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The Saudi Arabia Monarchy
U.S. Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri

U.S. Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri

A man born in Niangua, Missouri, entered the world of politics, and he's not backing down.

Henry Hamer

Scotland's Plan: National Framework

Thomas Dixon

Scotland's Plan: National Framework

Latest: Politics.

U.S. Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri

A man born in Niangua, Missouri, entered the world of politics, and he's not backing down.

Henry Hamer

The Saudi Arabia Monarchy

The Saudi government maintained strict limits on citizens' political rights and civil liberties in 2004, despite taking some steps forward in a slow and quiet process of political reform carefully managed from above by the royal family. The monarchy continued a series of national dialogues on reform and finalized plans for a series of limited municipal elections in certain parts of the country in early 2005, but it implemented few tangible changes directly affecting Saudi citizens' rights.

Iram Martins

The Presidential Conference

he invention of printing added a new element of power to the race. From that hour, in a most especial sense, the brain and not the arm, the thinker and not the soldier, books and not kings, were to rule the world; and weapons, forged in the mind, keen-edged and brighter than the sunbeam, were to supplant the sword and the battle-axe.

Elisa Mueller

Scotland's Plan: National Framework

Like much of the developed world, Scotland is experiencing a long-term decline of traditional industries and a growth in service-based activity. Services are now the dominant sector of the economy.

Thomas Dixon

South Korean President Impeachment in the midst of Corruption

Cosmetics, music, entertainment shows: since the 1990s, the Hallyu wave has been sweeping other countries. However, despite the certain success in exporting South Korean culture, the country is facing a political crisis.

Rhyley Carney

The International Court of Justice Cases

The international community has been heavily criticized for its failure to intervene during the Rwandan genocide of 1994. Recently, France has been accused of playing an active role in perpetrating the genocide. These allegations include:

Liam Evans

The Best and Worst Countries for Environmental Democracy

Environmental democracy is a process involving citizens in environmental management processes. As such, it aims to spark a mutual commitment between citizens and their governments on sustainable resource utilization.

Habiba Ashton

How the dollar performed before and after Biden's inauguration

Dollar's performance since Biden's inauguration

Hajra Shannon

Know More about Embassies and Consulates in France

Get to know more about France's embassies and consulates.

Thomas Dixon

Parliament: The Building

Once the home of the royal family, and still officially a royal palace, the buildings that now make up the modern Houses of Parliament have developed through design, accident and attack.

Paula M. Graham

The Conquests of Briahna Joy Gray

Getting to know Briahna Joy Gray better: from her early life to her political successes.

Rian Mcconnell

Lesser-known Wife of BasketBall Celebrity, Margot Kerr

Everything to know about Margot Kerr

Tobey Strickland

Ainsley Earhardt's Husband Will Proctor

Want to know more about Fox & Friends' host Ainsley Earhardt's husband Will Proctor? If yes, then read this post.

Hajra Shannon

Who will be the Republican Presidential Nominee in 2024?

Who is the next rightful Republication Presidential Nominee in 2024?

Luke Evans

Welcome to the #OWS 99% Movement “We Will Not Be Co-Opted”

Wall Street protests by the #OWS 99% Movement

Stefano Mclaughlin

Economics Professor: Negative Interest Rates Aimed at Driving Small Banks Out of Business and Eliminating Cash

Negative Interest being pushed in central banks worldwide to keep bank's margins stay low and financial situation precarious

Tobey Strickland

CMIG keeps creditors on alert

CMIG keeps creditors on alert "Offshore investors wary after Chinese issuer makes late onshore payment"

Emmanuella Shea

What's Wrong with Health Care in America?

Why the American infant mortality rate is higher than twenty other developed countries.

Ismaeel Delgado

Leon Panetta's Political Career

Panetta's interest in politics go way back to when he was young. Keep on reading to know about his political background!

Gordon Dickerson

Is It "President Joe Biden" Already?

With all the confusion and debates going on about the recently-concluded U.S. elections 2020, is it now official to address Joe Biden as the 46th President-elect of the United States?

Dexter Cooke

6 Untold Facts About Dwight Schrute to Keep You Entertained

Dwight Schrute left quite the mark in your minds after his performance in the series, The Office. However, there are some interesting facts about the character you did not know. Check out here.

Amandeep Coleman

How Did George Washington Die? 8 Facts You Should Know

How did George Washington die? This is a common question among those who want to know more about America’s first president. Here are 8 facts about his death you should know about

Candice Burns

Fredi Washington: How Passing Off As White Affected Black Hollywood

Fredi Washington, much like other young workers of her time, was multitalented. When you're put to work at the age of 16, it pays off to excel in dancing and acting.

Tom Mohamed

Dianne Feinstein Not Too Pleased With Panetta Pick

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the California Democrat who’s about to take the reins as chairwoman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, doesn’t appear to be

Thomas Dixon

The Rise and Fall of the 45th President

Indeed, no one saw it coming; Donald Trump is well-known as a businessman and a TV personality, but never a politician.

Thomas Dixon

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