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Leon Panetta's Political Career

Panetta's interest in politics go way back to when he was young. Keep on reading to know about his political background!

Mitchel Nash

Is It "President Joe Biden" Already?

With all the confusion and debates going on about the recently-concluded U.S. elections 2020, is it now official to address Joe Biden as the 46th President-elect of the United States?

Thomas Dixon

6 Untold Facts About Dwight Schrute to Keep You Entertained

Dwight Schrute left quite the mark in your minds after his performance in the series, The Office. However, there are some interesting facts about the character you did not know. Check out here.

Madihah Walls

How Did George Washington Die? 8 Facts You Should Know

How did George Washington die? This is a common question among those who want to know more about America’s first president. Here are 8 facts about his death you should know about

Candice Burns

Fredi Washington: How Passing Off As White Affected Black Hollywood

Fredi Washington, much like other young workers of her time, was multitalented. When you're put to work at the age of 16, it pays off to excel in dancing and acting.

Rian Mcconnell

The Rise and Fall of the 45th President

Indeed, no one saw it coming; Donald Trump is well-known as a businessman and a TV personality, but never a politician.

Thomas Dixon

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