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Bitcoin mining is not complicated by issues related to computational math

It is defined using an example of a game of dice. Bitcoin mining and difficulty modifications are illustrated using a basic analogy of rolling a six-sided die.

Luqman Jackson

Top 10 Crypto News: 21st of April 2021

Your Daily Dose of Crypto News

Elisa Mueller

There are 3 analyses that indicate that ETH could get to 8K by the end of the current period

At the start of the novel, John Percival says: "Yes, I'm an expert on 20th-century religious obscurantism. If it wasn't for the 1200s, someone would be happy to go home in bed and kiss the Lady-on-the-the-the-Slope instead of rushing out to find an obtuse victim to put an eye out."

Landon Morton

If anyone is keeping a copy of the blockchain, Bitcoin will never disappear

Transactions can only be processed by mining, not necessarily be costly. As long as the situation persists, it is due to rivalry. However, in principle, the whole operation may be based on smartphones.

Henry Hamer

A Ponzi scheme, but struggled as a currency and became a Bitcoin investment get-rich scheme

While Bitcoin didn't work as a currency, an open-ended Ponzi game still holds potential. A currency is essential for profit; credit did not arise from central banking. Deflationary currency limits the amount that one can borrow.

Dexter Cooke

DRM: Accepted or Not in the Real World?

“The DMCA [1] has spread to other territories, thanks to those WIPO treaties. In the UK, we got DMCA-like laws through the EUCD. Canada got them through Bill C-11. Pretty much any place that’s industrialized and wants to trade with the rest of the world has a prohibition on weakening DRM.

Thomas Dixon

Mass Psychology in Stock Trading

A comprehensive guide to stock trading psychology, mechanism and terminologies.

Anita Barnes

Things You Should Know About Bitcoin Mining

With the popularity of cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin, learn more about how Bitcoin Mining works.

Candice Burns

Getting to Know Bitcoin

Get to know the famous cryptocurrency - bitcoin

Elyse Woods

Is it Necessary to Run Bitcoin in Full Node?

Should you run your Bitcoin in full node? Is it necessary?

Tom Mohamed

Effect of Corona Virus in the Price of Bitcoin

Even cryptocurrency is affected by the pandemic, but unlike it's harmful effect on human health, Bitcoin price is rising in the midst of the crisis.

Ismaeel Delgado

Why Pure Crypto Hedge Funds Failed

Know the reason why pure crypto hedge funds did not succeed.

Iram Martins

Ohio Congressman on Facebook Adopting Bitcoin and Giving Up Libra

Ohio Congressman Warren Davidson has stated that Facebook would be better off abandoning its Libra project in lieu of Bitcoin adoption.

Paula M. Graham

Why Corporate Sellout Blockchains Will Not Survive

This article might irk a few people, but it’ll be worth it for the end result.

Gordon Dickerson

Druckenmiller Says Bitcoin Could Beat Gold in Store of Value

American billionaire investor and hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller has recently expressed his changed opinion on the oldest cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Madihah Walls

Bitcoin Enthusiasts That Are Suspected as the Creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto

Over the past decade, people across the world might have noticed how the cryptocurrency enthusiasts use to discuss the true identity of Bitcoin’s creator.

Liam Evans

Learning the Basics of Mining

Familiarize yourself with mining terms and other basics for bitcoin mining.

Mariella Blankenship

Best Practices in Storing Bitcoins

Learn more about Bitcoin wallets and the best practices in storing your Bitcoins.

Rhyley Carney

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