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$40,000 A Year Is How Much An Hour?

How much do you earn right now? If you’re being offered a job earning $40,000 annually, you might have asked the question “$40,000 a year is how much an hour?” A full-time job, contract work, or part-time work such as freelancing are all viable options for making money.

Thomas Dixon

Cheap Eats Near Me And Ways To Save Money Eating Out

Do you know anyone who loves eating out? Are you one of those people? I myself used to eat out about two to three times a week before the pandemic, mostly for convenience because when we’re out and running errands, it usually lasts the whole day and of course, hunger will set in and then comes the usual “let’s go to ____ for lunch”, and sometimes (not every time) we also end up ordering something to go for a family member we left at home or just for ourselves.

Daniel James

Top Frugal Living Tips To Follow In 2021

The pursuit of some level of happiness in life is a primary life aim for most people in the Western world today. Simple living is often touted as a technique to achieve happiness, or at least a level of contentment from which happiness and joy might rise up, for those seeking happiness. And because of the current pandemic situation, a lot of people found themselves without a job and being forced to move back in with their families, or moving to a smaller house or apartment in the suburbs or even the countryside, where the cost of living and housing is much more affordable than in big cities.

Anita Barnes

$15 Per Hour Is How Much In A Year?

The current pandemic situation is not going to end soon. So many of us lost our jobs or closed down our businesses because of it. But a lot of jobs have been made available and only pays $15/hr. You might wonder if this is enough to live decently. We’ll discuss how much is $15/hr in a year, tips on how you can survive with that pay, and an example of a budget and jobs that pay with that wage.

Daniel James

No Spend Challenge Rules In 2021

2021 is almost over. It seems like it was just yesterday that the pandemic started, we were all forced to stay at home, and some of us (or a lot of us) lost their job or businesses due to the continued onslaught of the virus not just on everyone’s health, but also the global economy. But the year isn’t over yet.

Karan Emery

Can tourists and residents gamble in Washington?

Every year millions of people visit the states for a variety of pursuits. For some it is for the beaches, for others, it is the numerous tourist attractions such as Disneyland, and for others, it is the amazing food.

Luke Evans

How to be sensible and still have fun gambling

There seem to be two types of people when it comes to gambling: those who know all the ins and outs, and those who don’t have a clue. If you fall into the latter category, don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to have a good time gambling while keeping risks low.

Elisa Mueller

Are you familiar with the fascinating uses of top-rated digital currency bitcoins?

When bitcoin entered the market, there was rarely any person offering their attention to this crypto. It is because there was nothing special to this crypto that could reason people to consider it. Indeed, a good time often comes after a bad day as bitcoin has become a trend in the world of crypto.

Ismaeel Delgado

Some fascinating properties which will surely make your vision clear about bitcoins

Are you familiar with the key reason behind the success of bitcoins? It is all because of the incredible properties of bitcoin, which has made it a top choice of investors. People even claim that they have experienced using a wide range of digital currencies, but the experience of bitcoins was fascinating as they didn't expect such properties.

Paula M. Graham

The growing popularity of online blockchain games

Any person who has heard of online gambling has also come across cryptocurrency gaming. With digital currencies making giant waves globally, it was only a matter of time before they proliferated the online gaming sector. Traditionally, gambling was always about cash.

Jaya Mckeown

Everything you need to know about Norges Casino and online gamblers

Our dedicated team scan the internet for the most up-to-date information about online casinos, software suppliers, slot machines, gaming tables, video poker, bingo, odds, and a variety of other online casino games.

Paolo Reyna

How top lawyers become so financially successful

It’s an interesting question. All of them went to law school, and all of them passed their exams, so why the stark differences?

Frazer Pugh

The incessantly growing mobile gaming market and some trends

The global mobile gaming market, endowing players with the practicality of continuing gaming without containments, has kept its gradual ascend and is expected to grow even more between 2021 to 2026 with a CAGR of 12.6%. Many contributory factors are discernable behind this surge.

Darren Mcpherson

Why cloud storage is the best option for many companies?

Are you aware of cloud computing? No, but most probably you have heard about it or have had some idea that it is something good to invest in. With cloud computing, your data gets stored in a third-party's server and then accessed by your application.

Gordon Dickerson

Why is Gold a massive buying opportunity right now?

Gold stocks breakdown, gold price behavior, gold will finally shine, india's impact on gold price, facts about gold stocks, dear retail investors

Anderson Patterson

Zero Sales To 6 Figures: Tinley Entrepreneur Says 'Never Give Up'

Malik Kurdi wanted to be his own boss. Determined to bring a better life to his family, Kurdi launched Exemplary Marketing​ in 2015.

Madihah Walls

What to know if you want to play online casinos in the UK

Online casinos have become a big hit in the past couple of years. The ease of use and rich offer make them appealing to both first-time and experienced players. However, passionate travelers who are also devoted gamblers would like to know which country allows gambling in the digital space.

Luke Evans

5 Tips for people moving from traditional to online gambling

The main reason why online gambling has seen such a boost is because of the influx of players coming from the traditional gambling world. Many may have been intrigued by online gambling for a while but never felt the urgency to try them. But, if you feel like now is the right time to make the jump, here are a few tips on how to make your transition easier.

Stefano Mclaughlin

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