving the military. In addition to that, he is a well-known author.

A career in the military for Robert Terkla In 2008, LunkersTV began his professional life by enlisting in the United States Army as a member of the 11 Bravo.

Prior to their departure, he was the first to assign each soldier a role as an infantryman.

Later on, he was sent to Kirkuk, Iraq, to serve in the military there for a period of six years.

As an avid hunter and fisherman, he was living out his dream life while he was serving in the military.

Terkla was honorably dismissed from the army in 2014 due to a medical condition.

Following his retirement from the service, Robert established a channel on YouTube under the name LunkersTV and provided the following description for it: Just hanging out and producing some stale videos.

On August 5, 2015, a channel on YouTube with the name LunkerTV was established.

To this point, it can brag on the following: 1.88 million people now subscribed to over 325 million views of 1,127 videos.

Some of the fishing and hunting video clips that he uploads to his channel include not only his own fishing and hunting adventures, but also instructions, advice, and footage from his own outings.

Robert has launched a continuing series known as Service Monday, in which he discusses his time spent in the military and provides other veterans with valuable information based on his experiences.

What Does Cami Mantilla Look Like?

This Instagram sensation, who is 25 years old, has a height of 5 feet 7 inches and a weight of 59 kilograms.

Her physical appearance is quite attractive.

Her musculature is of the robust variety.

Her hair is light blonde, and her eyes are green.

In addition to keeping a very healthy diet, she works out frequently at a gym to keep her figure in good shape.

People Also Ask

How Many Followers Does Cami Mantilla Have On Instagram?

Cami Mantilla, who is most known for her role as a star on the social media platform Instagram, was born on Monday, January 29, 1996, in Bogota, Colombia.

Sharing her experiences as an active angler and fisherwoman has helped her garner a significant amount of attention and fame.

What Did Cami Mantilla Study In College?

She attended the University of Florida, where she received her bachelor's degree in psychology as well as in ceramics.

How Old Is Cami Mantilla?

Cami Mantilla flaunts both her stunning good looks and her passion for fishing on her roughly 515,000 Instagram followers' favorite social media platform.


Cami Mantilla is a stunning social media influencer and star on the Instagram social media platform in the United States.@camimantilla_realtor, her Instagram account, has helped her gain a lot of followers.

She keeps her partner updated on her travels and fishing exploits by posting images to her Instagram account.

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