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Boreal Coniferous Forests

Today, conifers also dominate in the southern coniferous forest region. In the past, noble deciduous trees, mainly oak, elm and linden, have had a significant distribution in the region.

Mariella Blankenship

The Best Choice of Four-fuels is Fiat Siena Tetra Power

Here is a world first for automotive technology: the four-fuel Fiat Siena developed under Magneti Marelli of Fiat Brazil. Are you a big fan of ethanol as fuel? The Fiat Siena's got you covered.

Tobey Strickland

The Greater Part of San Francisco's Taxi Fleet is Alternative Vehicles According to Mayor Newsom

Mayor Gavin Newsom, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) and the Department of the Environment joined the San Francisco taxi industry today to announce that 57 percent of the taxi fleet is comprised of hybrid or compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. There are 788 alternative fuel vehicles out of a total of 1,378 eligible vehicles. The CNG vehicles account for 131 of those and the hybrids account for 657.

Thomas Dixon

American Academy Of Pediatrics Reaffirms Its Opposition To Marijuana Legalization

Updated policy statement includes option for “compassionate use” of marijuana for children with debilitating or life-limiting diseases. In an updated policy statement and technical report, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reaffirms its opposition to legalizing marijuana, citing the potential harms to children and adolescents.

Luqman Jackson

The Security Council in United Nations

On October 24, 1945, the victors of World War II — China, the U.S.S.R., France, the United Kingdom, and the United States — ratified the UN Charter, creating the Security Council and establishing themselves as its five permanent members with the unique ability to veto resolutions.

Elisa Mueller

Belgian State And Church

The Belgian Constitution of 1831 determines until now the relationship between State and Church. In 1831 there were many debates between Catholics and Liberals about the influence of the Church. The result is the Constitution, a historic compromise.

Luqman Jackson

Arts and Education

The responsibility for culture and education are separated in 2 different departments within the Flemish government. Formal fulltime (vocational) education and part-time arts education are subsumed under the Education Department, funded directly by the Flemish Community.

Dexter Cooke

Know More About Belgium

The Flemish Region covers 13,512 km2 and has a population of 5,824,628. With almost 431 inhabitants per square kilometer, the Flemish region represents one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

Stefano Mclaughlin

The History of GALA

2005 was a banner year for GALA as it moved into its long-awaited home at the Tivoli and became a permanent national Hispanic theater. 2006 marks GALA’s 30th year in existence as it celebrates its transition from Act One, as a groundbreaking yet somewhat nomadic theater, to Act Two, as a national center for Latino performing arts.

Amandeep Coleman

English's Number One Advantage of Literacy

Singapore has four official languages: Malay, Tamil, Chinese and English, reflecting our ethnic diversity and our history. Our mother tongues give us access to our diverse cultures, values and roots, while English is our working language.

William Willis

Paris and Rome in Harmony

Paris and Rome signed an exclusive twinning agreement which marked the start of a special relationship.

Kaleem Kirkpatrick

Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation

Microsoft has joined Linux foundation as a highest paying platinum member.

Kenzo Norman

Microsoft: Multi-core and the Data Center

Dual-core and multi-core are subjects normally discussed in reference to Intel, AMD, Sun or IBM. Now, Microsoft is on that list as well.

Elisa Mueller

What You Should Know about the Birth of the United Nations

Get to know the history on how the United Nations was formed.

Paolo Reyna

Lawyers urge United Nations not to be Lynch Mob

A group of Jewish lawyers in Australia has urged a United Nations committee not to submit to the “lynch mob mentality towards Israel.”

Paula M. Graham

Ockham's Razor Suggests Atheism

Ockham's Razor is a tool well-known in the philosophical community and a fine instrument for high school debate teams. But what happens when you apply this device to religion?

Tobey Strickland

Center–right Wins Swedish Election But Short of Majority

Sweden's general election delivered historic, yet unclear, results. The ruling center–right alliance beat the left-of-center coalition, but failed to gain an outright majority.

Frazer Pugh

The Swedish Myths: True, False or Somewhere in Between?

Is it true that Swedes are suicide-prone? And what about Swedish sin — does it exist? All nationalities are subject to myths, but all groups do in fact have distinctive characteristics.

Thomas Dixon

The Best and Worst Countries for Environmental Democracy

Environmental democracy is a process involving citizens in environmental management processes. As such, it aims to spark a mutual commitment between citizens and their governments on sustainable resource utilization.

Habiba Ashton

Estilat Wins Its Third License

After a much anticipated bidding war,Etisalat’s consortium came out ahead — at an unprecedented cost.

Paolo Reyna

Mubarak Throws Presidential Race Wide Open

President Hosni Mubarak stunned the nation late last month with an announcement that he was throwing the race for the presidency wide open.

Habiba Ashton

Explore the Southern Deciduous Region of Switzerland

The southern deciduous forest region (nemoral region) includes the western parts of Bohuslän and Halland, the whole of Skåne and southern Blekinge and southern Öland.

Kaleem Kirkpatrick

The Comparison between USB 2.0 and FireWire

Be familiarized with the difference between USB 2.0 and FireWire.

Vishal Hodgson

Things You Should Know About Switzerland's Federal Courts

Get to know the judiciary branch and federal courts of Switzerland.

Thomas Dixon

The Transformation of Financial Markets: Small Traders and DeFi

Financial markets have historically belonged to the connected and the powerful. This position, even as a mere assumption, has influenced society’s perception of markets.

Luke Evans

How the dollar performed before and after Biden's inauguration

Dollar's performance since Biden's inauguration

Hajra Shannon

The Methods of Phishing Websites

Phishing Websites have different methods that has sole purpose of tricking the customer on giving there personal information.

Adaline Fritz

7 Myths about Anti-Phishing That You Should Know

Myths about the "Anti-Phishing tips" that online banking websites offers.

Jaya Mckeown

Métro2030: The New Paris Metro

The modernization of the Paris Metro that has been part of the history and the lives of the its inhabitants for over a century.

Thomas Dixon

National Parks and Nature Reserves in Israel

Get to know the national parks and nature reserves that you shouldn't miss in Israel.

Elisa Mueller

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