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Danske Bank's CEO, Chris Vogelzang stepped down after he was implicated in a criminal investigation

The chairman of Danske Bank named Chris Vogelzang, who has taken over for his predecessor's departure, is resigning.

Candice Burns

There are 3 analyses that indicate that ETH could get to 8K by the end of the current period

At the start of the novel, John Percival says: "Yes, I'm an expert on 20th-century religious obscurantism. If it wasn't for the 1200s, someone would be happy to go home in bed and kiss the Lady-on-the-the-the-Slope instead of rushing out to find an obtuse victim to put an eye out."

Katya Ryder

If anyone is keeping a copy of the blockchain, Bitcoin will never disappear

Transactions can only be processed by mining, not necessarily be costly. As long as the situation persists, it is due to rivalry. However, in principle, the whole operation may be based on smartphones.

Alberto Thompson

Drive more traffic for your currency exchange website to increase growth

The currency exchange market is constantly evolving so in order to have an edge over your competitors, you must be up-to-date with the latest trends and development in your industry.

Elisa Mueller

How To Use TikTok For Your Business

Gone are the days of print ads as more social media platforms take the spotlight. We started off this revolution seeing the birth of social media influencers on Instagram and now, we have TikTok overtaking all other social media platforms with its immense growth in users.

Ismaeel Delgado

Business Innovation Technology on Big Data

Just two simple words, Big Data, has created a furore that is spreading across the world, unleashing a dizzying array of opinions in all subjects - from healthcare to marketing needs, from politics to economics. Every day articles and blog posts are written about how to gather, store and use these big datasets.

Paolo Reyna

What is NFT, where to buy and how to make money out of it?

The simple gist of the concept is that people make and sell one-of-a-kind products. Goods that are available online. Then it can make an album, a photograph, a recording, or anything someone want and apply it to some kind of evidence that it's the real thing.

Candice Burns

Scotland's Plan: National Framework

Like much of the developed world, Scotland is experiencing a long-term decline of traditional industries and a growth in service-based activity. Services are now the dominant sector of the economy.

Thomas Dixon

Mass Psychology in Stock Trading

A comprehensive guide to stock trading psychology, mechanism and terminologies.

Amandeep Coleman

Overview of Economic Geography of Texas

Changes in the profile of economic activity in Texas have been accompanied by changes in the state's economic geography. For much of the twentieth century, the economic dynamism of the state followed the oil industry.

Madihah Walls

The Transformation of Financial Markets: Small Traders and DeFi

Financial markets have historically belonged to the connected and the powerful. This position, even as a mere assumption, has influenced society’s perception of markets.

Luke Evans

How the dollar performed before and after Biden's inauguration

Dollar's performance since Biden's inauguration

Hajra Shannon

Emerging Markets' Capital Flows Set at Close to Record Levels

Here are the capital flows records of emerging markets.

Tobey Strickland

What Smart Business Can Do to Avoid GDPR Penalties When Recording Calls

Know how you can avoid GDPR penalties when recording calls for your business.

Kenzo Norman

Is There Money in The China Cinema Market?

China cinema market is gradually coping up with foreign cinema market.

Elisa Mueller

Bull Market Lifts PSE Index to Top Rank Among Stock Exchanges in Asia

The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) index, or PSEi, has outperformed its peers in the region for the period between this week, data from the PSE showed.

Luqman Jackson

The Popularity of Marijuana Stocks

Here is why Marijuana stocks are becoming popular.

Luqman Jackson

Tokyo Stock Exchange

Through horrendous struggles, the Tokyo Stock exchange still rates as on of the world’s leading financial powerhouses.

Iram Martins

Clarification on the Article of John Davis about the Bitcoin

Based on some comments from the New Yorker article, some people have suggested that I clarify some points. Hopefully this Plain Old HTML page will clear up some things, and not appear merely captious, since I did in fact enjoy the article.

Liam Evans

What is the Difference Between The Great Depression and The Great Recession?

The affect of The Great Depression and The Great Recession in the value of US Dollars.

Vishal Hodgson

Palantir Is Falling. Why?

On Tuesday's morning, Palantir, America's big data company, reported that its stock is down by over 10%. Now that something is wrong with Palantir Stocks, should people sell?

Adaline Fritz

Things You Should Know About Bitcoin Mining

With the popularity of cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin, learn more about how Bitcoin Mining works.

Elyse Woods

Getting to Know Bitcoin

Get to know the famous cryptocurrency - bitcoin

Elyse Woods

Is it Necessary to Run Bitcoin in Full Node?

Should you run your Bitcoin in full node? Is it necessary?

Daisy-Mae Schmitt

Effect of Corona Virus in the Price of Bitcoin

Even cryptocurrency is affected by the pandemic, but unlike it's harmful effect on human health, Bitcoin price is rising in the midst of the crisis.

Ismaeel Delgado

Why Pure Crypto Hedge Funds Failed

Know the reason why pure crypto hedge funds did not succeed.

Elisa Mueller

Ohio Congressman on Facebook Adopting Bitcoin and Giving Up Libra

Ohio Congressman Warren Davidson has stated that Facebook would be better off abandoning its Libra project in lieu of Bitcoin adoption.

Kaleem Kirkpatrick

Why Corporate Sellout Blockchains Will Not Survive

This article might irk a few people, but it’ll be worth it for the end result.

Habiba Ashton

Druckenmiller Says Bitcoin Could Beat Gold in Store of Value

American billionaire investor and hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller has recently expressed his changed opinion on the oldest cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Madihah Walls

Everything You Need to Know About the War Between Reddit Vs Wall Street

In September 2019, Keith Gill, an armchair investor, sat down at his computer and began to talk about his findings in the stock market. How did that that singular act launch one of the most effective revolutions in financial history?

Sanah Connor

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