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How to choose the top places to trade online

More people than ever have started investing their money. This doesn’t just mean traditional investing, where you invest your money with the help of a mutual fund advisor or a stockbroker – more and more investment is being done online, through trading platforms, and online brokers.

Thomas Dixon

Listen and Solve: Knowing ChexSystems and ways to clear your record

Are you planning to open a new bank account or perhaps getting a loan? Opening a new bank account is not for everyone. Banks hesitate to open new accounts for risky clients.

Rhyley Carney

What are issuing banks? How they work, their roles and responsibilities

It is highly likely that those who have Mastercard or Visa, are already at least a bit familiar with an issuing bank. If that’s not the case, then what does it represent? Namely, it is the bank whose name you are able to see on the card.

Mitchel Nash

A guide to paying taxes on cryptocurrency investments

Bitcoin transactions of all types are subject to tax, including using Bitcoin purchased from another party to buy goods. In fact, anytime you purchase Bitcoin, including at a cryptocurrency exchange, you are required to pay capital gain taxes on the transaction.

Liam Evans

Choose 888 Casino NJ as your new online gaming getaway

From developing the first racetrack for horses in the United States to one of the first states allowing its citizens to gamble online, New Jersey has always had a pioneering and innovative spirit around the art of gambling. 888casino, like New Jersey, has been at the forefront of the online casino revolution as the first company providing exclusively online gambling to be licensed by any US jurisdiction.

Elisa Mueller

Cannabis trends: rolling blunts are out & pre-rolls are in

Listen, manually rolling up joints and blunts is a thing of the past. It's messy and outdated. Similar to the tobacco industry shifting from manually rolled cigarettes to offering pre-rolled cigarettes, the marijuana industry is in the process of doing the same thing.

Johnathan Floyd

Top Learning and study tips that everyone must know in 2021

When it comes to learning and studying, you need to ensure that you are doing so smartly and efficiently. In this way, you will be able to spend your time wisely while ensuring that you grasp the concept of what you are trying to learn. This article lists down some of the best learning and study tips that you should be aware of.

Adaline Fritz

The world's most important stock indices and how to trade on them

Trading is increasing in popularity and more people are showing interest in the stock, forex, and commodities markets. A growing number are keen to invest in foreign markets and indices.

Katya Ryder

Desiree Washington: Wiki, history, trial with Mike Tyson & facts

Desiree Washington was Miss Black Rhode Island. She was raped by Mike Tyson in an Indianapolis hotel room. She first told police, then testified in court that Tyson laughed about it as she sobbed. Washington continues to be criticized for assuming it was safe to go to Tyson's room and for subsequently reporting the account to police.

Emmanuella Shea

The truth behind Mike Tyson conviction revealed

Desiree Washington became a renowned name in the tabloids after she accused Mike Tyson of raping her in 1991. Mike Tyson, the heavyweight boxing champion, was sentenced to six years in prison in 1991 despite disputing the allegations.

Elisa Mueller

The fundamentals of investment taxation

Many investors are not aware of how taxes are computed. There are some who buy stocks without minding how much they are supposed to pay once they sell their shares at a higher price.

Landon Morton

What is margin safety?

Well, you can use the margin of safety to minimize the risks of losing. This is a concept used by many existing investors and it’s basically a strategy to determine whether a stock is worth buying or not. The margin of safety is determined by the market value of the stock minus its intrinsic worth.

Susan Murillo

How companies determine dividend payouts

When investors look for stocks, they also ask whether the companies pay dividends or not. If you’re an investor who wants to take a share of the company’s profits, then dividend investing is something you should look into.

Daniel James

What are Convertible Issues and Warrants?

Buying stocks and mutual funds isn’t the only way to invest. There are a lot more options if you research how you can earn from investing in companies that show full potential.

Paolo Reyna

How to Select Your Stocks if You are a Defensive Investor?

Two types of investors are usually considered by newbies: active or passive investors. These two are somehow similar to defensive and enterprising investors. If you want a more conservative approach to investing, becoming a defensive investor is a great alternative.

Frazer Pugh

Keynesian Beauty Contest: A Trading Strategy For Investors

The stock market collapse occurred in October 1987. In the late 1990s, technology stocks grew and fell dramatically. The misplaced exuberance switched to property after the summit in August 2006, triggered by a crash that contributed to the global economic meltdown.

Mitchel Nash

How To Select Your Stocks if You are an Enterprising Investor

Selecting your stocks is part of your investment strategy. Before you invest, it’s advisable to have your own set of guidelines so you won’t have to trade or invest blindly.

Rian Mcconnell

Things to Consider About Per-Share Earnings

When you invest in a company, it’s not only the charts that you need to read. In other cases, it’s also vital to look into the company’s financial report to see whether it’s going to grow or not.

Habiba Ashton

Is it worth it to get your own investment advisor?

Many investors brave the exchange market despite the fact that it can be volatile at any time. Although there are many traders and investors who succeed in their journey, there are also those who fail and don’t have the chance to take out their profit for some reason.

Luke Evans

Should you invest in investment funds?

Have you heard about investment funds? Or maybe, mutual funds and money market funds?  If yes, then you’re about to learn more about them. You can use this guide whenever you think you need to choose between stocks and investment funds.

Tom Mohamed

Deborah Divine Age, Net Worth, Children, Career, Hobbies

The expert Hollywood writer Deborah Divine. She is the wife of Eugene Levy, a Canadian actress, director, and filmmaker.

Anita Barnes

Ethereum Crash: Should You Still Invest In 2021?

Everything was going great for Ethereum. ETH was leaving exchanges en masse, the altcoin was triple its former all-time high, and was headed off to the moon. Except in a flash, everything turned around and left investors seeing red.

Mariella Blankenship

Investors and Market Fluctuations: Are they connected?

For you to plan your trading and investing effectively, it matters if you know your relationship with the market. What keeps it moving? Do you influence the market?  Asking those questions can really help you trade wisely. Now that you’re thinking about it, let’s see how investors and market fluctuations are connected.

Anderson Patterson

5 Reasons Why Reputation Management Tools Are Essential for Growing Business

As you work hard on expanding your business, you will come to realize that you will eventually need to protect your brand's reputation as you establish a well-grounded name in the industry.

Daniel James

What's An Enterprising Investor And How To Be One

Basically, there are two types of investors based on strategies used: defensive and enterprising investors. Defensive investors are those that use a more conservative approach in investing while enterprising investors are more active.

Emmanuella Shea

What’s a Defensive Investor and How To Be One

Investors come in many forms, one of which is a defensive investor.  As the name suggests, a defensive investor does all strategies to protect his investments from huge losses.

Amandeep Coleman

Active Investor vs. Passive Investor: What's the difference?

Although there are several different kinds of investors with diverse policies and objectives, others may be divided into two different classes--active and passive.

Paula M. Graham

The Stock Market Then and Now

Advances in communications and technologies have rendered the world less than it was 50 years ago. None is more obvious than that in the investment sector, where technology advancements have changed the investment process entirely.

Anderson Patterson

FX and its role in M&A

With the growing global trends of cross-country business mergers, M&A trading has become very popular. The term M&A or merger and acquisition refers to the restructuring that takes place in corporate finance.

Pooja Bean

4 Ways To Overcome Financial Issues

Financial stress can be frustrating and cause you to feel overwhelmed and anxious. It’s best to identify that there’s an issue right away and take action than to put off this important to-do for another day.

Thomas Dixon

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